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Subj: My Syrian Adventure
Date: 08/10/2002 08:15:29 Õ Central Standard Time
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having been away from the middle east for the last 30 years or so .. and my home sickness grew beyond repair, and on a spare of the moment, I decided time had come to go and smell some middle eastern air, talk middle eastern language and eat some middle eastern food.
Demascus Syria was the choice .. dont know why I chose this city amongst all of the Arab nation, so I booked my flight & headed there arriving past midnight feeling extremely tired and as soon as I left the plane I was greeted by a rather FILTHY trunk which I dont think has ever seen a drop of water or has been rinsed down, after a rather short walk I was greeted by a passport control which consisted of many chain-smoking ball-scratching dirty-looking police and security men, the types you see in south american movies, whos main job seem to be to eye women all-over & to make your life as uncorfortable as they possibly can. Thankfully and although the queue consisted of about 5 visitors, it took passport control about 2.5 hours to sort us out (real efficient). you never really knew if you were standing in the right queue or not. anyway managed to get out of that airport alive and in one peice having managed to keep my gob shut yet wanting to scream what a bunch of WANKERS I was greeted with, no wonder forigners hate us. anyway into a Taxi I jump asking the driver to take me to the hotel, after a short distance the taxi driver decides to switch the meter OFF saying the meter's engine was "heating up" .. a trick I saw frequently thereafter in many taxis I accuired, with the journey price quadroopling .. a trip that a syrian would pay say $1 I was paying $10 .. did'nt have the right accent ( I am not syrian you see .. thank god). on the 3rd night of my stay I decided to try the delecacies of syria & headed to a rather posh restaurant in town which charged me the earth and gave a real nice present which kept me going to toilet for the next 4 days and nights and where it was time for me to head home again... wherever you went in Syria there was the great pictures of Mr Assad & Co as if there were no other men in Syria except these bastards. One of Asad's sons kills himself in a car accident driving stupidly fast (seem to be a national sport in syria) trying to get to the airport to catch an airplane, yet all the pictures title him as a "martyr" .. as if he was fighting the Isralies .. the whole thing made me literally sick that this should be my origins and was so glad not to have taken my kids with me .. otherwise they would've seen the shit thier father crawled from .. real shit. If the Americans decide to get rid of Saddam I think they should continue & get rid the fuckers of Demascus too.
I dont really know when I'll be going back again but I should'nt think it'll be in a hurry.

with you being a decent paper I hope and would love you to publish this travel diary. please do the decent thing and acknowledge receipt

Love & Best Regards

Lost Iraqi2002
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Subj: Date: 09/10/2002 04:56:04 ã Central Standard Time

alslam alikum
my name is mamoud qasem im from palestine,from jenin refuge camp i've lost my house and my brother got shot overthere.
actualy i dont know what to do,financialy idont know what to do because you know how things back home.and im realy looking for a scholership, cus if i dont get it i,ll be lost.i owe the school about 6000 doller and they wont let me in school if i dont pay them.
im now need somebody to tell me what to do, even i cant go back home.INEED HELP FROM AHLE ALKHAIR

Date: 10/10/2002 08:28:28 ã Central Standard Time

Dr. Osama Fawzy
PO Box 721438

Dear Dr. Fawzy


We are the Solicitors and Attorneys who act on behalf of the abovenamed.Our client is presently held in detention in the custody of the AustralianFederal Police pending the hearing of a warrant for his extradition to theKingdom of Jordan. The warrant is issued at the request of the JordanianGovernment.

Our client has claimed Refugee Status in Australia and has instructed us tovigorously defend the extradition proceedings and to press for a favourableresult in respect of his application for a protection visa under the UnitedNations Refugee Convention 1951.

We seek evidence and opinion as to the current political circumstances inJordan and, in particular, the likelihood of our client obtaining a fairtrial should he be returned to Jordan.
At this stage our client has not communicated with any area of media.Should you be able to supply any information to assist his case he would beprepared to allow you some interview, which would be of obvious interest.
We would appreciate your early response.

Yours faithfully
Subj: Date: 14/10/2002 05:26:02 Õ Central Standard Time

Dr Osama :

first of all May God bless your hand and your pencil. I really enjoy reading your articles through your website .I wish that you can update your website continuously.
Thanks for the honesty and clearity in writing your articles, wish you the best ;

Hardcore fan ;

Date: 15/10/2002 12:42:42 Õ Central Standard Time


15 October 2002

Dr. Osama Fawzy
PO Box 721438

Dear Dr. Fawzy


We refer to your email of 11 October 2002. Our client is currently in custody as a result of a Jordanian Extradition Warrant. We are vigorously trying to defend these proceedings as our client fears for his life if he is returned to Jordan. Our client is presently held in prison and has no telephone access however we are attempting to make contact arrangements.

