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Date: 4/20/02 09:19:13 „ Egypt Daylight Time

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Subj: Human rights in Jordan
Date: 4/24/02 01:44:34 „ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (Rami Hasanat)

Dear Sir, Madam(Amnesty International, Human rights).

Below is a chilling description of what Dr. Bustani has witnessed in the Jordanian jails system. Dr. Bustani is a well respected human rights activist who was unlawfully detained for 5 days.

This is just a small example of the daily oppression,humiliation and undemocratic actions against the Jordanian people. The Police behaviordescribed by Dr. Bustani is not the exception rather itis the norm.

This happens in a country where it's regime tries to deceive the world withempty rhetoric about democracy and human rights.

Hundreds of people are in jail at the moment, many without trial or charges laid. Representatives of all Jordanian society are detained such as ordinary people, journalists, writers, poets and opposition figures. Toujan Faisal ex-MP is on trial now, for daring to write a letter to the king exposing the undemocratic behavior in a country with a parliament and judicial systemchosen by means aimed at tailoring them to suit the government.

The so called "governor" in Jordan has wide authority to detain people without charges for long period of time. Gogernors in Jordan are not elected but appointed by the government. The governors role(The equivalent of a mayor position in the western system) is being politicised by the regime, and governors are granted wide authority for reasons not related to thedaily run of their cities and towns.

Consecutive governments in Jordan, and in particular the current one, have been using the authority of those appointed puppets to detain people against whom they have little or no evidence of violating the law, in an attempt to destin or hide the government's role in ordering the arrest and detention ofthose people.Dr.H. Bustani experience is a classic exampl.

I urge Amnesty International and Human watch to investigate the barbaric treatment of detainees in all Jordanian jails. I am not talking about investigating mistreatment of political and/or conscience prisoners but also prisoners who committed criminal offenses. People are sent to prisons(ifguilty) as a punishment NOT for punishment.



P.s Below is Dr. Bustani's account of his own experience.

Inside Hell: 5 Days in Al-Jweideh Prison

By: Dr. Hisham Bustani- Liberties Committee of the UPA

Monday, April 22, 2002

+ ACT NOW. Keep us informed of your action at:

+The following may shock you, but it is what I witnessed personally in my5-day detention in Al-Jweideh Prison. All names are withheld so as not to cause any prisoner any harm.

The Arrest

Evening of Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Inside the Union of Professional Associations (UPA) Complex in Amman, a group of activists (including myself and Engineer Shadi Mdanat) were discussing the use of tear-gas bombs and their effect on human health (especially in crowded areas where gas always leaks into houses).

Inside my bag was an empty (used) tear-gas canister with the following numbers engravred in its bottom side: 10 79. The discussion was oriented around these numbers that, as we presumed, represented the date of manufacture of this particular canister that was collected from a recent demonstration scene in
Amman. The discussion also tackled the adverse effects of using expired tear-gas or (as was stated on another canister) "Multi-Irritant" agents.

The discussion was brought up since there were many complaints conveyed to organizations and committees working in the fields of liberties and human rights that "expired gas canisters" are being regularly used against demostrators. These complaints made the Jordan Society for Citizen Rights (JSCR) send a letter to the Jordanian Prime Minister Ali Abu Al-Ragheb on April 6, 2002 saying: "The JCSR has received with great concern many complaints regarding the use of expired tear gas bombs by security forces, which results in damaging side-effects on human health, this requires from you an immediate investigation and punishment of those who are responsible for these acts".

Once I was out of the complex accompanied by Engineer Shadi Mdanat, tow agents from Preventive Security followed us and called me by name: "Dr. Hisham..., Dr. Hisham..". When I looked back, they asked me to give them the empty canister. I refused, so one of them went and came back with the officer in charge. The latter asked to search my handbag. I told him he cannot do this unless he showed me a search warrant. He laughed, and after some discussion, he ordered that we be taken to the quarters of Preventive Security in Abdali. There, the handbag was taken from me and searched thoroughly, the empty canister, a video film on Sabra and Chatilla massacre, and some documents were confiscated We were then referred to questioning. We refused this procedure, asked for a lawyer and refused to sign any statement. We were not told about the charge that they arrested us upon, nor were we allowed access to a lawyer or a phone.

During my stay in the Preventive Security quarters I saw across the corridor in another interrogation room the questioning of a boy (whom I met later in detention) who was accused of "burning a bus during demonstrations" (I later knew that this accusation is a clichť for anyone who is picked up from the street: "You burned the bus", "You broke the traffic light", "You broke the glass of the shop".... etc). The boy who was beaten up badly in Al-Naser police station, had a swollen, fire-red face with straight-line bulges on the neck (probably due to hits with a water hose or a cable). When he told his interrogator that he signed a confession in the police station under torture and began showing him the marks on his body, he was slapped on the face 4 or five times. This boy told me that his "crime" was walking alone on his way home, when 3 civilian-dressed officers approached him and started beating him and telling him that he "burned the bus".

