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Subj: UAE
Date: 25/09/1423 07:25:38 ã Arabian Standard Time
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Dear Sir,

My name is Peter Schneider, I am a German citizen, I am a author and documentary filmmaker . 
After I finished my last film in the United Arab Emirates I and 10 more persons got arrested in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE on an order of Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The reason behind was a financial dispute between the Muktoum clan of Dubai and the Nahyan Clan of Abu Dhabi.

I was 7 ˝ Month in different locations *jails within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. May be I do not have to tell you of the conditions in the Abu Dhabi jails. Anyhow, also as I got released I could not leave the country nor I was able to work. Finely after one year I could leave the UAE. 

As I came back from the UAE I became very sick because of the inhuman conditions in the jails there.

My arrest in the UAE was simply a barbaric act of human rights violations and the responsible person Sheikh Saif bin Zayed be prosecuted.

Please find attached my book Dreamland Nightmare – In The Name of Allah , which reports about the human rights violation within the UAE….in favor of a human rights organization.

Subj: You Know Your Arab If....
Date: 26/09/1423 04:21:35 Õ Arabian Standard Time

You know you are arab if

1) You think the flea market is a cool place to hang out

2) Your aunt is scarily overweight, and you think its funny

3) Your cousin is your brother-in-law

4) You are never clean shaven

5) EVERYthing is haram

6) Ladies night out means no hijab at cousin's house

7) Relatives may seem fat and slow, but they can dabkee up a storm

8) You teach nephews and nieces to say "garse" and "sharmoot" before "mom" and "dad"

9) Cousin has ice-cream/liquor/car-stereo "hookup"

10) Uncle dances at beheading of lamb

11) Wife is worth her weight in gold (literally)

12) Claim Dillard's, but shop at Swap Meet

13) Mom keeps empty sack in car trunk in case "good zeitoon tree" is spotted

14) When asked how much it cost, you automatically triple its price

15) Mom constantly barging in with sliced apples/oranges/magmool

16) Family brings tabla to your High School graduation

17) Family brings tabla to your College graduation

18) Family brings tabla to your wedding (even the honeymoon)

19) You claim you can spot another arab a mile away

20) Raybans and Rolex lifestyle don't match food stamp and Marlboro income

21) You try to impress f.o.b. arab girls with 1985 Nissan Maxima

22) You are runner up in annual family hairy chest contest

23) impress white chicks by telling them "intay jahshhe" means "you have beautiful eyes"

24) Dad actually has sword in house

25) Soccer games take ten minutes, soccer disputes last forty minutes

26) Mom calls every sport you play "fod-boll"

27) You and all your friends racing to see who becomes first doctor in family

28) Mom tries to cuss u out in english and says "fuck you bi rasak"

29) Dad thinks he's making fun of your english when he says "how you doin man?"

30) You have ever heard of any Yemeni rapper

31) You show all your friends where the middle east is on a globe

32) You like to watch Arabian tv only for the belly dancers

33) You publicly talk about non-arabs in arabic

34) Sister is your personal maid

35) Mother is personal cook

36) You are never fat enough to please your mom

37) Your dad was a military officer

38) Parents change garage to "honeymoon suite" for you and your new bride

39) Mom yells at top of her lungs in department store to find you

40) Keep "safety cash" of about 4000 dollars under your farshee

41) If you cant buy it with cash, you're not man enough to own it

42) Daily balanced breakfast means shai and zagtar

43) When not hanging out at flea market, you work there

44) You translate at Parent-Teacher meetings

45) Blame world problems on the yahood

46) AOL screen name contains "abu" or "halwa"

47) Instead of Nike's, cheaper Saudi version, Bike's

48) Criticize other arab countries

49) You are from the middle east

Subj: Urgent
Date: 27/09/1423 09:26:48 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Arab Times:
A few days ago it came to my attention that my ex-email address of has become inaccessible. I had been having difficulties in accessing it for quite a while, and have come to a conclusion that an imposter had taken it over. Whatever be the case is not of importance at the moment. The issue that I am writing you about concerns the 2 letters you have posted on your website on pages 11 and 13 of 'Readers and Responses'. These 2 mails seem to have originated from my previous e-mail account, but they were not written by me, nor do they reflect my opinion in any way or form. As a legal resident of the USA, I believe that my personal rights that the American constitution guarantees me have been infringed upon by yourselves through publishing these mails that are wrongfully attributed to me.
I have not consulted legal consel as I believe that you will read this letter and act upon it immediately by removing the above-mentioned letters from your website especially that your legal notice doesn't mention that all letters, whether written by the senders themselves or others, will be made public whether these people willfully consent to it or not.
I am currently writing you this letter in goodwill as I expect you will remove the 2 aforesaid letters from your public doamin, and respect the fact that I am not their writer, and the fact that they- and probably others like them- have not been published with the consent of the writer or the verification on your part they they are actually from the person whose name appears on the e-mail account.

