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Subj: Greeting from Libya
Date: 3/20/02 08:58:55 Central Standard Time
From: (ali Mohd.)

Dear: Dr. Osama

First of all we do not know to thank you for your home page and the information that you provided.

we are very happy to write to you because we feel that your home page give the clear picture for the Libyan regime "Mommar Gadife.

We are students in Garyunis University Benghazi-Libya, every lunch time we staying in Cafterai "restrant in side the University" and we talk bout you and the latiest news in your home page.
And by the libyan regime we can not open your home page it is jail for life.

we would like to suggest that if you make file for Libya and put all the news and picture .
finally Thank you very much and sorry for the broken English language because we learning English from the Radio BBC,and No English courses

wa salam alik

Ali Mohamed
Gar younis University

Subj: Mr. Prime Minister, arrest all Jordanians
Date: 3/20/02 16:00:07 Central Standard Time
From: (Hind Talib)

I would like to tell Mr. Abul Raghib that he should arrest also all the Jordanian people, they are all guilty and should be in jail. They are guilty for accepting being converted into Ąyes menď during all these long years.
They are guilty for not throwing you out of their olive fields since a century ago. They are guilty for not raising their eyes against your soldiers. They are guilty for swallowing their pain and the humiliation since they where cheated by your fake democracy. They are guilty for letting you and the other vampires penetrate in their Madafas and offer you a cup of an Arabic coffee that for sure you could never appreciate. They are guilty for letting you tagging them as if they were sheep. They are guilty for watching you on their TV screens raping their privacy and stealing their bread. They are guilty for letting you be their judge.
So, go ahead Mr. Prime Minister, arrest all our people, put them all into your jails, at least they will be treaded officially as prisoners. Go ahead, they must be waiting for your guards and mercenaries. I assure you they would feel better, they would feel safer, they would not have to worry about how to feed their families, you have enough food in your jails; more than what you can afford them in their places. Go ahead, arrest them all, or kill them; sell them in the auction, do whatever you want with them, they are yours, all of them. BUT, REMEMBER your excellency, that our people are putting you in the most horrible jail that you could imagine, the jail in which none of them would go, the jail to which only those who betrayed and slaughtered their people go. Remember also that our people are fighting you in a way one thousand times more civilized and human than the way you do.
Remember also that the FUTURE is OURS not yours, even if you wipe out those five millions martyrs. The future is for the honest Jordanians and not for the mercenaries; they had enough pay and it is time send them somewhere where they can enjoy the money of my nephews. The future is for all those who live on its soil or keening toward being able to live in it without being stopped by your dogs. Remember also that Jordanians today are NOT those of 50 years ago; they can tell you the size of your boots, not because you are crushing them with so they can see its size, BUT because they NOW know how to place a BUG anywhere around you, an art that was exclusively yours since the birth of our country.

Subj: Jordan: CPJ alarmed by press crackdown
Date: 3/20/02 17:53:24 Central Standard Time
From: (Hani Sabra)

Committee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA Phone: (212) 465-1004
Fax: (212) 465-9568 Web: E-Mail: Contact: Joel Campagna
Telephone: (212) 465-1004 x103, 