After a 2-hour wait in Preventive Security, we were transferred to the prison of the Main Police Station in Al-Abdali were we spent our night.

The State Security Court

Mourning of Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Around 11:30 am, Engineer Shadi Mdanat and myself were transported alone in a prison truck to Marka. We understood from the officers accompanying us that we were referred to the State Security Court on the charge of "distributing rumors that are harmful to the state's reputation". Until now, we were denied contacting anyone, and we were NOT officially told what our charges are.

The State Security Court Prosecutor refused the case. So we were taken back to the police station. From there, we were taken to the Governor's office who ordered that we be detained for 14 days. We were then transferred to Al-Jweideh Prison.

The Welcoming Ceremony in Al-Jweideh Prison

Evening of Wednesday, April 10, 2002

We were six individuals in the prison truck heading to Al-Jweideh Prison, all of us imprisoned upon the orders of the Governor (no charges are made, no lawyer or court can intervene). The other four were detained on the background of pro-Intifada marches and demonstrations. They were: A taxi driver, two shop owners and a friend of one of the latter.

Once we came down from the truck, we entered a room (every three together) and were ordered to undress completely, put our hands over our heads, and move (from the knee joint) vertically up and down for about thirty times. During this "exercise", the officer present started hitting one of the shop owners with his foot, then he ordered him to kneel down and kiss the ground, which he did amidst the fear and beating.

Then we were taken inside the prison and welcomed by a greeting: "You are the demonstrators, huh? Wait and you'll see". Into another room, we were ordered to undress again, then an officer holding a cable wrapped with an adhesive tape started hitting those inside the room one by one on the hands and all over the body, taking about a minute for each person. I was spared this episode as I toldhim what my charges were.

Then we moved to an adjacent room where everybody got their hair cut completely, then pick a blue trousers and top from a dirty pile on the ground. The other four were continuously beaten and slapped through out this process.

The six of us then were pushed to the prison yard (visiting area). Shadi and me were put aside, then an officer holding a plastic club started hitting the other four very fiercely on all parts of their body, then he was joined by another officer with a cable. The "yard ceremony" lasted for around 5 minutes, with screams and begging that drew no attention at all but rather intensified the beating. What drew my attention was the presence of the Prison DOCTOR who sat ona couch watching.

Then, three low rank policemen accompanied us to our ward with a special recommendation to "take good care of us". Midway to the ward, the three officers stopped us, moved Shadi and me to one side, and started practicing Karate on the other four. High jumps, back kicks, slaps, and all sorts of as-seen-on-TV maneuvers with special attention to the head area. To me, this was the most disgraceful thing I've ever seen in my life.

After this show-off, we walked towards our ward (ward D), lined in front of the door of our room (room 18), and each one (including me and Shadi) received a welcoming one slap on the face from the ward officer, and entered the room.

A Prison Ward or a Dissecting Room?

Thursday, April 11 to Sunday April 14, 2002

We woke up Thursday on 5:00 am for "counting", a regular procedure done on a daily basis. There were 61 prisoners in the room, 8 of them were charged, the others are (like me) all held without any charge upon the orders of the Governor. The number of prisoners rose to 68 on the evening of Saturday, April

The room is not equipped to hold such a number; so most detainees shared beds (two on each bed). The room was below the level of the ground, humidity very high, cold, and with a ceiling that donates drops of water on a regular basis.

As the sun rose, an officer called for the "new" prisoners. The six of us were ordered to go up to the prison yard again. There, Shadi and me were ordered to go back to our room. The others came 15 minutes later with red faces. They were beaten yet another time.

I started talking with the inmates, and got to know their stories and their injuries:The large number of them has been detained for about a week in Jweideh Prison, before that they were detained for one or two days in the prisons of local police stations in Al-Naser, Al-Ashrafeyyeh, Al-Baq'a, Al-Mohajireen, Al-Shmeisani ... etc.

Age: 18-27. Regular, plain young men, without any political orientations, some participated in one or two marches, most never marched or demonstrated in his life.

