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From : uthaina <>
Sent : Friday, December 26, 2003 7:31 PM
To :

dear editor
first of all let me congratulate you on this newspaper,which brings to surface a lot of un known things or facts.i believe in freedom of speach but there is thing that irratates me , u usually generalise ur idea that ur trying to support.i read a poem about althani(the rulling family in qatar) which i belong to and i was shocked of the describtion given to us. i mean you called all of us basterds......a lot of us live normaly with jobs and small homes. not all of us live in castles and live fairytale lives, so please repect other peoples feelings and think of us as a daughter or a sister of urs.
thank you very much for ur patience and for being open minded

From : Ab Skander <>
Sent : Thursday, December 25, 2003 5:08 AM
To :
CC :
Subject : The Arab Dictators

My Dear Amir

I read your article regarding the Arab Dictators in the Arab times, thank you so much much for your artickle and caricator.
As American Muslim born and raised in North Africa, I would like to let you know that there is a new King in Morocco , he called him self Amir Al Mouminine, King of the Poors, President of the Qods Commitee and he is a homosexual, his father Hassan II left him more than 40 bilion Dollars , it has been stolen from the Moroccan treasury,he controls with his family all the Moroccan resources and business and huge investissements in Europe, USA and Canada, he has palaces every town in Morocco with 18 K gold focets, his brother Rachid is a Play Boy spending money for prostitutes In Europe, USA and Mexico like his sisters.
His Police like Mafia producing drugs (Hashish) and sell it.
Morocco is a big business of drug, prostitutes and corruption under the monarchy regime.
As you know there is no democracy, no justice and no human right in Morocco.

My dear Amir, I would like to be in contact with you and if you have a Fax I would like to send you a lot of document about the Moroccan regime.

My best wishes

Al Saadi

From : <>
Sent : Wednesday, December 10, 2003 8:01 AM
To :
Subject : New Year 2004

Dear Dr. Osama

First of all I wish you a happy New Year 2004 Good luck and good health !!!!

I am very proud of you and your style because you are looking only for the truth and reality things.

I am Iraqi Kurdish and I am proud of my Nation, I am moslem and living for a long time in Switzerland. Unfortunately I have to say we are as Kurd living with Arabs/Turks/Persian !!!! a long time together but without any use.

We saw in the past and still fealing that like a Big Fishes eating the Smaller one I mean always they are against Kurdish Nation, But the Arabs are about 30 Countries they can not do any thing against Israel Politically and also strategically !!!

They don't accept the reality they are fighting with the name of Islam with everyone and they also do not accept the Islam peoble with other Nations.!!!!

I am not trying now to make a long discuss only I would like to write some clear things for me.

At last and not at least I wish you a Happy New Year 2004 again,And also Iwish a happy New Year to all Kurdish People and all of those who don't hate the Kurdish Nation.

Kind regards,
Kamaran Saied

From : Masry, Mohammed O SGT <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 9, 2003 7:46 PM
To : <>
Subject : Hijab Hysteria

The Hijab Hysteria......

At this very moment leaders in Europe are debating the menace of the hijab. This article of clothing worn by many Muslim women has somehow ridiculously been deemed as the sign of fundamentalist Islam intent on destroying European civilization. That elderly grandmother hobbling down the Champs de Elysses with a simple white scarf on is a threat to the sovereignty of not only France but her niece a few hundred miles to the east is a threat to the nation of Turkey. Not only is this paranoia found in countries that espouse the values of libertyand equality in the West but also in so called "Islamic nations" like Turkey.

While some would use this sort of injustice to advocate violence or support for Osama Bin Laden and his ilk, I say use the power of ridicule. If for instance the Turkish government wants to ban the hijab in state institutions such as universities because they see it as a threat to the Turkish Republic then display your loyalty to your faith and your nation by taking that Turkish flag and wearing it as a hijab. If the Parisian school you want to teach at hopes to ban you from applying for wearing a veil in the name of equality and liberty while publicly funding a Catholic high school, then show up at your school witha nuns with guns shirt (picture fan be attached, via find on google search).

Nothing helps encourage fundamentalism and support for extremists than when illegimate governments suppress free speech or attempt to suppress one from practicing ones faith. In to many corrupt autocractic muslim nations the onlyplace where any sort of free speech is allowed is at a mosque.

