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From : "nn nn" <>
To : <>
Date : Sun, 23 Nov 2003 00:28:30 -0800

Dear Arab Times :
I went thru your ( readers' comments and letters) , I was surprised how can Arab Times publish that letter from that student who used to be at Jordan University?The poor way of presenting his case is so damn funny. Personally I wrote him an advice.Though he supposed to be on a University Level , he needs to go back and take Arabic-101 again, Or Dr. Osama supposed to kick his butt real good to teach him how to write.

Regarding the Egyptian Journalist , I found out that he writes anything to promote himself in USA I dare him to write such things in his country, or even mention his name.Thanks Arab Times for the naked truth that you present.?????? ?????

From : <>
To : <>
Subject : **URGENT**: This is very serious allegation!!
Date : Sun, 9 Nov 2003 11:59:18 -0500

I created this account and sent one email from it, but why all of a sudden I started receiving allkinds of junk email? AGAIN: I have not used this account with anyone except youand I have no viruses whatsoever on my PC, which lead me to a conclusion thatHotmail (Microsoft) is spamming all your clients or randomly a portion of them.I am not suspecting my ISP (Rogers Communications) as I have been using them forover 3 years. This is very serious allegations because it’s known that they sellemail accounts info to spam online companies. Please investigate this matterand let me know what happens, thank you.


From : "FAWWAZ TUQAN" <>
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : A letter to the terrorist Osama Bin Laden & his gang
Date : Tue, 11 Nov 2003 23:11:57 -0500

I will not find better than Arabtimes to publish this letter, as Arabtimes always the only free Arabic newspaper.
I can not start my letter as a Muslim with Assalam Alaykom, peace upon you, because you do not know what does it mean.So I will say, hey you ,
I have some question for you Osama;
Are you really a Muslim?
Did you read the Holy Qura'an even once in your life time?
Did you read about the Prophet Mohammad and his moral & ethics?
Did you read the Islamic history?
Did you read about Salah el-Deen al-ayyoubi?
Did you read the Arabic & Palestinian history?
Did you read about the Haganah & steirn Organizations? and what did they do to the Palestinian people Muslims & Christians?
I bet you have one answer to my questions which is NO.
a Real Muslim wont kill innocent Muslims, children, women, elderly and unarmed men.
You are violating the Islamic law "sharia'a" and acting worse than Sharon or the Haganah & Stiern.You have to declare and admit your SINS, you are a sinner.
There is no excuse for you and your gang, killing Muslims is one of the greatest sins, Don't you know that the Muslim's blood is more sacred than the Ka'aba.
I don't think you deserve to be forgiven for your sins, you and your gang should be erased from this earth, to let the children live in peace.
Sharon is just a junior gangster comparing to you.
Damn you Osama , and by the way you don't deserve this beautiful Arabic name which means the LION as LIONS have morals and ethics, although they are ANIMALS.
It is a shame that you look like a human being in your outside appearance, while you are worse than wolves, no morals, no sympathy, no feelings and no BRAIN.
Fawwaz Tuqan

From : Munjarid Munjaridi <>
To :
Subject : Al-Ittijah Al-Muakis (Oman)
Date : Wed, 19 Nov 2003 01:54:09 -0800 (PST)

Dear Sirs,

I'm one of the regular readers of your online website that has always kept the smile in such difficult circumstances our region is passing through. So my regards to you all and especially Dr. Fawzi. I would have written in Arabic if the machine allowed, but unfortunately it does not. I just needed to draw your attention to the part of your "Al-Ittijah Al-Muakis" talking about who rules Oman and wanted to highlight few comments just out of concern over your paper's credibility in the Sultanate:

1. The Sultan's mother is dead since the early nineties and she was not in London. She lived here in Oman and she was a humble lady and away from public life. (unless of course you mean by his mother the Queen of England who is in her palace in the UK.)

2. Qaboos overthrew his father by force in 1970, and he was injured and was forced to excile in the UK were he died in 1972.

3. The leaders of the Dhofari rebellion were long out since the 1970s and one of them is the current foreign minister Yusuf bin Alawi. Plus, the forts of Jalali and Mirani now are tourist attractions and not jails any more.

4. Oman has no modern slavery. We had during the time of the empire ruling east Africa. Now there are black people who live as part of Oman with Omani citizenship whoes parents or grandfathers may have been slaves in the 50s or sixties.