Yours faithfully


Dear Dr. Fawzy

Further to our letter/email to you of 9 October 2002 and your response, we advise that it is not possible for our client to have telephone contact with you because of his present detention in Criminal Custody as a result of the Extradition Warrant issued against him by the Jordan Government.
These proceedings are next listed before the Magistrates Court in Sydney on Wednesday 30 October 2002. This is not a final hearing but a short hearing for further directions only.
Our client renews his offer to provide you with an exclusive story concerning all of the events by which he has been wrongly accused of conspiring to defraud the Banks of Jordan and the effect of the corrupt elements within the government and Jordanian Intelligence.
If you are able to assist us with materials that would be relevant to our client's case, that he would not be afforded a fair hearing on his return to Jordan, we would appreciate such information.
We await your early response.

Yours faithfully
Date: 21/10/2002 12:31:14 Õ Central Standard Time
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Subj: Re: Maj'd Sami Mohammad Al-Shamaylih
Date: 22/10/2002 10:06:24 ã Central Standard Time

Dear Dr. Fawzi

Please forward all correspondence to:

Mr. Maj'd Sami Mohammad Al-Shamaylih
C/ Brenton C. Halligan
Roach & Halligan
Solicitors & Attorneys
Level 4, 491 Kent Street

Yours faithfully

Subj: article
Date: 23/10/2002 05:32:44 Õ Central Standard Time
File: articleforarabtimes.doc (59392 bytes) DL Time (33600 bps): < 1 minute

Dear Dr. Osama Fawzi,

Attached is a Word document in Arabic, consisting of the first 7 pages of a 15-page investigative report I did some time back.
It's an interesting subject.
I would like to see if Arab Times might be interested in running it.
The total size of the report (all 15 pages) is around 5000 words.
Since it's about Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, it might be kinda sensitive and interesting. I really have no interest in the subject beyond making money. I was working for the Kuwaiti newspaper that commissioned me to do the report, but then never published it.
So, If you're interested in running it, I charge 45 dollars per hundred words.
Tell me if you like to buy it, and I'll send you the remaining pages, along with my bank details.
And if you were not interested, I'll appreciate you telling me that as well.
I like your work, and enjoy reading your website. Keep it up.



Subj: Arabic translations
Date: 25/10/2002 12:30:00 ã Central Standard Time

Dr.Osama Fawzi
Greetings. My name is Mark Scheffler and I'm a freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune.
I'm working on a story about American books that have been translated to Arabic.
I found your website while I was at Columbia University's Middle Eastern Studies site.
The site said that you sell Arabic books banned in various Arab countries. It would be great if you could inform me of which books those are and which countries have banned them.
I would also be very interested in talking with you on the phone about any experiences you may have with regards to the topic of books and translations. Is there a good time to get a hold of you? Also, is there a good number that I can reach you at?

Thanks much.
Best regards,
Mark Scheffler
Subj: Looking for my father in USA
Date: 27/10/2002 01:22:04 ã Central Standard Time

To , Arab Times ( USA)
Sir,I write you this mail message asking you please for help.  My name is ( HIBA ), and I lost my father when I was( Baby ).
My father is palistinean guy,he had left my mother's home & Egypt from that long time , and he travelled to ( USA ) , He was keeping his cotacts with my Mom for abot few years , After that his contacts &  correspondence had interrupted !!!
At present , I so need him . From 3 or 4 years , I have did some tries , investigates about him . But I couldn't reach to him .
So that I thought to write to you Sir asking for your assist & help me  to find him there so I can contact to him.
I have enclosed some information which I could get it about him:
D & P of Birth : November, 23, 1956 ( Agraba, NABLUSS , JURDAN ).
His last address
I got it (1989) was : 5221 N.Hoyne
Chicago .. IL
60625 ,, USA
Now he hold the American Cetizenship
Also there is some information about some of his friend there ( may be
it can help you to reach to him) ;
Mr/ Abdulhafeez Fahmi . 6237.S sacramento, Chicago IL , 60613 USA.
I'm hop sir to get your help & reply
Best Regards
Hiba Bassam t. Abushhab.

E.mail .


Subj: Re: cooperation
Date: 27/10/2002 07:28:17 ã Central Standard Time

Daer Sir,
I know soem info regarding HRH HAYA but before we start can you tell me what compensation am I getting from all the info I submit to you , I would also suggest that you ask me for other people than the royal family, like al-shalyleh, kabariti, majali, shahin etc... all these that are using the n=big guys for cover up what about these ministers and their role .



Subj: Re: Looking for my father in USA/Reply
Date: 27/10/2002 11:39:24 ã Central Standard Time

I sicerely offer you with my deepest &all thanks for you .Also thanks for amal ( info Dept )Sir, I'm HIBA 23 yrs.& My mother's name is : Hanem Shata(Wafaa)Our address is : 123 Elsheikh Khalil ,from El farz St.Gheit EL enab. KARMOUZ , Alexandria-- EGYPT
You can kindly contact me to this email address( Tel No : 0020 3 4941433 , Mr, Gomaa Sorsar( journalist in EL tagamoa Newspaper )Thank you in advance
Note, Sir I have refused the marriage until my father 's comming!
Thank you again for your help ( Allah ye Barek feek).

