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Date: 1/29/02 08:59:48 Central Standard Time
From: (Adel Falyouna)

Dear Mr. Fawzi, I hope that I have an Arabic version to express myself better.
first I would like to inform you that Iam so admired of your newspaper, and Iam a paestinian who is serving with UN for many years, I read all your article about Fasad in arab country, but dont you think that sometimes it gives disappointed to Arabs that all our leaders are fucker mothers as American say, but I was wondering to ask you when you was proud that you are under ambrella of UNited states democracy, so would you tell me what kind of democracy you are talking about , as Mr. president mentioned many times if you are not with me that means you are my enemy, so once you are in America it is better for you to cretisize the socity you are living in once you choose to leave your country and staying in America because of democracy , why you are not talking about descrimanation in America against the moslem and Arabs and colors people why you are not talikng about rhe Zionism which influnce the American decision, so please do not be so proud about the false democracy beacuse I know which demcracy you are talking about a freedom you are talikng about they may have only sex free not any more elese, so it should be your consumpt concern is America dealing with others, and once you are back to Jordan you have the right to cretisize your country , as a palestinian I tell you even that all my leaders are Fased, but you have no right ro cretisize somebody like Arafat who strugle ven before you are born. I hope that you have the courage which Iam doubt not to hide my speech and then we can decide whether it is right or wrong then you will see that most of the Arab young and Iam one of them we do not like the way you are talking about leaders even if you are right Iam so sorry about my English because Iam not American like you to speak perfect English

Subj: Queen Rania
Date: 1/30/02 11:30:40 Central Standard Time
From: (iron man)

Salamu Alaikum,
I've been really a way from all the news in Arab countries or even Arab news in North America. Till now, I decided to check what's going on in the Arab world and the latest news.
I went to arabtimes web site to find the worse news "Queen Rania saying amazing things about Hijab".
Well, I'm not a religious person AT ALL, but I do respect my religion and I'm totally aware of Islam rules. I don't want to talk a lot about it. I believe that many people talked and some of them knew nothing but they just talked for the sake of talking.
Here what I suggest for Queen Rania. Please read What Mr. Salah Momani wrote in Arabic.
It's the last email in the article page.
Hopefully that will teach you some of the truth. And you better check out from where you get your resources. AMAZING!! I went to submission web site to find the worse resource of telling people about Islam.
It's not just the worse, it's telling PULL SHIT with uncorrect information. (It's misleading website).

Subj: Hi all
Date: 1/31/02 08:47:42 Central Standard Time
From: (Anas Rousan)

Dear Arabtime's
I am so happy and so glad when i read everyday your web .it's very nice web ... i was a reader befor 2 years ago but i cut the relation with Arabtime so i wan to enter my website in your very nice site my web is
Anas al Rousan \

Date: 1/31/02 16:20:39 Central Standard Time
From: (lama obeidat)


I just read the introduction regarding the jordanian royal family, i have some information regarding this matter, but i am not willing to write it and send it, but if you are interested i can give you my phone number or give me yours and i will give you a little insight about some of the real issues that are going on, which most of it is financial.
The reason i do not want my name to be printed is that my name is also of a former prime minister and i do not want to hurt any one in the family and i do visit my family in jordan every year and i honestly do not want to hurt the people that were there during what was going on.
i also know what was going on at the mayo clinic that shocked mayo and the fbi for the stupidity of the jordanian security and intelligence department.
appreciate if you do not put any of this on arab times, and i will provide you with some information, that if you check it out you will find out that it is 100%, it is not gossip nor is it meant to hurt anyone, it is just facts.
Would this be the number where i can reach you, Tel. 281-498-1439 is the one where i can reach you.
and for the reason why i am doing this, is that the majority of the people in power if not all are destroying the country and are sending the people down the drain.
all the best

Subj: mr sameeh
Date: 2/15/02 02:02:14 Central Standard Time
From: (muhammad obedat)