I look forward to your action that should take effect immediately.
Yours faithfully,
Omran Ali Al Sharhan

Date: 02/10/1423 01:53:28 Õ Arabian Standard Time

You are always against Jordan, this means one thing and one thing only. You and as many Palestinians hate Jordan, becasue of your failed attempt to take over our country in 1970, during what I call "White September" for us Jordanians. In 1970 the PLO wanted to do what the U.S. wanted to do now to Iraq, change the regime. Plalestinians will never be loyal to Jordan and we don't want you to be. All we want is for you to stand up and say that the Middle East conflict is between Israel and the Palestinain people. And don't drag Jordan into your conflict. Leave us alone....we made peace with Israel and we want to live this peace. The Palestinians seem to be always jealous of Jordanians, because we have a home and an identity.

Subj: Intelligence politician bodies"Jordan"
Date: 04/10/1423 12:18:39 ã Arabian Standard Time


Dear Dr. Fawzi,

I am Jordanian as you are, I really love you and your "Air Up Times", i know you are receiving millions and millions of letters everyday, but i am not sure if you will have the chance to give my letter only one minute, I want you to investigate besides to Sameer Hiari "the one you mentioned on your letters in the site", other names who are also the same as Hiari "false Intelligence politician body" Dr. Jamal AL Tahat, he recently appeared in the ANN as a politics analyst:-), i know him personally, i know that he is working for FastLink in Amman as a consultant "in fact he keeps the financial records for the Jordanian intelligence", I know that doctors from the universities "In AL Hashmie university" write him topics that the local newspapers publish every week almost. This is also one bastard. please investigate him.

More interesting body to investigate is Al-khasawneh , the president of the Yarmouk university, you shall investigate him, i know a girl who was attacked by him " She supposed to be fired from the university and she went to meet him, he has invited her to his country side house "Al Mazra'a", whereby he attacked her. this a true, i cant prove it so far, but you shall investigate him.

I will keep sending you better and secret information from Jordan. God bless you and keep you for us.

Jordanian Citizen
my nickname

Date: 07/10/1423 06:56:13 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Editor,
I am a Palestinian student living and studying in Hebron. Because I fear for my life I am prevented from protesting openly and directly about the difficult economic hardship of many of my Palestinian brothers and the corruption of those among the Palestinian Authority leaders who have no conscience. I have therefore chosen to express the situation we have reached in my own special way - without words and through cartoons. I believe this will contribute to a small extent to solving our situation if you publish these cartoons on your website. There is no problem from the point of view of copyright as they belong to the Palestinian people. I would appreciate it if you would send me your comments to my e-mail address:

Adnan Abd Al-Kader, Hebron

Subj: news from Yemen
Date: 07/10/1423 11:24:32 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I am a Yemeni journalist working for the Yemen Times since 1997.
I wonder if you would be interested in covering the news of Yemen for your newspaper. I would be very happy to cover the events and news of Yemen for your reputed newspaper.I would be very happy to furnish any other details that you might like to know. My phone numbers are:
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mohammed al-Qadhi

Subj: Washintgonpost
Date: 08/10/1423 06:15:25 Õ Arabian Standard Time

Dear Dr. Fawzi;
CIA Paid Millions to Jordan's King Hussein

Bob Woodward, Washington Post Staff WriterLEAD: The Central Intelligence Agency for 20 years has made secret annual payments totaling millions of dollars to King Hussein of Jordan, The Washington
Post has learned. 
February 18, 1977; Page A1 

The Central Intelligence Agency for 20 years has made secret annual payments totaling millions of dollars to King Hussein of Jordan, The Washington Post has learned.  The payoffs were reported last year to President Ford as an impropriety by the Intelligence Oversight Board, a three-member panel set up by Ford to curb CIA abuses. President Ford took no steps to stop the covert payments. Lastyear Hussein was paid approximately $750,000 by the CIA.