Jordan: CPJ alarmed by press crackdown New York, March 20, 2002-The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is alarmed by increasing state restrictions on the press in Jordan, including the detention of some journalists and the harassment of others by security agents.
On March 17, a State Security Court prosecutor imposed a 15-day detention on Hashem Khalidi, editor of the weekly newspaper Al-Bilad. Khalidi is being investigated on charges of publishing "false information" and harming the "honor or reputation of the government and its officials."  The charges are based on an article that Khalidi published under his own byline alleging that unnamed officials with close personal connections to the insurance industry would benefit from a recent government decision to increase mandatory insurance rates on vehicles. After the article appeared, Khalidi received a call from Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb, who complained about the article and warned Khalidi that he could expect to be the subject of a criminal investigation, according to sources at Al-Bilad.
Sources at the paper told CPJ that authorities have agreed to accept bail, and that they expect Khalidi to be released by tomorrow.
On March 18, Al-Bilad's owner, Tajeddin Hroub, was detained overnight for questioning in connection with Khalidi's article.
Under harsh new Penal Code amendments adopted last fall, both men face prison terms of three to six months and fines of 5,000 Jordanian dinars (about US$7,000) if charged and convicted.
In a separate incident, former member of Parliament Toujan Faisal was detained on March 16 on the charge of "publishing materials deemed harmful to the country's reputation and that of its citizens," her lawyer told CPJ.
The charge stemmed from an open letter to King Abdullah accusing government officials of corruption that was published in the Houston-based, Arabic-language online newspaper Arab Times.
Faisal had also criticized the Jordanian judiciary during appearances on regional television stations, according to The Jordan Times. Faisal is reportedly on a hunger strike to protest her detention.
"In order for a free press to thrive, all Jordanians must be free to express their opinions, even those that happen to embarrass government officials," said CPJ executive director Ann Cooper. "We call on Jordanian authorities to release Khalidi and Faisal immediately."
These detentions follow several troubling incidents in which Jordanian authorities have harassed working journalists in response to their coverage of pro-Palestinian demonstrations and other local issues. CPJ protested these incidents in a March 5 letter to King Abdullah.
* On March 10, security forces confiscated the camera equipment of journalists working with APTN, Reuters TV, and Abu Dhabi TV after they filmed a pro-Palestinian rally at Jordan University. The cameras were returned without the tapes approximately 45 minutes later.
* On March 5, Jordanian authorities confiscated Reuters footage of pro-Palestinian students demonstrating at Jordan University from a Reuters crew. Earlier that day, state-run Jordan TV (JTV) barred Reuters TV, Associated Press Television News (APTN), and Al-Jazeera from using its facilities to transmit footage of the demonstrations.
* On March 3, the State Security Court banned the publication of the March 4 issue of the weekly Al-Majd unless the paper's management agreed to remove two articles about alleged government corruption.
* On January 13, a State Security Court prosecutor in Amman summoned Al-Majd editor Fahd al-Rimawi and accused him of publishing "false information." He was subsequently ordered detained for 15 days for questioning.
For more information about press freedom conditions in Jordan, visit <>. CPJ is a New York-based, independent, nonprofit organization that works to safeguard press freedom worldwide.

Date: 3/20/02 22:54:13 Central Standard Time
From: (H.Aydi @}--;--'---)

Dear Sir...
I hope every thing is good at your End!
I was viewing your site and I noticed that you have a page for other sites and I know how famous your site is so if you could please add my site to that page I would be grateful....
please note that my main subject is Palestine...
Thanks in Advance
Haritha Aydi

Subj: tell me
Date: 3/21/02 16:43:00 Central Standard Time
From: (radwan korira)


Dr.Osama Fawzi

you are talking about all arabic governments , yes we hate them but whats about USA , what can say about USA governments and what it do in world and in arabic countries , and why USA dont do any thing to help palestine people but it support israel to kill people say good or shut up

Subj: Our Jordanian Icon
Date: 3/22/02 06:04:25 Central Standard Time
From: (Osama Nabilsi)

Dear Dr. Osama Fawzi,
Dear Arab Times staff,

I have been following with admiration your fantastic support for Toujan Faisal and your wide coverage of her story. You are proving once again that you are always one step ahead of others, when it comes to national issues.

I am full of dismay, anger and disbelief that the thugs who governed Jordan, have done this to Toujan. Since I was a little kid, I used to see Toujan on T.v running a weekly show about women, education, and social problems. I grew up with her program.

 was a teenager, when ugly looking men with long white beards, turbans and smelly clothes distributed rumors that Toujan is no longer a moslem. They claimed that she called for women to marry more than one man. I laughed at the idea, I really thought it was funny. Although, I did not belief what "Moslem Brothers" said about Toujan I thought It was a good idea.... Just to embarrass those "idiots" who normally have more than one wife.

In protest against those so called "Moslem brothers" I boycotted my local mosque !! and never entered a mosque since. I was a devoted moslem, I became just statistics !!

Before I know it, I graduated from school and university and started to work. Toujan was working too, for all of us. I gave her my vote when she ran and win the elections. In fact I forged a "house rent contract" indicating that I live in Amman's third electorate ares where Toujan ran as an independent, just to give her my vote.