Muslim women can be a force for moderation, whether its running an underground resistance to the Taliban in Afghanistan or seeking to build a modern Islamic identity in nations like Malaysia by intelligently combining Western civil laws and Islamic Jurisprudence. To push them to the fringe and castigate those that choose to wear a veil as extremists is an insult to not only Western values but a blow to the forces of moderation. Some of the most strident and vocal reformists in countries like Iran are devout muslim women such as reformists like Fatima Higah, that will passionately and intelligently argue that the current regime has betrayed Islamic principles of social justice Women like her are striving to work toward muslim societies and nations that will make this world a better one for our children. Women like Merve Kervaci forced from her seat in the Turkish Parliament for wearing a hijab will face death threats without fear, and struggle for inclusion and acceptance not with violence butvoices.

If the European Union seeks to serve as a model of civic society and cooperation for a common good then it must engage its muslim populations, male and female, in an attempt to find understanding, tolerance, and moderation. Attempting to disenfranchise one of the fastest growing practiced faiths in Europe would not only weaken the accomplishments of the European Union but discourage theadmiration many in the Middle East and Muslim regions possess.

I serve as a soldier in the US Army. I am also a Muslim. Time and time again I am not only treated with respect for my faith but meet other muslims that are also surprised by how well they are treated. That includes not only the Sergeant at Fort Bragg that wears a veil while in uniform (brown in color to match camoflauge tones), but a muslim captain, who belongs to the Ahmadiyyah sects and laments on how in his home country he might be treated by a heretic by fellow citizens. In my civilian life, I see American Muslim women that choose to wear the hijab by choice sometimes, and ironically, to the disapproval of their families. It's a common source of humor among American Muslim male college students that Muslim Student groups run by females are often more organized, successful at encouraging interest from other students, and end in moreintelligent and thoughtful discussions.

If nations want to battle extremism they need to arm their "fanatical moderate muslims". Not with weapons, but the example they provide to lend strength to the values they hold so dearly. It may not be as "sexy" as a cruise missile, butit does our common humanity a whole lot better.

Mohammed Omar Masry
Baghdad, Iraq (can publish

From : abed abed <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 9, 2003 9:16 AM
To :
Subject : salam alaikum

Dear arabtimes
I read the assay of Ibraheem Al jundy about the islamic roles.And,i wrote for you before this time that Arabtimes not for this stupid speach (with my respection for any opinion).

Unfortunately,I see a deviation of the original way the Arabtimes and this is not for the benefit of it.  This man says :The application of the islamic roles will be against civilization.So,what is the definition of the civilization according to him? Is the level of the civilization is measured of how many factories we have ??Is it the civilization of the adultry or the killing of the people in the name of the UN or democracy?What about the electrical chair in the USA ,Is it against the civilization ?Is USA backword state because of the death penalty which is not applied in Europe?Sould the less modern christianic countries leave the christianity and be podistic countris as Japan because Japan is more forword.The civilization is measured of what is your ethics,and no body can claim that he has ethics more than Islam . The history have not ever seen civilization like the Islamic civilization in Andalus.The human rights have been took from the famous sentence of Omar ibn Al khattab:when have you changed the people to be a slaves ,however thier mothers have got birth of thim as fry ?).

He says also ,that the christians hve the right just to apply their roles,this sentence proved that he knows no thing.Because ,there are no roles in the christianity,Jesus says :( I came not to destruct the Torah,just to fulfil)so,the roles of the christianity is the same roles of The Jodism.However,they refuse to apply such roles.Fortunatly,the roles of the Torah is the same roles of Islam in this field.

He says also,that now we have more modern methods for identefication of the crimes,as the adultry:Forexample,taking a sampel of the semenal fluid or what else:and this is other evidence that he has no idea about what he is talking about.Have you ever heared that the Islam is looking what happenes inside the houses,the Islamic roles have been put from Allah to keep the community from bieng loose or deviiator ,and who make adultry infront of four people he has no shyness and the community is not so important for him .And ,like those people must be stopped .