President Carter learned of the payoffs earlier this week after this newspaper began its investigation. He ordered that the payments be stopped. 

The secret arrangement with Hussein had not been disclosed to Carter by the CIA or by any member of the previous administration, including President Ford, former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, or former CIA Director George Bush. 

Carter was "distressed" that he had not been told, according to well-placed sources, and sees the solution to CIA abuses as quick confirmation of his nominee as CIA director, Navy Adm. Stansfield Turner. 

In addition, the Senate Intelligence Committee created last year to oversee the CIA apparently was not given the full story by the Ford administration of the secret payments to Hussein. 

One of the most closely held and sensitive of all CIA covert activities, the payments to Hussein were made under the codeword project name of "No Beef." They were usually delivered in cash to the king by the CIA station chief in Amman. 

As justification for the direct cash payments to Hussein, the CIA claimed that Hussein was allowing U.S. intelligence agencies to operate freely in his strategically placed Middle Eastern country. 

Hussein himself provided intelligence to the CIA and forwarded money from the payments to other government officials who provided intelligence or cooperated with the CIA. 

Nonetheless, some CIA officials considered the payments nothing more than "bribes" and reported the matter to President Ford's oversight panel. 

Hussein, according to sources, considers the payments simply another form of U.S. assistance. 

Within the CIA, the "No Beef" project has been considered one of its most successful operations, giving the United States great leverage and unusual access to the leader of a sovereign state. 

The payments were first made to Hussein in 1957 during the Eisenhower administration. The initial payments apparently ran in the millions of dollars but they were sharply curtailed to the $750,000 level last year. 

Hussein was only 21 when he first became a beneficiary of CIA funds. It was a time when Jordan was virtually a ward of the United States and Hussein had little money to support his lifestyle, which earned him the reputation as a "playboy prince." 

Hussein has a well-publicized taste for sports cars and airplanes. As once previously reported, the CIA has provided Hussein with female companions. The agency also provided bodyguards for Hussein's children when they were abroad in school. 

Some money from the most recent CIA payments to Hussein have been used to pay for bodyguards for his children. 

Over the years, Hussein has maintained friendly relations with the United States and his country has been the recipient of substantial military and economic aid - about $200 million in loans and grants last year alone. 

The "No Beef" payments to Hussein were made outside the conventional channel of military and economic assistance. 

Well-placed sources said that nonetheless the United States has not been able to direct Hussein's overall policy decisions. He has not been a "puppet," the sources said, but he has rarely drifted outside the U.S. orbit. 

In late 1974 the CIA became the focus of several government investigations into alleged abuses, and in February, 1976, President Ford directed a reorganization of the intelligence community. 

Part of a Feb. 18, 1976, executive order set up the Intelligence Oversight Board which, among other things, was to "report in a timely manner to the President any activities that raise serious questions about propriety." 

The office of the general counsel in the CIA was assigned by the exectuve order to report any alleged abuses to the oversight panel. 

The general counsel soon made such a report on the Hussein payments, and called them possibly improper. 

The panel appointed by Ford included former Under Secretary of State Robert D. Murphy, former Secretary of the Army Stephen Ailes, and business book publisher Leo Cherne. 

By last summer the oversight panel had made a formal report to President Ford on the payments, concluding that they were improper. Ford read the report but ordered no action taken. 

Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance is scheduled to meet with King Hussein today during Vance's six-nation trip to the Middle East. 

Jordan is widely considered a moderating influence on the Palestinians and a key to any lasting Middle East peace settlement. 

The country is considered a vital part of any realistic option for getting the Palestinians represented at a future Geneva peace conference. 

Geographically, Jordan is in a central position, sharing borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Israel's entire eastern border touches Jordan. 

Hussein's decisions have often been highly compatible with U.S. and Israeli interests. For example, he expelled the Palestine Liberation Organization from Jordan in 1970, though this also helped Hussein's own domestic situation. 

In 1973, Hussein refused to join in the Arab war against Israel. 

It is often considered a miracle that Hussein has held power for 24 years through the turbulence of the Middle East wars, frequent internal strife and at least a dozen assassination attempts. 
Last week his wife, Queen Alia, 26, died in a helicopter crash while returning from a hospital mercy mission.

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