The rest of the questions are all right and I need answeers for them toooo.

Thanking you very much and keep up the good work

Abu Muhammad
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

From : "nasfat shehadeh" <>
To : <>
Subject : Amr Khaled
Date : Wed, 26 Nov 2003 00:44:58 -0500

To Mr.Osama Fawzi,

You are a very  man, I agree with some of your articles but most of them are very disgusting
I don’t know whether you have the courage to e mail me back, I guess I will find out


From : "sam said" <>
To :
Subject : Amro Khalid Article.
Date : Thu, 27 Nov 2003 11:20:16 -0400

Assalamu Alikum ; I am one of your avid and loyal readers. I have been telling my friends & colleagues to log in to your web site. It exposes what the corrupt heads of governments are doing to the masses of arab & muslim people.
However I would like to advise you & my self not to lump all the scholars of islam in one group. When I first heard about sheik KUSHK of egypt in the 1980's < pepole called him an agent for late Anwar Al Sadt - the former president of Egypt> but when I listened to what Sheik KUSHK was saying especially about exposing the corruption inside Egypt during the late Nasir era , I was convinced that this Sheik KUSHK was telling the truth. So please spare the good scholars the blame of other people. Thank you and keep the good work.

Sincerely Yours
Abdullah Farhan. Canada.

From : "farid canadi " <>
To :
Subject : article arab and oil
Date : Thu, 20 Nov 2003 14:33:54 +0100

Gentel man
I m 27 years old morocain student.
I admire your web site since it gives young research to show their papers
about the actualities .
I have some papers in arabic witch tackle the issue of arab and oil.
I will be happy if you are interested in my papers.
I will thankfull if you provide me with information about how much you will
pay me about each papers .
and thank you


From : Different Perspective2000 <>
To :
Subject : Be careful
Date : Thu, 27 Nov 2003 01:11:09 -0800 (PST)

Salaam Alikum Mr. Osama:

This is my second time to write to you. I understand what you are trying to get across to your readers, however, I don't understand why sometimes you decide to write about things which you don't know about. You accused Omro Ibn Al'ass may Allah be pleased with him, the companion of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, that he was "Nassaab". I don't think you know the Hadith of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him which says "Do not curse my companions". And I don't think that you know that Allah the Most High is pleased with all the companions of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. I advise you not to throw your self towards the curse and anger of Allah not knowingly.
The story you mentioned called in the Islamic history "Al- Tahkeem" is not an authentic narration. It is a story that most ignorant people know but it is not authentic based on the science of Hadith. Just like the story of the Spider and the doves which were at the gate of the cave known that they protected Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.
The companions of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him are not like those who you know and you write about. Your writings show that you are a Muslim and you believe in the Koran. So why do you go against it and accuse who Allah the Most High praised in the Koran?
Be careful in the future, and remember everything that you are writing Allah the Most High will ask you about. And remember what Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said that most people are thrown in fire because of their tongues. Do not let your anger misguide you. If you want to know the authentic story, let me know.


From : "" <>
Reply-To : "" <>
To :
Subject : be cursed...!!!

Date : Wed, 19 Nov 2003 16:48:09 -0800 (PST)

Salam whoever,
Howcome you allow this bitch named (sally harb) to say whatever on our beloved Prophet MOHAMMED in this holy month... even his contemporary enemies did not say anything evil on him... whereas this bitch which does not know absolutely nothing on the "seerah" advances allegations about the Master of the prophets and our saver inchaallah..?!! How did you dare to do that…?!! I'm not blaming this whoever bitch but I'm talking to you dumb... I did never read or hear about any respectable author in the islamic history who talked about his underwear… you are not worth your underwear at the price of wal-mart .. You are a merely worthless peace of…of… of nothing…!!

From : "Hamed hassan" <>
To : <>
Subject : Democracy in the Middle East
Date : Fri, 7 Nov 2003 15:26:14 -0600

A deep look to what President Bush said in his recent speech about the politicalregimes in the middle east seems to be interested. To be honest I felt sham as Iheared no official response even to defend "on paper only" that the currentamerican administration has no rights to be involved in the "INTERNAL AFFAIRS"of the entire islamic nations including arab countries. What is interested inthe speech is that there is a recent significant changes towards Democracy andfreedom in many named countries in the area. This take us to the question" Are these current changes occured because there was something wrong and it is theright time now to move forward to the better! or it is happening under the USpressure and it is better to avoid the consequences! Only one final question I wish to get an answer! change in the politicalsystemmean change in the policy with the same faces and minds or change means both?