Subj: Re: cooperation
Date: 27/10/2002 11:59:30 ã Central Standard Time

Dear Sir,
I am glad you wrote back , as for the names I submited to you they are partners with the big guys if you know what I mean ....I mean serious business and thats not all there is some serious issues that they handle.
Anyway thanks again.


Subj: u r liers
Date: 28/10/2002 01:01:41 Õ Central Standard Time

hey u , u knwo what, u r nothing , i work for Jawwal ,the company u wrote about, i am ungry to find such bastards talk about our company, the company that feeds thousands of the palestinain people u piece of shit, Fuck u, Who gave u the right to talk about our Company, this is our home , GOd Dam you Jawwal is better than any bastards of you , I do not give a shit when u talk about our PLO or Palestinains stupid authority, but When u talk about Jawwal, u have to
 espect this company ya ikhwat el maniookeh , koss mmkommmmmmmmm , u r nothing, Hakam kondarto a7san minkom kollkom ya klab. and the fucken bayan u r talking about, is a shitty thing, 2al el qowwieh 17 , 2al , ma hoo koll el qiwweh
17 manaiek zayykom ,
tfeh 3alaikom wo 3ala heik web site. harameet
Who the fuck r u to talk about Jawwal????
Subj: Jawwal Tarqos Ala Jirah Al sha'ab
Date: 28/10/2002 01:59:12 Õ Central Standard Time

I have some questions for you? do you ever make sure of what you write? do you bother yourself to give what you write some credibility?the plain answer is NO
I am Proud to be an employee of Jawwal and I fairly say that I among hundredes of Jawwal employees are ready to do our atmost to keep our compnay as prosperus as it is now and more, I also want to say that no matter what you try to do for whatever reasons you have and no matter who are the people who were behind that can naver change the clean and pure image of Jawwal worldwide, allow me to say that you are narrow minded and very far from what is even close to truth.
Hakam is a dear colleague for all Jawwal employees and he is a brother to all of them that's how we look at him, and you will not change that using your lies. and he is more patriotic than any one of those who participated in that letter and who claim taht they care about palestinians and their sufferings while indeed they were the first ones who are dancing on the wounds of the others.
This is my personal openion but I can assure you that it is all Jawwal's as well as all Palestinians. Jawwal (Manaedement ans employees) is a challange story that stood firm to struggle for development and prosperity for the sake of Palestine.
Ramallah - 28-October-2002


From : maher khresha <>
To :
Subject : please read and pubblish this
Date : Tue, 14 Oct 2003 03:10:44 -0700 (PDT

Dear Dr Fawzi
As you are doing a great job fighting the corruption in Arab world and you were talking a lot about Jordan.i would like to mention you some points that you really should focus on in your fights.
it is the Jordanian policy in Education before talking about the higher education let's talk about the ministry of Education and what they are doing in order to destroy the education system which will effect of course all the coming generations.
His Excellency the minister of Education is destroying the educational system,they are forcing the students and of course the families to escape from the public schools to go to the private schools paying all what they have if there's anything left in their pockets just to teach their son and usually they are more than one,and as you know Dr Fawzi the problem doesn't finish here because there's a list of payments that you have always to pay in order to register your son in a private school,such as books and for a moment you think that your son is Shakespeare or Newton or Anechtaen,uniform while buying it you think that you are buying him the marriage suit not a school uniform and much more small things but unfortunately they need a big pocket.
His excellency is still talking about the IT education while in some villages there's no electricity,he's talking about the computers while there's no teachers,i swear that there's some schools who has so many computers whom never been used because simply as this there's no teacher and how can the teacher come to teach in a public school while you are paying him a stupid silly salary that he can get doing a part time job in any company.but still they have to buy computers.
the problem that they are fooling us,everything is clear they want to sale us because its very clear now a days that private schools business is the best in Jordan because the goods are always available.
there are no teachers any more and this what they want even the fresh graduated don't want to work there for a lot of reasons that even the kids in Jordan know it.
his excellency is working with a great team which is not capable to run an animal farm not a ministry of education and you can guess that just looking on what they are doing and at the end this is a person who knows what he is doing he destroyed our kids with his continuously changing system for the secondary exam certificate.and they say he's supported from the Royal family and specially from his royal Highness prince i just wounder how can a country leave one of its primary duties like Education to be in such hell.
and why did his Excellency sign the permission for the peace corps to come and teach in the Jordanian schools while we all know who are they.another question that i would like to ask how did His excellency manage to get out of Majd Al Shamaileh's case???
pleas Dr Fawzi do your best to fight and save our children because in my opinion you are the only free voice.
Dr Fawzi this is just a small hint of what is happening overthere so please try to look for more thing and i can send you more things i know i might be punished for this letter but i dont really care seeing my country collapsing in fron of my eyes is killing me while the people is still thinking that the loyality is just for a peron not for a country.

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