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From : mohamed elshahat <>
Sent : Wednesday, December 3, 2003 7:55 AM
To :
Subject : swear that is true

Dear Dr. Osama Fawzy
it is pleasure to write to you, i am egyptian ph.d student in netherlands, i am studying doctoral  in management acounting and i will finish my thesis in 9/2005, please i want one request from you  could you swear (OKSM BELLAH ALAZEEM) you really received this strange e-mail about the rong  relationship between AMR KHALED and that girl in ELSHAREKA. my friend osama remember that  God knows everything and remind yourself that you will stand in front of ALLAH in the second life  if you made this long story from your lobby, ALLAH will revenge from you sooner or later.  please again could you relieve my heart and swear in your site and tell (OKSM BELLAH ALAZEEM)  you have recieved this e-mail not from your fabrication.  if this is true i want from AMR KHALED to defense about himself. and if he confirmed that he has  to be bold and say that i did that and made TAWBA to allah and i wish from ALLAH to accept my  tawba. if he did that really he will recieve the respect from all they love him.  every person in the life can do something wrong (including yourself) in his life especially in the  moment of Devil overcome.  i like your frankly site but please swear you have recieved this e-mail.

kind regards

mohamed elshahat

ph.d student in maastricht , Netherlands

From : rachid alaoui <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 2, 2003 10:37 PM
To :
Subject : ur articles

hi there ( concerning ibrahim al gendi articles

with my reserve towards your writing style which shows a high level of knowledge . i would say that unfortunatly i still dont get the objectives of ur articles. sir .. what r u trying to say? when u talked about mutaa marriage as the solution for sex crimes and all i wanted to tell u that we already know the solution, people comsume prostitution more than water. so i guess nobody asked u to put a legitimate cover to it. and the guy who wants to renegade from the religion tell him that is how the religion is take it or leave it, it is god's message we can judje it. lets not make bussiness out of religion... u guys (arabtimes) think ur the ones who know politics who know true islam and everything. arabtimes let people like this algendy talk about coran and give fatwa and as u scroll down osama is saying ohh not anybody can give fatwa so amr khaled is garbage as well as critisizing his topics , hijab and so ,. gentelmen , amr khaled message is so clear( la yoghayiro allah ma bikawmin hatta ughayiro ma beaanfosihim) he talks about little tiny stuff and thats what can change our nation. if we clean ouselves from hate and so then we can spread the word of love and we will have less hassle communicating with the west, and if this sounds like BS go back to the history. muslims had a good relation with all the nations in the world. nobody called us terrorists, enemies. MR osama, if u know what journalism is , let me tell u that a newspaper gets its reputation from the material exposed to the public, but ur newspaper looks like a scripted porn and i guess u may wanna put down a welcome page saying 18 or older.
intelectual moroccan( Rachid)

From : Sam ... <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 2, 2003 9:56 PM
To :
Subject : comment on amro khaled -i hope this would be published

Dear arabtimes

i have a an objective comment on ur article tuesday december 2, 2003

let me startt by telling a little from the end:
The moment i saw amro khaled , i did not like him because i don't like his method nor what he preaches , nor the suspicious place (TV station) in addition to other things which i don't want to discuss,but this is not the issue .

i am not speaking in his favor , but the story that amal abdelrahman told (if she exists), i think this is fabricated and it is good to be an egyptian movie rather to be published on respected journal like arabtimes

because if he is that hypocrite ( i am not ruling that out) , i think he should have come up with
better way to approach with her or do whatever he wants to do to her..

moreover, a hotel room is not a place to meet ,so if that story is true , i think that the subject (amal) is record-breaking naive , plus i don't think he is dumb enough to go out with shaving gel on his face ,and , let me give him some credit, to ask her to the bathroom with him during the first five minutes he meets her . For God's sake ,it sometimes takes hours to even set things up with a prostitute..
Moreover, why did she wait til now, this reminds me of the same thing that happened with Arnold ( Governor elections in California) .. { Those women waited 20 somethign years to talk about sexual assault}.
Again, i don't like that amro khaled ,and he means nothing to me. and I think we better search for "reasonble", meaningful evidence condeming him.