She won a seat and I felt ecstatic. I followed her performance in Parliament, and how the same ugly men with white and red beards launched a campaign against her. One stupid Bedouin who couldn't write his own name "Mihjem Al-Khrisha"was MP with Toujan, he once threw a heavy ash tray narrowly missing Toujan during a meeting at the parliament.All men supported that Bedouin against Toujan, he was not disciplined..but said sorry to her publicly under the dom of parliament.

I got married and Toujan ran for elections for the second time. This time the government forged without shame the elections ensuring she is not in the parliament again causing headache to men !!!

Once I was in the States and some American friends asked me about our "Iron Woman" meaning Toujan. I told them she was strong, fair and beautiful, unlike the English Version!!

Toujan is part of our modern history, she has always been the conscience of our people, the voice for those who have no voice.Beautiful like a model on a cat walk, roaring like a lion in the parliament. All wanted her head in a rare display of national unity!! the same moslem-brothers, communists, Bedouins, the government(s), the palace and most members of parliaments, all wanted her head.

She embarrassed those in parliament when she once was described by a local news paper as the "Only man In parliament".

I was having my morning coffee when I heard about her arrest and the charges brought against her. They are accusing her of damaging the reputation of the government !! Hang on.... This government does not have a reputation at all.
It has only a notorious reputation for being corrupt and undemocratic.

I am sad, that we treat our best women like this.The government wants Toujan to mind her own business, may be in the kitchen, and leave politics to men.

Those men who destroyed the country and turned Jordan to one of the most countries in the world. A country with huge national debt. A country that accepts free oil from Iraq but supports an aggression against the axe of evil. A country where one in two Jordanians have filed in the intelligence department. A country that never won a war, but the first to sign a peace treaty with Israel. A country run by a handful of corrupt men in black suits sun glasses. A country that can replace it's waiting crown prince with a rally- driver with no explanations. A country that opens it's jails for honest people, opposition and journalists and it's banks safes for thieves and thugs.
A country where a judge get his orders over the phone from a junior intelligence officer to pass sentencing.

After all it's the country that jails it's icon. Instead of erecting a monument for Toujan outside parliament house for being the first ever women to enter parliament, they put her in jail !!!

Smile Toujan, you will win....
Smile Toujan one day the honest Jordanian people will erect your over due statue.
Smile Toujan, you scare all the corrupts even when you are in jail.
Smile Toujan, jail in Jordan is not for criminals as the rest of the world,
it's only for honest citizens.
Smile Toujan, you are in "Jwaideh" school of all loyal Jordanians.

We wait for you to lead us, to teach us how to be men again !!

Eng: Osama Nabilsi

Subj: The Jordanain Batikhi ... Mr. GID 
Date: 3/22/02 15:07:12 Central Standard Time

Dear Sir:

I read three stories in one edition of your paper regarding the Jordanian former head of the Jordanian Intelligence department (GID). In the three articles you seem to be well diverted by what really is taking place. For your information, the military court, is an integral part of the Mokabarat, and almost every one in it now was nominated and put in the current jobs by Batiki. Just the fact that the military court and not a civilian court are handling the case is a scam. If the Jordanian government want to reveal the facts, they would transfer Batikiís case to a civilian court. But the government want to handle this for the time being to block the facts from being revealed, and to buy time until the international investors and the Jordanian street forget what had happen, then Batikli will slip out of Amman to London, as he carries the British citizenship and had built a 3 US$ mansion in the last two years.