Nearly all told the same story: One of them was walking with his mother and sister in Ras Al-Ein, another was on his way to the nearby supermarket in Nazzal, another was driving his car with his friends on his way to Friday prayers in Al-Rabiyeh, another was in his car on his way to buy some food for his wife's relatives who are staying at her room in hospital in Jabal Amman, another was inside his shop in Wihdat, another was a taxi driver in his cab, another was the passenger... and so on. Three or four civilian dressed
security agents would approach each one of them, start beating them, and then put them in a police car/bus were the beating continues. In the police station, they are severely beaten with clubs, belts, hands, and feet. Many of them reported being beaten individually by 10-14 policemen at a time. Some reported being beaten on a "taking shifts" basis. One person reported being welcomed at Al-Mohajireen Police Station by two rows of fully geared anti-riot police extending all the way from the bus to the entrance of the police station.

Injuries: The following was directly seen and investigated by myself inside the prison.

-ALL those inside the room had severe bruises (red, blue, brown and yellow) all over their bodies, many of which was straight-line markings of cables and hoses.
Two had stitched wounds in the head.

The severest injuries were:

-One had a long deep cut in the right forehead 8cm long due to hitting a sharp edge while trying to evadethe beatings.

-One had a deep penetrative wound in his left hand due to pushing a belts
"tooth" inside it by an officer.

-One had a clear boot-bottom marking on the left side of the face. He said that a policeman stood on his face for about 30 minutes on the way to the police station.

-One had blood accumulating in his left eye due to a hit with a belt. He reported that his eye was swollen to the size of a small apple.

-One had hear-loss in the right ear due to a hit with a belt.

I was also told about three incidents were one is forced to kneel down and lick a policeman's boot.

Detainees also told us about their "welcoming ceremony" in Al-Jweideh that included a one-and-half-hours beating fiesta in a closed room to the extent that he walls were red. Standing on one foot while the other is bent backwards with beating, running naked under the rain and crawling on the ground with beating (usually done with cables and hoses). They reported that they were literally "carried" to their prison room because of their injuries.

On the evening of Friday and Saturday, I witnessed more beatings and slapping on five new detainees, who reported being beaten in the yard as well. I also witnessed the beating (slapping) of a young, small-sized inmate (18-years old) in front of all the detainees and in the presence of the Assistant Director ofthe Prison because he responded with a "yes" to a question by the Assistant Director asking if there were any beatings in Al-Jweideh prison!

There are many other small details that are trivial in comparison to what is stated above, but it was very clear that there was a precise intent to scare the hell out of these young men. There was a general atmosphere of terror; the slightest voice outside the room will result in an "attention line". The everyday chitchat was about injuries improvement, wishing that no more demonstrations erupted so that they'll be spared additional beating "parties", and discussing who is the most "merciful" officer and when will be his

I was released Sunday, April 14, 2002, at 12:30pm with a JD10,000 (US$ 14,300) bail. Shadi Mdanat was released the following day on a similar bail. Some of those who shared ny prison room were released, some were not, and some do NOT have the money for bail. But many still remain imprisoned under these un-humane conditions, living every single second in fear and terror of being beaten

The other issue is: Our arrest is NOT to be understood in a regular context, it's rather an obvious warning and a clear threat to all those working in the field of Liberties and Human Rights. It is clear that the political authorities in Jordan is not just intolerant with political activism and popular pro-Intifada and pro-Iraq activities, but it is using its iron fist against human rights and liberties activists as well