Keep the good work up


From : Md Mk <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 2, 2003 2:27 PM
To :
Subject : Protected Dictatorhsip-KSA

Dear Arabtimes Newspaper,

Good day to you all and to whome this message may mean something.
I am a Jordanian Citizin and I live and work in one of the most valued Hospitals here in KSA(The Protected Dictatorate).
As a Moslem first and as an Arab who feels proud to help his brothers and serve within an Arab land presumably I finally came to this conclusion after I read your article(Saudi, Protected Dictatorhsip). I start by saying Thanks for Arab times and its scandals that show the Arab citizins how their leaders lure and fool them to the bone.
The first time I read the article that talks about Saudi as an oppressive regimne that uses Islam as a Cover to do what never pleases Allah and humans I came to the fact that your newspaper could have some ulterior intentions from convincing the world with some agenda about this Government, but what happened just today with me and my family made me feel that what happens behind the scenes in this MAGICAL KINGDOM is all bull shyt(excuse my language).
I have tried to bring my other to Riyadh City to stay with me for sometime, and I, like ordinarily went to the passport office and requested a form to fill up and petition for my mother, who is an Arab too.Notably, the employee said, you have to fill a form from the Ministry of interior, so I decided to wait and see, another man from England who works in the same Hospital came across and requested the same form, he was given the form Immdeiately, ofcourse I felt upset and objected, the worker said she could not help giving me a form(which costs less than few Halalas) and prompted me to her boss who is inturn a Motawwa' and has a very long beard you'd never see anywhere,Asked him the reason why I need to bring the form while the window has many of them, his answer is that because you are JORDANIAN, we have instructions from top offices in ministry of Interior that you bring your own form printed from Net.While The British passport have all the Privilliges.
Needless to say that it took me 3 hours to find a phone cabin that had a fax to send a paper to a bus station in Amman, and Imagine what is the reason behind this abscence of FAXES in a CAPITAL CITY like Riyadh? the reason is that the Government PROHIBITS sending faxes from Public cabins, Wallahi Ya I:7wan 3aib 3laina koll hal-7aki.. Anyways There have been a lots of restrictions on Jordanian and Syrian passports in this place, we face alots of things that never happen in anywhere else.Please publish this in anyway and Thank you, so that they read their FADAYE7 and maybe they will Yshemmo 3la 7alhom shwai,wye3rafo Enno I7na 3arab we moslemeen methelna methelhom.
Thank you.

Sent : Monday, December 1, 2003 9:27 PM
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Another crock, Amr Khaled

Dear Dr.Fawzi,
I agree with your article about the fucken crock Amr Khaled 100%, you have to bare in mind that whenever he is in Jordan, yes he meets with Israeli officials under the Jordanian official patronage. We have to remember that Arab regimes are looking for an excuse to meet and cooperate with Israelis, specially the Jordanians, to show the people that they are not violating the Islamic rules when they are cooperating with Israelis, as they claim to be prophet Mohammad's grandsons..( B.S ).
An Egyptian friend from Alexandria city told me lately that Amr Khaled was a gay in Alexandria and he was trying to be a football player to hide his homosexuality, Amr used to go to Al Anfoushi area to meet his boyfriend Shihata, and also he had another Saudi man who used to screw him for some scotch and beer in San Stefano area, then after he became an accountant he was and still dealing with banks and interests......This shows what kind of a person he is.... He just uses Islam as a stepping stone to reach his major goal.. U.S dollars......
These crocks should be stoped.
Fawwaz Tuqan

From : Ali Issa <>
Sent : Monday, December 1, 2003 4:49 PM
To :
Subject : FAO: Mr Usama Fawzy

Dear Mr Fawzy,

Assalamu alaikum and Eid Mubarak. I'm a regular reader of your Arabtimes website, and i admire your courage to expose the filth our people are force to live in.

Recently, i was reading an article about 'Manal' the one who claims to be a prophet! What i found striking about your article is the fact that you condemned Amr Khalid to the same future!!

I have watched Amr Khalid on Iqra channel and listened to a few of his lectures. I have to say that i haven't noticed anything odd about the man or the substance of his lectures. I normally check the hadeeths he relates against Al bukhari etc. Everything he says (that i have listened to) makes sense, and i never heard him mention, black magic or those sort of shady subjects.

