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From : Ayef Al-Tanak <>
Sent : Thursday, January 8, 2004 8:03 PM
To :
Subject : To OSAMA FAWZI

After reading your article about the ARAB INTERIOR MINISTERS, some how your article made me certain that OSAMA is what we need.


From : <>
Sent : Thursday, January 8, 2004 7:53 PM
To :
CC :
Subject : Mr. Fawzi, absolutely great article

You article about Arab interior ministers conference is so great. In all honesty this could be one of the greatest articles ever written about the state of the Arab world. Congratulations, I'll take a bow for your excellence this time around.
I''ve always criticized you, specially when you wrote about emirates sheiks, and other stupid articles like the one about the Texas skunk and so on.
This time you knocked me out, and as you know this not ass kissing, I am sincere.
More power to you.
M. M. Ds

From : Ayef Al-Tanak <>
Sent : Thursday, January 8, 2004 2:30 PM
To :
CC :
Subject : Finally Aljendy is exposed

I read algendy's article in regard to the Hijab in Faransa, i was thinking about each line and word and how to answer it without making him stereotyping me as another muslim who wants a beard , short dress and 4 wives "EVEN THOUGH NONE ARE AS DAMAGING AS HAVING FOUR LOVERS, SHAVEN DEMONS AND VERY WELL DRESSED WHORES", until i got to the end where he suggests solutions, right then and there i realized his hidden anti Islamic intentions, by not suggesting that Muslims in Faransa can build their own schools for Hijab girls proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this Christian "ARAB" is truly more hatefull to Muslims than an atheist activist who defend human rights. Or may be aljendy is not fit to write in Arabtimes.
Osama, keep him writing , we know now.

Sent : Wednesday, January 7, 2004 5:55 PM
To : <>
Subject : mr osama

I think your book, "memoirs of an ex Jordanian" or whatever its English name is,will be a success I have read your internet chapter and its good and touches the heart and brings the good memories in all of us.......
good luck

From : zaher nammari <>
Sent : Tuesday, January 6, 2004 5:18 PM
To :,,,
CC :
Subject : The Apartheid Wall in Palestine - RFP


I would like to apologize first that I don't have the appropriate software to write in Arabic although I would like to. In the near future I'll be able to.

My proposal, is regarding the apartheid wall that is being constructed now at full speed by the Israeli occupier in Palestine.

Why not to ask all the readers of your electronic paper to submit a proposal on:

How to convert this apartheid wall into a tool against the Israeli so that we force them [the Israeli] to demolish it with the same speed that they are currently constructing it.

It is possible, for every thing created on earth there is a counter thing that neutralizes it. This simple theory applies as well on this wall and there is no exception. Case in point:

The Palestinian demographic factor will neutralize the nuclear power of Israel.
The democracy and transparency in the Arab world will neutralize the rigidity, the tyranny and the oppression of the Arab rulers and will eventually prevail sometime (I hope in the foreseeable future).
As a Palestinian engineer expert in construction, there are many ways and ideas that could be implemented by the Palestinians (simple and effective) that could be used and implemented against this wall and convert it to an ugly eye sore to the occupier. Instead of just wait and cry to the world begging for sympathy and help.

Let us think positively and practically in how to use this wall against the occupier and make it a tool, an effective tool, to fight the occupier with their own tools.

Let us make this a world and international Request for a Proposal (RFP) to convert this apartheid wall into an eye sore and pain in the neck and in the (….) for Israel and force them to demolish it in the same speed they are currently erecting it.


Dr. Zaher Nammari

Virginia, USA

From : Deep Ocean <>
Sent : Tuesday, January 6, 2004 3:07 PM
To :
Subject : To Dr. Osama Fawzi

This is regarding your article titled:

مقال من كتاب " مذكرات مواطن اردني سابق " لاسامة فوزي

Published: January 6, 2004

Dear Dr. Fawzi

I wanted to thank you so much for the great article "mentioned above" that I read on your site today.
I wanted to also let you know that what you wrote in it is 100% true, and I do agree with you in every single word that you wrote.
I am a Palestinian who lived in Jordan for more than 15 years.
The Jordanians are great people as well as the Palestinians, and they both do love and respect each other. They can easily live in a harmony with each other, just like one family, and indeed they are.

But unfortunately, the reasons and the bad people that you mentioned in your article, they are the reasons behind all the bad things that are happening there.

I hope, dream and pray for a bright future for all of us, and for anyone who care to make things much better for his country, people, and all humans.

Thanks and good luck


Deep Ocean

From : haidism <>
Sent : Sunday, January 4, 2004 3:52 PM
To :
Subject : a letter from one fo your readers

Dear Sir,

Im from france, I have been so surprised because I have not seen on your site web any word criticizing Cheikh Tantaoui (cheikh al azhar) who has given the "religious permission" to Nicolas Sarckozy, the misinster of france, to oblige muslim girls in the french school to give away AL-HIJAB !! but at the same time your site web has spoken so many times on the mariage of Chiekh AL-QARADAOUI !
TO me, as i think , what al-azhar has said is more dangerous than the mariage of al-qaradaoui !

please I will be very pleased if you can give us your opinion about this subject ! thanks !

From : A.Mohammed Ali <>
Sent : Saturday, January 3, 2004 7:42 PM
To :
Subject : shame on you

Mr Usama,

I have realized that your web site is no longer a good one. You have allowed yourself and others to attack Islam and Muslim scholars in the name of civilization and democracy. It is shame on you. If a Muslim wants to get married, what is the problem? What do you think is better to get married or to commit adultery? I don't blame anyone of you because you're living in a society that has vowed to stand against Islam. May Allah protect Islam and Muslims.