Hamed Hassan, Ph.D

From : "mohamed daheye" <>
To : <>
Subject : Demonstration
Date : Thu, 27 Nov 2003 08:11:07 -0500

Like All Mauritanian communities around the world, the Mauritanian Community in USA will protest against the dictatorship of Colonel OULD TAYA, the arbitrary detentions of the opposition Leader Mohamed Khouna ould Heidala and his campaign Team. this demonstration will be November 28 (national day) in the city of Cincinnati, OHIO, between 12:00 and 01:15 PM EST.
For more information you may contact the coordinator of this demonstration:

Mohamed Salem Daheye
Phone # 1-859-466-1969

From : mohamed abouarab <>
To :
Subject : From Spain
Date : Wed, 5 Nov 2003 14:05:34 +0100 (CET)

My nae is Mohamed, Egyptian but I live and study myPhD Doctorate Degree in Archaeology in Spain. Sincethree years I have big Problem that I’m the firststudent in Greek Roman Archaeology Department and theFifth student in all the Faculty but because I haven’tany assistance from the big persons in Egypt or in theUniversity they chose another girl to take my positionin the same Department but I have the high marks morethan her.

I have all the documents and all the certificates,Letter from the minister of Education that said, afterthe contact with the President of the University andthe Dean of The Faculty they tell me you will get yourposition in 2000/2001 and until now nothing.

I specked with the Vice President of the Universityfor that he tell me call the President of Egypt
because you haven’t any anything here and you can doas you want.And now I finished my master degree so I want to goback to Egypt and please help me to make any solutionfor this problem.

I know all love stories in Tanta University in EgyptAbout the Vice president and all the professors in theFaculty with Photos and I can sent it to you but helpplease help me.

Spain, 05.2003

From : "Elie Abboud" <>
To : <>
Subject : hello
Date : Tue, 4 Nov 2003 17:30:05 -0800

first and foremost this is actually one of my favorite newspapers.I always enjoy reading from this newspaper. usually when I go to a chat roomand say how good arab times is people cuss me out. I just wanted your opinion on the fact that when the palestinians faught the armenians and they would say the armenians are poor and the nife on their necksI remember reading this. but have these things been forgotten.I am lebanese. and I remember when my dad use to get off of workthe palestinians use to hit him. have all of this been forgotten.why don’t you talk about what the palestinians did in beirut. the same wayI am against what the lebanese did to the palestinians but you are only talking about one side of the story. its like how the syrians want the americans to get out of syria, but the syrians havent gotten out of lebanon for over 25 years.why don’t you guys talk about this. as we know one of the syrian presidnets son wasborn in england. and he is 100% english. I just want you because I know this paper always writes whats right. but I just want you to write about what the palestinians did in beirut that’s it.I respect this paper very much and I hope you can meet my request. and after all the conflicts thepalestinians still have their guns at home the lebanese armies cant go into their homes andtake the guns. im not against the palestinians, but I just think all sorts to the story need to beout. and shouldn’t the armyies take their weapons so they don’t threaten the lebanese again.sometimes they fire on the lebanese armies, what is this its wrong. and the final thing this isfor this full ben ladin. he sais this is a war between christians and muslims. what did jesus everdo to ben ladin. this was 2000 years ago. I hope we find this ben ladin and put him in asidand at the same time cut off his finguers. once again I like this paper very much. I follow itevery day and God give you strength to continue and get bigger. God bless you andtake care.