Osama fauzi
I think you read the newspaper today .if not go to and read about your best friend mr lim3alem I don't want you to puplish my e-mail address so I could keep in telling you about sameeh.
With the fact that I disagree with you I n so many things and I don't like your ridicules way of presenting the news .
But I still visit your website from time to time just to take a look at your news paper however you were right in some of your issues .
One of those was (AL-MUALLIM) Mr sameeh al-batekhi one of those immigrant who govern us in Jordan .I knew this (item) when he was new in the dept that was around 1974 .he was one of the pets in our departments and believe me or not I was expecting his fall long time ago( since I got kicked out in the 80s) for no reason just because of this (item) But sine I worked for 13 years in this job I could tell or expect some of the future for some people like this.
Today we just hear about what happened to MR shamayleh and the relation between him and sameeh….which means that what I was expecting was 100% right …so I decided to type this letter so you could publish that in your internet version so it will be possible for the congressman sameh al-batekhi to read it while he is in the custody.
Today I want to say only one thing which is the hidden hate rage between the chief of the department these days and MR batekhi (the item) as we were calling him in the past .
in the late 90s just before the British guy became the king, (as my friend told me) One day somebody came to the item complaining a bout the (chief today) and how sameeh said that he don't like this guy but he has nothing to do with him exactly he said (they stuff him in my throat) (They= the castle) because the guy is sercesian and all of his family was employee in the castel. all of us knew that one day there will be somebody who take the cover off and let us see the f---ing .
when the new guy became the chief ……. the item start to kiss asses but the he found the ass is already clean .besides there was nothing to do for the item because he already became a congress man and at that time the new chief was new and he want to heat his chair up first…… also he was saying that (ibin elharam la itdezoh …….bewgaa min haloh) he already knew about the story with mr shamayleh but that was still cooking .
any way If you need more stories about the item let me know.

Subj: correction ( nabeel kamil )
Date: 2/1/02 19:18:03 Central Standard Time
From: (LEON k.s)

Dear Arab Time .
i would like encourge you about the great web site , that i follow since long time , indeed we need a brave and hounest people like you .
i would like to inform about a mistake in your web site that you may concern to correct even its a small one :
in manshiyat mofasala you mention the prisoners captured by hezbollah .
the arab man there ""omar swaed " is not a droze guy like its wrote he is bedwien . and he is from a village called " wadii salami "" .
this is note , regarding the great confuse about the 48 arabs still living inside israeli state and about those who serve in the army and those who dont .. i would like if you really could make an article about the issue explaining and uncover those few who serve .
as a 48 arab i see my self as palestenians like the rest of us in here , would like to give you all the information and help you want regarding this issue .
thank you very much ...
best regards
nabeel kamil

Date: 2/2/02 09:38:13 Central Standard Time

Al salam alaikoum
dear arabtimes manger
I woulde like to brows your beatifull magazine online but unfortunetaly I'm trying since long time to reach but but i faild i guess becuse I'm in ARABIC COUNTRY (Too Bad) Well I hope you can help me with this problem
I'm living in Jordan
I used to use the ( but now it is not working
I'm waiting for your answer
Thank you in advance

Subj: Site update
Date: 2/3/02 03:43:54 Central Standard Time
From: (Amr Said)

Dear Dr. Usama
First of all i would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your editorial staff, i realy like to navigate your magazine on the net, sometimes i believe what is written and others i don't, BUT why whenever i visit your site, i find the same repeated articels but few, why don't you update the site at least once every couple of weeks, we need to know what is going on in the arab countries( specially in the FUNNY gulf countries), and your site is the our only resort, so please pay some attention to site updating
Best Reagrds
Amr A. Said

Subj: Christian site
Date: 2/7/02 13:27:01 Central Standard Time
From: (Amro Noureldin)

Dear Ossama,
I am so glad that you give a very good example of openness and tolerance. I shall be and many other Christian be very happy to add .The site gives spiritual daily reading bible based which might help everyone to walk with God on daily basis.
Love and Grace to you and all Arab-times staff. Sincerely Yours

Subj: You are a bad dog Usamah
Date: 2/7/02 14:48:45 Central Standard Time
From: (Khalid Samreen)

you only write about Jordan thinking that you will make a difference.
Well you only suck. you are a rooten jerk who tries to be something.
What do you have to do with people's personal lives? Why don't you stop this nonesense childish acts? And one more thing. some of your news says " last week, last month,......" and guess what i have read these articles a year ago. you big lier.


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