I know that you critises that fact that he addresses the rich and famous, and that he is an accountant by trade! Even though as far as i know he has a diploma in Islamic studies (according to his website!)

Is there anything apart from what you said that makes you dislike the man so much, if so please let us know. I simply don't find the fact that he addresses the rich and famous a reason to discredit him or his knowledge, besides everybody listens to him not just the rich.

May Allah guide us all.


From : amal abderahman <>
Sent : Monday, December 1, 2003 11:58 AM
To :
Subject : lier and hypocrite

Dear arabtimes,

I was really suprised of how you can write such things about the Arabic Monarchie, it's really something fabulous anyway ecxuse my english actually I've done all my studies in French so that why I will do my best to make my e-mail clear and of course I relay on your professionalisme to send the message to the people in the proper way, to know who is Amr khaled.

Actually God is witness of what I am writing now, and I was really hesitating before writing this e-mail, but every time I see him in TV, I want just to shout and kick him out from there. at the mane time when I see the number of the girls who wear Hijab thank to ALLAH and to him, I didn't want to say anything bad about him, especially that i knew that he was like an example, for all thoose tawabeen, and I was afraid that if I said my adventure with Don juan Amr Khaled, may be a lot of the girls will remove their hijab, and I am scare that indirectly I will be responsable of that, but since I knew that I wear hijab after I met him, and what happened to me with him, was not a reason that I remove my hijab because I believe that ALLAH will not forgive me if I said that I remove my hijab cause of Amr Khalid. And I think may be my e-mail to you will push him to tawba, actually he is very good and has a very special speech, but if he could stop what he is doing he will be much better.

anyway I was a very opening mind girl, european style as we said, I was praying, fasting ect but not covered, i wasn't really convicted of it, till I saw one day on tv amr Khaled, I was really facinated of what he was talking about, it has sense, I even start crying, I said to myself this is the message which I was wating for to wear hijab, but before that I said I should do my best to meet this guy, and talk to him, in such away he will convict me more especially that he was modern and not motachaded,
God wants that one of my friends in Egypt has his numbers. she gave it to me, and I tried hundred of times, till one day he answer the phone, he was a simple man he was asking me about my age, my nationality and how I get this number, I answered to his questions, I am resident in Dubai for the moment, he told me that after two months, he will come to Sharjah invited by Sheikha al Kasmi, he took my phone number, and promised to call when he arrives.

this happened in 2002 honestly I am not sure which month It was, but one thing I am sure of that he came and he was staying in Sharjah in Radisson hotel unfortunately I don't remember the room number even if I spend the night there.

I was at work when my phone rang it was strange number:
-Assalmo 3alekom.
-wa 3alekom assalm(the accent was egiptian, straight away he came to my mind)
-aL okht ... ? ma3ake AMRO KHALID.
I was really happy and suprised that the man whom thousand of people want just to see him alive he is talking to me in the phone, any way, he told me that he is staying in Sharjah only for two days, and he can see me only for half an hour, I was excited and I was counting the minutes to see him, we make the appointment at 19:00 in his room in Radisson Hotel, I didn't wear the hijab at that time, I said to myself I should at least wear something conservative, because I am not having an appointment with AMRO DIAB I am going to meet AMRO KHALID, anyway, I run home change my cloths and go to the hotel, it was trafic time, so I reach the Hotel at 19:15, I knock at the door, he opened having a shaving gel on his face, he look at me for a while and he said please come in I am really in hurry, and your are late, you don't mind to come to the bathroom with me I would like to chat with you while I am shaving, so tell me about you? he said. he was asking me if I am married, how long I've been in Dubai ...all personal questions, I was suprised of his way to talk I was expecting someone, who will be more religous,but I didn't want to prejuge him, he finished shaving,and he run to change his colthes, he told me I am sorry I have to be quick because I have a conference at 20:00 direct on tv, I am sorry I can't not spend more time with you, but I really want to see you again, you don't mind to come to my room after I finish, I asked him at what time he said around 23:30, 00:00, hhhhhm,about what we can talk at that time? I was wondering and I couldn't believe that the image of the angel which I have of him in my mind, was not that, he was a devil, no no I said to myself don't make a wrong judgment, wait and see, and as we say "ya khabar be flous, bokra balach", he accampgned me to the door, he took my hand, and kissed it!!! telling me:" actually when I heared your voice over the phone, i really liked it, and I thaught you should be a very beautifull lady, and now that I met you, you are more beautiful than I thaught, please come back tonight, and don't be late, any way I will call you when I finish my conference"