From : "M W" <>
To :
Subject : hi
Date : Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:14:56 +1100

hi dr ossamah how r u i hope that u r fine. i just have one question to u and i hope that u answer me a.s.a.p now bush and usa government doesnot make any different to them if u r mulisim shi3ah or muslim sounah or muslim wahabi and at this time u allowed to mr baker to make sonah hate shi3ah when they read his artical and make shi3ah hate sounah when they read this artical for mr baker, at the end the muslim will lose when they hate each other, i know u want to let every one write what ever he like but in same this time we should be one hand aginst isrial and usa government , not making us 100 teams agaisnt each other, and the proplem what he is wiriting is not the fact about muslim shie3ah, and i wanna to explain one thing that most of my friend is sounah and iam si3ah and we live like a bother not like how mr baker want us to live in tkfier and hatting each other,and i hope you to take one advise from youger brother to do not let him write any thing about shi3ah and sounah, i been before loving but if it will complet like that i think it will lose heaps of her lovers, i hope u to undwerstand that i want the best for all arabs and all muslim that's why iam writting this letter not because any other resons
last request i hope u to put it in the main page as soon as possible
it was sent by 20/11/2003
wishs best for all

From : "alirazzaq" <>
To : <>
Subject : hi
Date : Wed, 26 Nov 2003 09:48:57 -0000

dear osama fawzi
i ahve read ur aricle about the liar amro khalid,and to be honest with u i do not have anything new to add,only i got 2 his website by chance one times to read a story a bout a bitch living in new zealand which he claimed that shw contacted him,and because of him she converted to muslim,not that all,he is asking us to pray for a slut that never knew god,what kind of examples this liar is giving us,how would i feel when a guy who claimed to be a muslim clergy man asking us to pray to a bitch,that never knew allah,wouldnt the palestinianes who die everyday fighting for their right of existance deserve those prayers,how can we trust our religioun men as we see them sucking the shose of those giving then as u say dollars for relasing judgments that may affect us as muslims.they r far away from beeing muslims,islam is not like that ,they r the ugly face of islam.

From : "fadi samman" <>
To :
Subject : In Response to one of your articles
Date : Thu, 20 Nov 2003 20:23:29 -0400

Dear Dr Fawzi,
This e-mail is in response to one of the articles I have recently read in your 'Saudi Arabia Corruption File' on your website. The name of the article which I am referring to is 'Donate to the Hardworking Prince Talal Bin Abd Al-Aziz' in which you named many Arab multi-millionaires whom have made their fortunes on the backs of the Arab people.

I am sure that these many persons will not be willing to respond to your article however I would like to point out one of these names in particular- a Mr Bahaa' Al-Deen Basatneh.

For your information and in order to shed light on the current circumstances of this individual I would like to note that Mr Basatneh currently has a serious court judgement against him in Syria. Mr Basatneh has received this sentence due to the fact that he has made false criminal claims against a certain individual. This individual, after himself spending nearly 3 years in prison and subsequently being released with an 'innocent verdict', has made sure to take legal action against Mr Basatneh. This legal action has resulted in a court judgement, for which Mr Bastneh received a 3 year sentence (in absentia).

If you feel that these facts are of importance to your website and the articles you publish on it, I would be happy to fax you a copy of the court judgement against the above mentioned.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mr Saman

From : shoomukh <>
To :
Subject : Missing picture of Ali saleh
Date : Sat, 8 Nov 2003 11:00:07 -0800 (PST)

Hi there, hi web admen,
A picture of Ali Abdulla Saleh (President of Yemen) riding on a small donkey witha comment under it used to be part of pictures and comment. The questionwhere is that beautiful picture what happened to it. I missed that picture, if still holding itplease forward it to me with it's comment. I have serched all your picture folders and I couldn't find it. Plz, plz help me find it.


From : "blue forever" <>
To :
Subject : New reader with issues on mind....
Date : Thu, 13 Nov 2003 03:07:07 +0100