The problem that such persons are unable to say any word against thier masters ,while they are able to insult Islam on your newspaper (Arabtimes).
So please sir ,dont give as those non wise people the chance to insult the greatest religion in the history in the name of the civilization.
Best wishes for you

From : Muayad Almahariq <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 9, 2003 7:11 AM
To : <>
Subject : An article you published

Alsalam 3alikom,
This is Muayad Almahariq, one of your newspaper readers. Few weeks ago i read an article concerning Jamil Al-tarifi, a Palestinian minister. The article said that he imported cement from Egypt and Jordan and sold it to an Israeli Business man. I came back looking for the article but I could not find it any where on your website. I would appreciate it very much if you send the article with the copies of the contract (that was published in the article), to the follwoing email:
Thaks very much in advance.
Best regards,

From : Kamal Khalaf MD. <>
Sent : Friday, December 5, 2003 5:21 PM
To : <>
Subject : "Geneva Accord"

The Reality of the "Geneva Accord"

The Geneva Accord was signed Monday, December 1, 2003, amid great media and political fanfare. The 50-page document lays out a plan for a presumed "peace agreement" between Israel and the Palestinian people. We, the undersigned, consider this initiative as inconsistent with the prerequisites of a just and durable peace for the following reasons:

1. It attempts to nullify the Palestinian right of return, both as a collective national right and as an individual right. By doing so, it strengthens existing attempts to relocate and scatter Palestinian refugees throughout the world and gives credence to plans to abrogate international law pertaining to the inalienable nature of the Right of Return. The net result would be to extract the very anchor of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination: the indivisible oneness of the Palestinian people andtheir right to their homes, properties and homeland.

2. It provides a Palestinian-Arab cover for the exclusive nature of the Israeli polity as a "Jewish State", thus abrogating the national character of the Palestinian people within 1948 borders. It therefore fails to recognize the right of the 1.2 million Palestinian citizens of Israel to live in a democratic state for all its citizens: Jews and Palestinians, andit sets stage for mass transfer and ethnic cleansing in the future tomaintain demographic Jewish dominance.

3. It accepts the reconfiguration of Jerusalem based on Israeli annexation plans, and grants Palestinian-Arab legitimacy to the colonial process that altered the Arab character of Jerusalem, making it impossible for the Palestinians to exercise control over "East Jerusalem," not to say anything about "West Jerusalem," which was conquered and ethnically cleansedin 1948.

4. It permanently accepts the presence of the vast majority of Israeli settlement colonies, particularly those that surround Jerusalem from the east, south, north and northwest, where most post-1967 settlers live, andalters the geography of Palestine to accommodate such colonial seizures.

5. It codifies a process that would limit the upper ceiling of a potential Palestinian polity to a truncated and demilitarized entity void of sovereignty, and sets in motion a process of expanding Israeli politicaloversight and control over any potential Palestinian entity.

6. It paves for an economic/political relationship that subordinates the Palestinian people to an exclusive and dominant Israeli polity, thus strategically de-linking the Palestinians from the Arab people and subjugating the national interests of all Arabs to the singular power of anIsraeli-US alliance.

7. It allows for Israeli military and economic penetration andpermanent outposts into the presumed Palestinian entity.

8. It leaves open all Israeli claims to the region's water resources, natural wealth, and airspace. The text makes several references to annexes, but these issues have, in effect, been deferred, and may become the "finalstatus" issues of the Geneva understanding.

9. It dilutes the international consensus on the conflict and attempts to transform the basis of the Palestinian struggle from one of national self-determination and return to that of modified civil rights within a prescribed political framework.

10. Most importantly, it weakens the national unity and resolve of the Palestinian people leading to the potential defeat of the current Intifadain the same manner Madrid and Oslo destroyed the first a decade ago.

11. It diminishes European commitment to Palestinian sovereignty, and most importantly, it expands the margin of Palestinian concessions, which have been bottoming out during the past two decades, making it very difficult for future Palestinian negotiators to back away from these concessions,including the renunciation of the Right of Return.

12. It assumes the Palestinian victims of Israel are the criminals, and the new judges allegedly more liberal than previous ones in the sentencing.

The Geneva Accord is a natural extension and an inevitable result of the "Road Map" and all associated models. The outcome of all, if allowed to succeed, would be to terminate the Palestinian march to freedom, to nullify indefinitely and de-legitimize the Palestinian right to return, and to subordinate the Arab nation to a heavily militarized outpost with normalized relationships with its surrounding.

Join us by writing to: (Please include your identification and location) In alphabetical order:

Yousef Abudayyeh
Co-Chair Middle East Cultural and Information Center*
Free Palestine Alliance, USA
San Diego, California

As`ad AbuKhalil, Ph.D.
Department of Politics, California State University*
Stanislaus, California

Nader Abuljebein
Palestine Right of Return Congress
Free Palestine Alliance, USA

Janet Abu-Lughod, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Sociology
The New School, New York*
East Quogue, New York

Ali Abunimah
Electronic Intifada*

Ambassador Hasan Abunimah
Former Ambassador
Permanent Representative of Jordan at the UN*

Husam Abusneineh
President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Greater Sacramento Area Chapter

Hussein Agrama
Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology
Washington D.C.