Mohammed Ali

From : Luai ALssadi <>
Sent : Friday, January 2, 2004 12:07 PM
To :
Subject : about UAE

Dear Sir
Im jordanian man who was in UAE and there i met VIP who works with SHk Khalifa The Crown Prince of AbuDhabi ... any way that man is an american and he is gay he used his powerful and money to get arabic men to (sorry for the word) FUCK HIM....

Sir that american man used his contacts to royal family to get arab men and he also use his money that he got poor arabic men and am one of them by threat and by his money

if u concern about this subject i will give u all the details about his job and his realtion with SHK Khalifa and SHK Mohammed bin zaid

I will give u his full name and his mobile and home and work numbers plus his fax number and his official emails that i got many emails from him

and i wioll also give u the name of hotel and the number of rooms where i met him many times

if u concernt plz just reply to this email as soon as possible

From : alaa al jbori <>
Sent : Thursday, January 1, 2004 9:41 AM
To :
Subject : respect your pen

 mr osama Fouzi
firest every thing I am sorry for my bed language English .I am read your articals especially deals with arabs rulers but the last artical made me suspect with your fithfull to the arab reader. this artical was about AL-shalabi[membor of governing cuncil]in Iraq.
I want to say to if you want to know who is ahmed AL-shalbi,came to Iraq and you will find huge surbrise waiting for you ,you will find ajoke will make you lugh and crry in the same time.
in the years ago we have one Saddam[bloody,murder,thief,brkoer and every thing is bed]but now we have 25 new Saddams[governing cuncil] the firest one is Ahmed AL-shalbi this man is accused with stealing the Albatra bank and the realness isn't clear till now if he did it or not but he did it in Iraq when he steal ten million dolars from Iraqi bank,and the coalation forces know this mater but no comintt[the two sade cam to iraq to steal ua]not only that ALshlabi

From : sarah kayyali <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 30, 2003 3:39 PM
To :

To Arabtimes,my favorite magazine:
i would've written in arabic,but it's disabled on my computer.
i'm a girl that used to live in jordan,but originated from palestine,and although i'm palestinian,i never got tha chance to see it,not even during a visit,still,i'm really proud to be 1 of the palestinians.i recently got out of jordan -thank god- and i'm saying so because of what jordan truely is,for those who don't know.
jordan is a good country compared to other arab countries,especially in technology,but it has the biggest hugest amount of unfairness i've ever's not that i'm not thankful to it because i was born and raised there,lived in it,and got educated in 1 of its best schools,fortunately,but it's that i have to say the truth.(i didn't live it,but i certainly know it)
some people are still way behind being understanding humanbeings,they discriminate between palestinians and jordanians,i know a girl that wasn't able to enter the university of jordan although she got 99%,just because she doesn't have the jordanian nationality!!!somebody tell me what's happening?she deserves to be there much more that any spoiled students that entered it because their daddies have stolen money from the government,or because of EL WASTA!!!
also,jordan is a country that has brilliant citizens (these are who got lucked out),but what can they do?they're poor,they can't travel,they're ruled by kids,abdullah and rania,who appoint wrong people in wrong places which made jordan a mess.i swear that they don't care about anything but their pleasures and joys forgetting everybody else.
don't they know that they're going to be punished in the end for being selfish and greed?don't they know that people can't take it any more and that they may blow it in the'r faces at once.
unless a new generation of rulers elected by people doesn't rule,then we'll have to say (good bye jordan).
p.s. don't show my name or e-mail plz,not because i'm afraid.i know that i'm safe,but because if it happened and abdullah and rania read my e-mail,then they don't deserve to read my name by their dirty minds and mouths.

From : wael kahtan <>
Sent : Tuesday, December 30, 2003 4:19 AM
To :
CC :
Subject : Death panalty for Tyront Saddam

Hereby , i reply ur artical published at the arabtimes on 27 Dec 2003 ,bearing the name of jaber asmar
kindly , be informed that u r not representating the iraqian lecturers or any union or any noble side concern realy
for the following reasons :-

1) by common sence Saddam r responsible for A HUGE mass killing Iraqian peoples.
2) saddam must prosecuted for iraq-iran war as a MURDERER.
3) saddam must prosecuted for Kuwait INVASSION.
4) saddam must prosecuted for terrorising & ousting hundered of thousands iraqies and muslims inside and out side iraq.
5)saddam must prosecutd for westing iraq resources.
6)saddam must prosecuted for miss leading the infrastructure of iraq.
7)saddam must prosecuted for the all sequences of iraq reuni
8)saddam must prosecuted for destroying the iraqi army , that army which was capable to win over isarael.
9)because of saddam , the american army are in iraq now , in qatar , saudia , bahrain as well as kuwait.
10)because of saddam , alot of sensitive issues araised among the arab Leaders which creats a situation of what we can call it a BROCKABLE TRUST AMONG THE ARAB LEADERS.
11)ISRAEL says thank u saddam for all what u have done , u realy have did more than israel for the jwish front.
13)all saddam's arms and followerS to be prosecutrd for the abovesaid offences.

AND U GUYES said u want to free saddam ....U GUYES DO U HAVE BRAINS ?
WHY ...WHY ?
THUS , DEAR Dr. Osama , dont published any irrational artical in ur arabtimes.
hopping to see a united arabs not united arab emarates.

salam for the HUDA followers.

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