Dear Mr..Fawzi,
Well first of all i want to thank you for the newspaper you publish in the States although i don't agree with your way of portraying problems in the middle east but i must say you are at least courageous to do so.
It happened that i've been surfing the net & i haven't opened your site for a while but i managed to do so a couple of days ago. However, there are several points which i thought i'd send to you coz this is my way at least of contributing when i feel like it.
1. I feel that you have such anger & hatred towards the governments in the middle east (i don't blame you for that) but it's so obvious in your articles & sometimes you just tend to mix things up & confuse your readers.
2. Don't you think you're a bit harsh on Queen Rania? Isn't she the model that all girls should follow in her steps so we'd become modernized & civilized societies? I think she's cute & i like her...& with regard to her clothing who cares even if she goes out what? isn't that part of the freedom of speech & expression that you yourself call for? oh well......
3. What has Sheikh Zayed & his associates done to you to make you so pissed off that you're living basically in revenge for what they did?(this doesn't mean that i like them)
4. You still have to focus more on how powerful women could be especially if you're Moza bint Al Misnad or Fatima bint Mubarak..WOMANPOWER....& this Suzanne Mubarak, Queen Rania, & the wives of the Syrian & Moroccan presidents they seem to be liking the new roles they're playing in the media as the first ladies of the Arab World(what a joke) oh let's not forget Sh. Moza of Qatar & the wife of the Bahraini king too...
5. Another issue is we all know that there are boys from Gulf & Arab States who are held in the American prisons or even in Guantanamo. Their governments have unfortunately nothing to do with them as long as they did something to upset their GODMOTHER THE STATES, but couldn't you raise this issue as a humanitarian thing at least?
6. The case with the Palestinian issue disgusts me & sometimes makes me laugh. This is because Everyone is just playing a role in a very DIRTY game. I believe they are all traitors & unfortunately it's the Palestinians who are paying the price in the end.LONG LIVE PALESTINE!
7. As much as there is truth in what you write in your articles about Saudi stuff, i must say that some of the information or names are actually incorrect or exaggerated a bit.
Well finally but not really finally coz i will be writing to you again but i got tired now...I really do want you to read my e mail & would like to get a reply from you on what i wrote..No offence, but i just wanted to speak my mind & not only criticize you...


Blue Forever

From : Ayef Al-Tanak <>
To :
Subject : Please Respond
Date : Wed, 5 Nov 2003 07:27:49 -0800 (PST)

Dr Fawzi,
On "The TV Station" they ahve a banner on top that indicates a way to give money to needy Palestinians inside of Palestine, please DR can you check that out and let me and all know if it is really an honest legal way? Please hurry, this might be a good way to help them with Ramadan and Eid and ....etc.

From : "Ali Albahri" <>
To :
Subject : Please send me the articale
Date : Tue, 18 Nov 2003 23:20:17 +0400

Dear arabtimesnewspaper,
First I want to say this newspaper is the best we cvan see the truth about nerws which the media in the guld al;ways try to hide or klil before come out second Please i need the articals about Sultant of oman whatever u have like the one about (( who control the Sultant of oman Qaboos or his mopther?))
I can't buy the newspaper and I can't trvel to uk to read it
With my full respect

From : jebran omer <>
To :
Subject : please stop this bad man.
Date : Thu, 6 Nov 2003 09:53:40 -0800 (PST)

Hi Dr Osama.
I want to tell you that i respect your outstanding journal.but i want to tell that we refuse to let a bad guy called Ibrahim El-Gendy write in your journal , All his articles are against Islam . If you want from us to still respect and like you . please get this bad man from your journal.

From :
To :
Subject : prince ali ben al hussein
Date : Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:46:57 +0200

peace be upon you...ramadan kareem
i'm alia toqan from palestine.
first: i'm gratful to you for your efforts toward free opinion & true news.
second: i ask you to help me connect with prince ali ben al hussein by helping me finding his e-mail.
i'm preparing searh sunce 5 years' and wish to be able complete it during the next year. i need the help/ openion of the prince in order to be able to complete some issues in my economic & sochial search. i tried so many times to achieve the e-mail of prince ali but unfortuntlly i didn't success to do so.
please help me to find the e-mail of the prince

From :
To :
Subject : Profit Muhammed
Date : Thu, 30 Oct 2003 14:36:42 GMT

To the animal who responded to Abu Rawwabi,To defend your point is one thing, but to mention that Profit Muhammed is notabove criticizim is way too much. You are nothing but an infidel who has no fearof Allah in his heart. Or, you people got used to slandering Islam after yousold your land and lost your honor.You do not even dare to criticize Bush,

From : Adnan Ahmed <>
To :
Subject : Regarding Amr Khaled
Date : Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:40:41 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mr Fawzy