Munir Akash

Musa Al-Hindi
Palestine Right of Return Congress
Al-Awda Coalition

Fadhil Al-Kazily, Ph.D.
Part-time Professor, Civil Engineering
California State University*

Abbas Ali, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
School of International Management
Indiana University of Pennsylvania*

Abbas Alnasrawi, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
University of Vermont*
Shelburne, VT, USA

Mohammed Al-Sheikh
Arab American Community Center*
Chicago, Illinois

Kamal Khalaf Altawil, M.D.
Past president of the Arab American University Graduates (AAUG)
Past president of the National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA)

Ban Al-Wardi, Esq.
President, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter
Lamis Andoni

Said Arikat
Washington, D.C

Naseer H. Aruri, Ph.D.
Chancellor Professor (Emeritus)
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth*

Fawzi Asmar, Ph.D.
Washington, D.C

Omar Barghouti
Philosophy Ph.D. Student
Activist & Dance choreographer

Kenneth R. Barney
Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hanna Batarseh
Board Member, Sacramento Peace Action*
Free Palestine Alliance, USA

Brian Becker
International A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
New York

Richard Becker
Western Region Coordinator
International Action Center
San Francisco, California

George Bisharat, Ph.D.
Professor, Hastings College of Law*
San Francisco, California

Mary J. Bisharat, MSW
Founder, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Greater Sacramento Area Chapter

Mona Coobti, Esq.
International Action Center
Free Palestine Alliance

Zahi Damuni, Ph.D.
Palestine Right of Return Congress
Co-Founder, Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
San Diego, California

Ziad Deeb, M.D.
Washington, D.C.

Peter Dodd, Ph.D.
Retired professor and United Nations official*
Victoria, BC, Canada

Erica Dodd, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
University of Victoria*
Victoria, BC, Canada

Nada Elia, Ph.D.
Redmond, Washington

Samih Farsoun, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
American University*
Washington, DC

Jamil Fayez, M.D.
Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Fenton
Member of BCPR*
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jess Ghannam, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco *
Right of Return Congress
Al-Awda Coalition

Ziad Hafez, Ph.D.
Washington, D.C.

Elaine Hagopian, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Sociology
Simmons College*
Organizer of the April 2000 Right of Return Conference

Shouki Kassis, Ph.D.
Board member, American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*
Greater Philadelphia Chapter

Isma'il Kamal
Washington, D.C.

Lara Kiswani
Students for Justice in Palestine
Third World Forum
University of California, Davis

Jennifer Loewenstein, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer, Professional Communications
University of Wisconsin - Madison*
Madison, Wisconsin

Riyad Mansour, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Central Florida University*
Orlando, Florida

Joseph Massad, Ph.D.
Professor, MEALAC
Columbia University*
New York, N.Y

Nur Masalha, Ph.D.
St. Mary's University College*
and Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law*
SOAS, University of London

Rania Masri, Ph.D.
Program Director
Institute for Southern Studies*
Raleigh, North Carolina

Ed Mast
Palestine Solidarity Committee
Seattle, Washington USA

Carl Messineo, Esq.
Partnership for Civil Justice*
National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Washington, D.C.

Nabil Migalli
New Hampshire

Eid B. Mustafa, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Karma Nabulsi, Ph.D.
Professor Nuffield College*
Oxford University
United Kingdom

Hasan & Shereen Newash
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D.
Professor, Yale University*
Co-Founder of Palestine Right to Return Coalition

Nasser Rabbat. Ph.D.
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Fadia Rafeedie, Esq.
Los Angeles, California

Elias Rashmawi
Free Palestine Alliance, USA
National Steering Committee of International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

Gary Rothberger
Cambridge, MA

Cheryl A. Rubenberg, Ph.D.
Retired Professor
Florida International University*
North Miami, Florida

Nizar Sakhnini

Michel Shehadeh
Free Palestine Alliance, USA
Committee for Justice

Sylvia Shihadeh
Austin, Texas

Muhammad A. Shuraydi, Ph.D.
University of Windsor*
Ontario, Canada

Abdelhameed Siyam
New York

Mounzer Sleiman, Ph.D.
Washington, D.C.