Mr. Batikhi currently is not being under arrest, he is probably in a suite at the Amman Hayat laughing at every one in Jordan, except king Abdallah who calls or comes by at night to make have a drink with him. Mr.
Batikhi again is sacrificing his own reputation to the family he had served. The corrupt Mr. Shamyleh was close associate of king Abdallah, and the company he had started, was actually a start up by no one but the GID, and Shamayleh was only the run boy who knew the terms of IT. This company was founded by the Mokabarat as a corruption plan that took four years in the making. The GID and the xxx wanted to have a hand on 100s of millions of Dollars to pay for the stack of ministers, international travels, a new boat in Aqaba, a new special Benz, and also to maintain a new lifestyle for a man that came to power with nothing, this is because after king Hussain died, his wealth was held by Queen Noor, and not of it made it to Jordan for the new inheritors of the palace. The palace needed money, and with information technology came a flash of opportunity to get the money. During king Hussein days, Saudi and the rich gulf use to supply financial aid to Jordan, which supplied then supplied the cover to steel the money by the corrupt leaders to pay their informers and servants, but now this source of cash had gone, and there is only one way to rationalize the steeling of such large sum of cash from the people, and that is to disguise it as an IT company that went bad. Batikhi was in, and all it needs is a Bill Gate type young man to flash by the banks as being a genius in computers, and that was no one but the brother of the IT head at the GID and the personal friend of king Abdallah. So, they recruit this 20+ man, and his friend over in USA, and then they both get connected with defense companies in DC.
Both get US security clearances to work along the US government to supply IT to governments including Iraq.
This was also serving to spy on neighboring countries as well. Batiki in the name of the Mokabarat draws offers of supplying the GID with IT equipment, then his boy goes to the banks, of course, they can not dare to go near the Arab bank, as it knows the smell of these crocks, they target banks that are semi state run, and ones that have large deposits of world bank money that was suppose to be used for world bank projects that was targeting employing Jordanians. And the deal is done, now they have the cash, their big boss is happy, they split the money, and Mr. Shamayleh goes to live in USA, the Mokabarat claims he is in the other direction, or Russia.

Batiki is a great man, he has volunteered, since he has no tribe to worry about their reputation, he is got his British passport, his Christian wife, and a one way ticket to London. Now, what is the next scam, not only they sold Jordanís infrastructures under the disguise of privatization, but now they went after peopleís personal deposits, next year, Iím planing on having the GID help me start a new company to sell Jordanian organ parts, we will bring them into the GID, cut open their stomach and steel their livers and else. We will perform it on all soldiers from Bani Hassan too, and ya3eesh sayedna forever too.

Subj: help me please!!
Date: 3/23/02 08:07:13 Central Standard Time
From: (basima alayan)

My name is Basima Alayan from Jerusalem Palestine and I was looking for a very long time for any contact information or the email address of the prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.
I am a mother of Muhammad, my only son, he used to and still goes to the best school in the whole country and this school is called The Anglican International School of Jerusalem.
My self and my husband worked very hard and we spent our money and life to let my son have good education that can help him in the future. We wanted to send him to the best university in the world because he is one of the brightest students in his school. And he always has the highest grades in math and physics.
This year, I mean in June 2002, he will graduate from this school and he received a lot of acceptances from Universities in the UK and USA. Unfortunately we cannot afford the tuition fees of these Universities especially now after his father was fired from his work after 32 years of working.
He used to work at the king David hotel in Jerusalem as a pastry chef but after the badpolitical situation they had to fire a lot of workers especially the Arab ones and the Moslems. Its really hurting me because after all these years of studying I cant give my son the opportunity to go on with his study and to be useful to his country or to any Arab country. My son Muhammad is a very ambitious boy we paid a lot of money in this school it was very expensive but we thought that he deserved it because of his good grades.
I need help in this matter from any institution or any of the good people who would like to help my young Palestinian son fulfill his dream and finish his education.
I hope that one of our wealthy Arab brothers will decide to invest a little bit of their money in something good like this. Please, please someone help me, because this is the reason I lived for all these years.
I heard and readabout the great generosity, and contribution to needing people, of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and I really want to ask for his help on this issue. My sons dream is to get educated and live in the Arabian Gulf so that he can help contribute with his knowledge. I wish this will come true, so please help me if you can.
I am anxiously waiting for a reply from you with good news.

Thank you very much,
Basima Alayan

P.S. If you want to ask me any questions, please donít hesitate to contact me.

Subj: Criticism
Date: 3/23/02 12:50:27 Central Standard Time
From: (Balushi, Najeeb Q)

Mr. Osama Fawzi,

Stop criticizing Gulf People, Princes and Sheikhs. These are our Princes and Sheikhs we accept them the way they are, we are happy with them, we don't want them to change.
If you don't like them, you can go to HELL...!!!

Date: 3/22/02 01:57:04 Central Standard Time

Dear Sirs,

I am from The United Arab Emirates and my country have applied the proxy methode on your site. The only way i could log to is by changing the proxy and thats too hard to get and stays for a short time.

Please add me to your mail list.

My e-mail is

Thank you very much


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