Subj: (no subject)
Date: 4/26/02 12:21:24 ’ Egypt Daylight Time
From: Sawad7077

Dear Dr. Fawzi, I read your article about the treatment of the Jordanian police to its citizens. It took me a while to make decision and write to any side to what happened to me personally with the same regime in 1995. After what happened I applied for a divorce with the Arabic world and settled in my new country the USA.
I am a Palestinian physician who graduated from the high school in 1967 from Ramalla. I witnessed the trade deal of giving the rest of Palestine by the King Hussein and his officers to Israelis. On the morning of 6th of June 1967, the people in my village opened their eyes to see big number of tanks on road that by-pass our village from Ramalla to Jerrico. Everyone was happy in the village because we thought that those tanks belonged to Iraqis or to Jordan. The villagers selected teacher Kamal to go cross the valley to discover the matter. After one hour, he came back with his underwear and beaten up by the Israelis. We realized at that time that we were sold for who knows how much.
After couple of weeks, I crossed the Jordanian River walking on my way to Europe to finish my medical school then my residency to become a general surgeon. From there I came to the United States where I finished my master degree, and PhD in liver surgery. I defended my PhD on June 1995. It is a very unique degree in liver surgery and liver transplantation. During that time, I was nationalist and I loved the Arabic world and the Palestinian issue. After my graduation, I decided to go back home and work in Jordan or Palestine. I was full with sacrifice, love and anxiety. I made planned that I will get married from back home and settle in my own land.
I was deadly wrong. In the airport, in Amman the secret service took me straight from the airplane and started long and hard questioning. I was told that their computer in the airport showed them that I was working with drug-trading in Jordan. I told them that I left the country in 1967 and never came back until 1995. They didn't listen. I was pushed, slapped and humiliated by the Beduin soldiers. I was told to show up after 2 days in the main building and they took my Jordanian passport. Next day I went to the dean of the Jordanian medical school offering him my experience and knowledge. He told me I have to be registered with Jordanian college of physicians. I went the next day and attended the board meeting where they decide about accepting the new members. I was surprised to see the same dean attended as the head of the committee. My application was rejected because the 5 years research I did in Ohio and the scientific papers I published were on animal research and not on human. However I am a board certified in general surgery and I was a Jordanian citizen. After the meeting, I cried not for myself but for these people with this mentality. on the next visit to the "Al mabahith" I went through the same procedure with extreme humiliation and punishments and at the end of that day I told them I will contact the American Embassy because I was also an American citizen. At that time I was given a letter by the head officer in al mabahith and other one from the head of the anti drug department (and I still carry these letters) and I left Jordan to the United States for ever. from 1995 until now I added other residency to my career "anesthesia" and I live happily in NYC.
This is the tragedy of the Arabic people and Arabic governments.
Dr. Fawzi, I am writing a book about these tragedies and about the Palestinian drama, in that book I will puppyish those two letters. Thanks

Subj: Human Rights
Date: 4/26/02 12:21:06 „ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (nidal odat)

Dear Sir, Madam

I read the arabtimes regularly. And I like some of the things that are writtin usually about different issues in the arab worlds. However, I have to points, you might consider them as a questions. Firstly, I am wonder why arabtime, rarely and almost never write about the western government and the leaders of these countries and what the do for the arab people.
Secondly,during the last three months or less, I don't know exactly since when, and arab times write about Tojan Faisal. That is good and I do appreciate this. But don't you think that to ask human rights to rescue Tojan and you never ask theme to rescue the Palestinian people is kind of non-sense. Again I do appreciate the way that arabtimes deal with the different issues.


Nidal Odat

Subj: AZAR Offices Broken Into «Š‘«»«Ŗ ŪŌőŠ „š «Š‘»«Ŗ
Date: 4/30/02 06:57:27 „ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (AZAR Association)

AZAR Offices Broken into:  The offices of the Association against Zionism and Racism (AZAR) in Shmeisani, Amman, were broken into yesterday. This happened one day before we were supposed to move to another location in Amman. It seems the main door was manipulated open, but inside, the intruders jammed one wooden shutter open, slid out a glass door, then broke the window of an internal door that leads to the hallway where the office of Laith Shubeilat, the President of AZAR, lies. Inside, several pieces of furniture were ripped apart, including a file cabinet, and Laith Shubeilatís personal desk. The material within was tampered with. A board on which notices are hung in the office of the secretary was half-pulled from the wall. A large TV set, a VCR, and a sound system were all left UNTOUCHED. It seems the intruders were not the type that cares for worldly possessions!

The Association against Zionism and Racism charges the ďIsraeliĒ Embassy in Amman and its agents with the crime of breaking into its offices and tampering with its contents. The Association, furthermore, reaffirms its opposition to any Zionist presence in Jordan, including the ďIsraeliĒ Embassy, and calls on Jordanian law enforcement agencies to direct their efforts in that direction, to protect law-abiding citizens.

Media Coordinator of AZAR
Ibrahim Alloush

Subj: To: Abdullah Ibn Hussein Ibn Zein
Date: 5/2/02 06:59:18 ’ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (always nassery)

Have you heard Abdullah, the son of Hussein, the grate grand son of Abdullah and Sherif Hussein Bin Owen what he was vometing a few days ago? He wanted the university students not to pay attention to any politics or massacres that had happened to their brothers and sisters. And he wanted then to only concentrate on the the education system that Tel Aviv had designed for him and his fathers to teach. An education system that he values he said! he value such system, that he himself went to London to learn it.

A male, that he believes that he is a KING, a son of a King, a grate grand son of Kings!!

WalakAbdullah: if you are a king, from Prophet Muhammad's siblings as your corupted father claimed, then I'm ready to change my religion, and start worshiping Cucumbers (Khiyar wo Fa'oos).

Abdullah, Ya Hamal Ya Ibn el hamal: Summer time is coming, yalla run to France and london for your T.Shirt shopping, while our boys and infants in Amman, are cleaning car windshields at traffic lights.