Hon. Samy Sharaf
Former Minister of Presidential Affairs*
Cairo, Egypt

Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Esq.
Partnership for Civil Justice*
National Steering Committee, International A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

Washington, D.C.

Arthur H. Whitman
Auburn, Maine

Anthony Zahlan, Ph.D.
United Kingdom

Zeina Zaatari, Ph.D.
University of California, Davis

From : saber mallah <>
Sent : Thursday, December 4, 2003 9:36 AM
To :
Subject : Writing about Tunisia

From Sabber - Tunisia
Dear Ossama
I'm one of many tunisians who read for you and others in
I want to tell you why do you not write about ''The great jail'' the name gived to tunisia by many opposants?
In your website, there are only two or three articles about tunisia in Khabar Tazza.. and it's all. Our Police-state is more than that.Tunisia is more than 600 opposants jailed since 13 years some of them are dead cause of mistreatment.
IF you want to know more about tunisia I give you this website adress
I hope you write more about Tunisia.
Finally, i'm sorry for my bad English.
Sincerly yours

From : Mike Tayem <>
Sent : Thursday, December 4, 2003 8:00 AM
To :
Subject : Amr Khalid ,

Dear Sir ,

Just like to share some points regarding the girl who wrote an email to you about her story with Amr Khalid ,

1- If Amr Khalid is really as she said had in mind to flirt with her then how come he wasn't ready to meet her but he had to shave and change his cloths during the time of their meeting, I think any man would have got him self ready much earlier to appear in a good look in order to impress the woman .
2- This an arabic woman lives in UAE which is a conservative society and at the end of the day she cares nothing about her reputation to spend a night in a hotel room with a man as well as got no one to ask her where she has spent the whole night unless if she is a slut .
3- Like if Amr Khalid that desperate and stupid to come to sharjah to flirt around with this slut even though he was invited by Ruler of sharjah which makes his visit official one and any mistakes would be seen by lot of people there .
4- Amr Khalid is not a teenager to fall in love within a minute just like he never seen girls in his life.
5- Arabtimes comments are more stupid because even if he was invited to sharjah 2002 and left after that to Saudi Arabia would not be a secret and any one would have know about it .

It's the letter from this girl is very stupid and it's a try to dirt Amr Khalid name , My opinion is this girl might tried to flirt with him but he kicked away so she is trying now to revenge but i wonder how your newspaper would accept to publish a stupid thing like that .
By the way , I am not a religious person to defend Amr Khalid , in fact I am not even a good muslim with all the sins I have but when i see a stupid act like that one makes me feel I should say some thing about it .

Mike Tayem
Moscow - Russia

From : alirazzaq <>
Sent : Wednesday, December 3, 2003 11:25 PM
To : <>
Subject : in response to the article about athe liar amro khalid

dear mr.osama fawzu
this is the second time i write t you about the liar,amro khalid,and i was shocked when i read the whole story between this mother fucker and the girl who went to visit him in his room in the hotel when he was staying in sharjah.
first of all i dont think that any inocent girl,that had honour and pride would visit any man in his room at that late time,so we are not taking about an angel here,i am sure that this girl also does not reflect the real face of a muslim girl,she is a bitch,hocker,slut nothing else,no man with degnity would allow his sister to go out in the mid of the night to meet any body unless she is as i mentioned a kind of bitch,so we do not sympathaize with her,and agirl with that attitude to come back again to meet him and spend the whole night there calining that allah satar is a bullshit story.
i said earlier that islam is not what this man and this bich resumbling,islam is the religion of degnity and pride,there is no pride in behaving in that slutty way,i wonder what her fatrher and brothers would say or do if they knew what she did,enough about this girl because she doesnt worth more talk about her.
but again what would the other non muslims say when they read this story,what is the difference beteen our clergy men and the paederastic preists of what we are hearing about,do you know that i have heared christians cursing their religious men because of those acts,we should not we do the same,do we have to follow such liar blindly,do not we have to think,what model we are giving to our children,did our history become empty of those heros we love such as omar bin alkhatab,ali bin abi talib so that we follow a liar,mother fucker like amro khalid,i am so sorry for using this strong language but i felt with great anger when i read that story of this maniac and that girl from sharjah.such a man should be arrested,and punished.but again who is gonna punish him??? do we need america to interfere in this ?? why do we have to wait for our side changer...??
i think we are a nation that does not deserve to be proud of any thing anymore..cause we have no degnity left

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