Peace on you and all true searchers.May God makes us all in one side against injustice and
disbelievers.I follow your news in the series political facts thatput the dots above the letters in a lot of cases wasconfusing us all the time. Thank you for trying tobring the truth from the darkness of our regimes.I only have a great disagreement with you regardingAmr Khaled. I think he is one of the more active andpositive youth we will rely on to build our futureagain and to raise our value in the eyes of the worldand give the rights back to whomever lost it.What this man is doing is honest effort to resurrectthe values from our religion to our behaviour and thatis what we really need. He didn’t whinge like theothers or cry on the past. He is doing all his best tohelp everybody knowing his way right and collect ourenergies back to face the enemies of justice whotortured us and prevented us from living.I wish you my brother to listen to what he says and Ipray for you that God will support Islam with pen likeours ‘brave and honest’ we need all of us to be inone trench against our enemies … don’t let us downlike the others … may God be with us all.

yours faithfully
Ahmed Adnan

From : Saleh Al-Moghrabi <>
To :
Subject : Reply
Date : Wed, 19 Nov 2003 08:24:59 -0800 (PST)

Dearest Dr Osama,
apart from the obvious,and for those who love to shake their bellies in the dark, to impress anonymous audiances with fake wicked smiles drawen at their ugly faces of which reflected what they are really of inside.
for Mr Ibrahim who backed off with what he wrote feeling the guilt for what he wrote over this page, thinking by bringing up Islam and using the meaning of it , to oppose it will do him any good, and will seat him on the headlines all over the arab world.and make him the remarkable famous writer.
i salute you for your courage , and i will be by your side as long as what you write about will really help to heal and not to destroy, my self and millions of arabs over the world.
my PC was attacked with different kinds of worms and viruses just after i sent my emails to the arab times. and im a 100% sure that who did it are arabs, and from certain arab countries. and they got paid to do suck a sick behave.

Saleh A Al-Moghrabi
Effort, PA
570 807 3853

From : "abed abed" <>
To :
Subject : Stop that
Date : Wed, 19 Nov 2003 08:49:49 +0000

Dear Arab times
I read Arab times for many years,this because I'am in Europe now.
I have noticed in the last time that Arabtimes was a place for the conflict between the Shii and Sunnii.And ,i think this is not the proper place for this conflict.
So,i dont think that a man ike you who respect the revolutionary Islamic Groups agains the traitors ad the dectators will allow like this stupidity especially ,you are as I know a respected character for your reader.
Please ,stop those people who insulting the Islamic sympols .

I think that Dr:Usamah fawzy is muslim ,and he will prevent like this stupidity.Because ,the comming story will be (Is the Qur'an a corrupted book or not)especialy from those Shii who believe that this is a fact.
Thank you for your understanding,
I raise my head that you are from Jordan ,and Iam Jordanian also.
Just to know that still in Jordan a people who say to the wrong ,you are wrong.

From : "FAWWAZ TUQAN" <>
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : The attempts to destroy your web site
Date : Fri, 14 Nov 2003 14:33:14 -0500

Dear Dr. Fawzi,
I wont be surprised to know that Arab intelligence departments are trying to stop you from telling Arabs and Muslims the truth.
Because Arabtimes is the only free Arabic web site and Newspaper, people ( the majority) loves it, while the Corrupted Arabic regimes ( I think they are only 100%) hate Arabtimes.
To those Arabic regimes, we say: All Arabs and Muslims are supporting Arabtimes, no matter what.
Keep on Dr.Fawzi
Keep on Arabtimes
Fawwaz Tuqan

From : "basem abdallah" <>
To :
Subject : the truth
Date : Mon, 17 Nov 2003 23:32:26 +0200

hi ....
i wite to arabrtimes for the first timealthough i read it every day...
i think that i saw in yours news paper the truth and i wish from yours news paper to help me for knowing the truth... am a simple person live in jordan ,i just want from yours newspaper to puplish the truth in jordan about the parlament alla of us know that in 17/6/2003 they made (our goverment) their games i just want from yours to puplish the truth let all the people knows what happen in thats time what the gover ment made how did they choiced them and i just want you to let the people know what happen in ajlun how did they choiced them , PLZ MR..... am from ajlun i want to let all the people khnow in ajlun whats our king and hisgoverment made in ajlun plz surhelp usto know the truth thnx you a lot and plz can you give me the email adress for our king in jordan if you know it

From : saadeldin abdelrahman <>
To :
Subject : This is us ( Arabs)
Date : Sat, 8 Nov 2003 16:10:19 -0800 (PST)