I was really chocked, I don't remember till i find myself in the lobby, I was having thousand of questions in my mind, I don't know why suddenly, this man whith a black barb took my attention, I said he has something to do with our friend Amro, and it's true when i get close to him he was talking over the phone, and he was saying" oh yes. here she is, beautiful!" I went out side waiting for the bell boy to bring my car, suddenly Mr.Amro came out with the barb man, he said by sign i will call you, they get into a very class Mercedes black color with the Palace plaque "atachrifat".

Around 00:15, the don juan called me, he was asking me if I can still come to his room and he appologizes because, he couldn't see me earlier,this time I went to see him not because I wanted some advices and lessons about islam, but because I wanted really to know who is the real AMRO KHALED?

the dinner was ordered allready, I wasn't hungry, I was chocked and disappointed, no appety, we start chatting, he was saying me that I listen to thousand of people daily, some of them having problems others wants advices..ect, the mosque is close 05 mn form my housse, I spend almost 2hrs because people stopping me and chatting about everything, but nobody care of me, I am a human being, full of feeling, I want to talk to someone about my own problems, I need someone to listen to me, I miss affection and feeling, I don't know but I really felt comfortable with you since I saw you, like I know you long time ago... he is trying to get closer to me, my GOD, I couldn't believe it! I was looking for someone to pull me from dalad to houda and look waht is happening, and the thing is he is an attractive man, so any women can fall in love with him, I want to run from there, I want to go home, he wants me to stay honestly there was a big fight between my heart and my mind, he put his arms aroud me and he said please stay with me I want just to chat! I said fine chatting not more, he said I promis!!!.

I stayed all the night with him, of course he tried to have something from me, and alhamdo LELLAH, I was afraid of ALLAH, I controlled myself , and I was surprised that all the night he daesn't pray a single pray, and we didn't talk religion at all, only love and romantisme and by the way. he even asks me to marry him. believe it or not, he said I know it's a surprise for you, but let keep our relation for 6 months just to give you the chance to think about it, till now I really don't know if he mean it, or he say it just to make me confortable so I can give him what he wants.but alhamdo LEALLAH, ALLAH lataf.

the next day, he went to Saudi, he called me from there, but this time I removed my mask, and I told him exactly what I think of him, and how he can ask people to do what he doesn't!!??, I was really upset and I told him how can I marry someone who is hypocrite?. he gave to people the example of prophet Youssef, 3alayhe assalam. and he is not following what he did.

It was the last time I spoke to him, and elhamdo LEALLAH, even though, I wear the hijab since one year, and not AMRO khaled who will push me to remove it, it is true that I was disapointed of what this kind of people do but it wasn't a reason to not wear hijab because not AMRO who is gonna to safe me when ALLAH will ask me about my hijab. I am not talking about all the da3eya, but I am talking about him, because I had the experience personally, and believe me when I am sitting with friends who wear hijab cause of him, I never mention my storry because either they willl think that I create it, plus they will never that believe that such an angel is what he is.and still I am not deniying that he is a very good da3eya, the way how he talked honestly he is very good, and he has such a talisma on people. that why, now I try to listen to what he say but not looking at him, or I tried to forget about what happened.

actually, I can not visit your web site everyday, but please be nice to tell me when you gonna publish it so I can see it and especially read the comment about it.and I am sure that by any chance if he read it. he will lnow who I am. unless he has so meny adventures with differents girls.

thank you again for the arabtimes, and I have only one comment. that before you publish anything about anyone, please make sure that is true, it 's not for something, but just because don't forget that "ENA BA3EDA DANE ETHME" you are muslim and you know what does it mean.

yours sincerly.

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