Qal king qal.. wa lak Israel, perhaps has more rights to be in Palestine (if they have any?!) more than what Kingdom of Jordan has rights to exist to begin with. you think people are dummies? Where in the world this so called kingdon come from? This is Palestine. remember Palestine Ya hafeed Abdullah? Rooh boos Eedha la Toujan wo Inesrif.

At least your father, with all of his shameful actions, had a respectable tone of voice, that made some people believe that he is a TRUE king, and not false. But you,,,?! Walak rooh Ma Asga3ak.

As our Egyptian brothers says: Homma Bietla3o Eimta?!

Hekmat Ali

Subj: Mustafa Aqqaad
Date: 5/7/02 08:04:20 „ Egypt Daylight Time
From: Z646

Dear Dr. Osama,
Just read your article about the two movies by Mr. Aqqaad.
Would you be so kind as to make them available to interested customers and readers of Arab Times, in the same spirit as you make rare and banned books available to us, (an invaluable service of your organization, as it opened our eyes and gave us a lot of information that otherwise we would have never had).
I, and I am sure a lot of your readers, would be interested in buying copies of Mr. Aqqaad's two movies.
Please write me and let me know if you will be able to send us copies of the two movies, and the price for each.
My email address is

Ziad A. Tamimi, M.D.

Subj: mohanad 7gazee
Date: 5/9/02 04:35:07 „ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (Yummy's Food Mart)

salaam alykom
if this is the same mohanad i know me and him went to school together ( al kolyah al 3elmyah al eslameeh)..his father was in the army and every time i heard him talking he was talking about the army and how there is a lot of christians in the army and it shouldnt be......he was raised like that..... i knew him when he was 14 or 15 years old.......but the most arrogant one was thamer obeidat son of ahmad obeidat ( the creator of al mo3aradah al mostana3ah)......but mohanad wasnt that very smart guy and you could even put him in the stupid category...salam ..yacoub

Subj: Royal Family Squandering of nations money
Date: 6/1/02 12:23:53 ’ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (Andrew agnes)

Dear Osama:
First I would like to thank you for your and your team efforts in clarifying many facts about the corruption in the Arab world and especially Jordan, since we as normal people donít have the resources and capabilities to know them.

Although I donít agree with some of your points about some of the Islamic symbols Ėlike Sheik Yousef El-Karadawee- but I would like to work together on the part that we both agree on.

I worked in Jordan for two years and witnessed as the rest of Jordanians many of the worst corruption cases in the government. The interesting thing that I witnessed clearer evidences on the royal family squandering and waste of the poor nation money when I left Jordan to Europe six years ago and to Canada recently. I know itís not only Jordan that lives such a case but also the rest of the Arab or the third world countries, but Jordanís case is maybe the worst because they used to feed us the fact that Jordan is poor and this is the excuse for more than 60% of the nation lives under the poverty line.

I wonder if Jordan is poor and king Hussein the father was proud to say in his book "my life as a king" that his Mom Zain sold his bicycle for 5 JD to pay the house rent when he was a kid . I wonder how he collected his wealth that was more than 20 Billion USD the time he died. How could his son in the attached link enjoy his irresponsible lifestyle while almost the rest of the nation is suffering Ėexcept his group-:
I swear to God that almost all the people of Jordan wishes to leave it to any other where. They pushed us to leave Jordan and I assure them that they will enjoy it for a certain time, but a time will come they will regret all their deeds. There is a limit to the peopleís patience and some of the courage people will reach the point of nothing to loose and everything to gain Ėpromised by Allah-.

At the end I hope my name and address are not necessary to express my point of view on your valuable site not to cause troubles to my brothers who are still struggling to leave the Corrupted Jordan. Any way if my name and address are essential please reply to my email and I will send them to you
hoping not to publish them.
Yours truly,
A H M /
May 31st 2002

Subj: About Jordan
Date: 5/31/02 03:55:37 ’ Egypt Daylight Time
From: (Muath Safarini)

Dear Arab Times,
Knowing that you have your own means of getting anything you want when it comes to obtaining a story or a copy of a book or tape that is not available, can you please help me obtain a copy of the program about Jordan and tourism in Jordan which was aired on the Discovery channel towards the end of April? I contacted the ministry of tourism in Jordan via e-mail, in addition to two other parties whose e-mail addresses I found on a website that somehow relates to the ministry of tourism in Jordan, but I did not get a response, not even a notification that they have received my e-mails, although my system told me that the e-mails were delivered promptly. My American co-workers are very interested in learning more about Jordan, and every one is asking me about a tape of this program, because I told them that I ordered it. Can you please help? I will pay for one if you have acopy of it.


Muath F. Safarini


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