Dear Dr. Osama & Arab gournalists & writers,
I respect the principles of the arabtimes regarding the freedom to express ourselves, but i still wonder if my message will be published. It's all about what I thought and felt when I was reading the articles of Foad Alhashim and your response to it. Firstly, let's sumbit to what u said that Foad Alhashim may n't be a man and everything ( I don't know alot about him though).....Does that give u the right to attack the arab nations also (n't governments only). We all know that how much we are so desprate and disappointed with what is happening in the middle east, starting with Palestine, Iraq and gulf. Probably, you don't care about the other areas anymore because the Arabs didn't help your cause anyway.. am i right? but, do you think what you wrote in that article and what the palestinans keep on saying, do you think that will help the case?. This depends first on your goal of writing, do u want the naked truth or just the glory of defending your own people (palestinains)?
Dear dr.
You and Foad alhashim simply represent us the arab people ( Palestinians, Iraqis.. ect).. we are all good talks and one either of two.... mad person ( with his reasons) like you or well paid agent as Foad alhashim as you pointed out. That's why we won't librate a crab!.... you could answer this man without making us hate our palestinains brothers because the way u did respond was the very same way that sparked the enemity between palestinains and other Arabs. I think it's all about your style, people could appreciate your points better if you respected them. otherwise, you won't acheive your goals! thnx

Saad eldin

From : "Yousef Shorman" <>
To :
Subject : USA policy
Date : Sat, 08 Nov 2003 22:48:29 -0700

I read your newspaper on line almost everyday, but I have never read an article criticize the USA policy towards arabic nations especially the way they deal with the Palestinian issue. can you you tell me why? Is it because the US Government put a ceiling for Arab times?

From : "Ghattas Matarweh" <>
To : <>
Subject : Wadi gaza Book
Date : Mon, 17 Nov 2003 07:07:32 -0500

Subject: Wadi gaza Book
Dear Friends and Researchers,
Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS)has published recently a book named
“Wildlife Field Guide of Wadi Gaza”
This book was prepared and photographed by Imad Atrash with some help from some of researchers from PWLS and Birdlife International-Jordan and Funded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation through United Nation Developing Programme-East Jerusalem, in cooperation with Environmental Quality Authority-PNA and Birdlife International-Middle East Division, Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and Medwet Coast.

The book (about 215 pages) consists of two parties (Flora and Fauna) written in both Arabic and English languages, and contains six chapters;

Chapter one gives brief description about Wadi Gaza, its site, structure, soil, Climate, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Evaporation, etc…
Chapter two is about the Ecological Importance of the Site as a wetland, and its importance as a habitat of flora, fauna and birds. This chapter also describes the water system, solid wastes, liquid Wastes and summarizes the environmental problems in Wadi Gaza.
Chapter three gives detailed information supported with photos of 70 birds of Wadi Gaza (Resident and Migratory Birds).
Chapter four gives also detailed information supported with photos of 50 plants of Wadi Gaza.
Chapter five shows other wildlife in Wadi Gaza such as Reptiles and some Mammals).
Chapter Six consists of separated Checklists of Flora, Fish's of Mediterranean Sea & Wadi Gaza, Birds and Mammals of Gaza Strip.

Hoping you’ll know that still in Palestine doing some good work even there is some difficulties around us.
Many thanks for all of our Partners in Palestine and Abroad.

All the best

Imad Atrash
Palestine Wildlife Society

From : "FAWWAZ TUQAN" <>
To : "arabtimesnewspaper" <>
Subject : Who is Amr Khaled?
Date : Sat, 15 Nov 2003 00:02:43 -0500

Dear Arabtimes,
You mentioned in some of your articles about Ms.Rania yassin who is married to Abdallah Hussein ???? Amr Khaled as an Islamic Clerk/Jerk? Who knows?
Today I reviewed al-Dustour Jordanian newspaper, I found out that there is a special site for this Amr Khaled.
I tried to contact him, but the same answer always , that he is getting thousand of messages every day and he is so busy, so please try on Sat around 12:00 O'clock, Cairo time.!!!
Also Who is Amr Khaled? it shows that he is living between London and Beirout????????????
Please tell us who is this jerk. Is he a new prophet( who knows how to make prophet out of Islam!!!!).
We Muslims are fed up with those scum like Qerdawi , Kiftaro...etc
Fawwaz Tuqan


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