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Subj: UAE
Date: 25/09/1423 07:25:38 ã Arabian Standard Time
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Dear Sir,

My name is Peter Schneider, I am a German citizen, I am a author and documentary filmmaker . 
After I finished my last film in the United Arab Emirates I and 10 more persons got arrested in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE on an order of Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The reason behind was a financial dispute between the Muktoum clan of Dubai and the Nahyan Clan of Abu Dhabi.

I was 7 ˝ Month in different locations *jails within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. May be I do not have to tell you of the conditions in the Abu Dhabi jails. Anyhow, also as I got released I could not leave the country nor I was able to work. Finely after one year I could leave the UAE. 

As I came back from the UAE I became very sick because of the inhuman conditions in the jails there.

My arrest in the UAE was simply a barbaric act of human rights violations and the responsible person Sheikh Saif bin Zayed be prosecuted.

Please find attached my book Dreamland Nightmare – In The Name of Allah , which reports about the human rights violation within the UAE….in favor of a human rights organization.

Subj: You Know Your Arab If....
Date: 26/09/1423 04:21:35 Õ Arabian Standard Time

You know you are arab if

1) You think the flea market is a cool place to hang out

2) Your aunt is scarily overweight, and you think its funny

3) Your cousin is your brother-in-law

4) You are never clean shaven

5) EVERYthing is haram

6) Ladies night out means no hijab at cousin's house

7) Relatives may seem fat and slow, but they can dabkee up a storm

8) You teach nephews and nieces to say "garse" and "sharmoot" before "mom" and "dad"

9) Cousin has ice-cream/liquor/car-stereo "hookup"

10) Uncle dances at beheading of lamb

11) Wife is worth her weight in gold (literally)

12) Claim Dillard's, but shop at Swap Meet

13) Mom keeps empty sack in car trunk in case "good zeitoon tree" is spotted

14) When asked how much it cost, you automatically triple its price

15) Mom constantly barging in with sliced apples/oranges/magmool

16) Family brings tabla to your High School graduation

17) Family brings tabla to your College graduation

18) Family brings tabla to your wedding (even the honeymoon)

19) You claim you can spot another arab a mile away

20) Raybans and Rolex lifestyle don't match food stamp and Marlboro income

21) You try to impress f.o.b. arab girls with 1985 Nissan Maxima

22) You are runner up in annual family hairy chest contest

23) impress white chicks by telling them "intay jahshhe" means "you have beautiful eyes"

24) Dad actually has sword in house

25) Soccer games take ten minutes, soccer disputes last forty minutes

26) Mom calls every sport you play "fod-boll"

27) You and all your friends racing to see who becomes first doctor in family

28) Mom tries to cuss u out in english and says "fuck you bi rasak"

29) Dad thinks he's making fun of your english when he says "how you doin man?"

30) You have ever heard of any Yemeni rapper

31) You show all your friends where the middle east is on a globe

32) You like to watch Arabian tv only for the belly dancers

33) You publicly talk about non-arabs in arabic

34) Sister is your personal maid

35) Mother is personal cook

36) You are never fat enough to please your mom

37) Your dad was a military officer

38) Parents change garage to "honeymoon suite" for you and your new bride

39) Mom yells at top of her lungs in department store to find you

40) Keep "safety cash" of about 4000 dollars under your farshee

41) If you cant buy it with cash, you're not man enough to own it

42) Daily balanced breakfast means shai and zagtar

43) When not hanging out at flea market, you work there

44) You translate at Parent-Teacher meetings

45) Blame world problems on the yahood

46) AOL screen name contains "abu" or "halwa"

47) Instead of Nike's, cheaper Saudi version, Bike's

48) Criticize other arab countries

49) You are from the middle east

Subj: Urgent
Date: 27/09/1423 09:26:48 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Arab Times:
A few days ago it came to my attention that my ex-email address of has become inaccessible. I had been having difficulties in accessing it for quite a while, and have come to a conclusion that an imposter had taken it over. Whatever be the case is not of importance at the moment. The issue that I am writing you about concerns the 2 letters you have posted on your website on pages 11 and 13 of 'Readers and Responses'. These 2 mails seem to have originated from my previous e-mail account, but they were not written by me, nor do they reflect my opinion in any way or form. As a legal resident of the USA, I believe that my personal rights that the American constitution guarantees me have been infringed upon by yourselves through publishing these mails that are wrongfully attributed to me.
I have not consulted legal consel as I believe that you will read this letter and act upon it immediately by removing the above-mentioned letters from your website especially that your legal notice doesn't mention that all letters, whether written by the senders themselves or others, will be made public whether these people willfully consent to it or not.
I am currently writing you this letter in goodwill as I expect you will remove the 2 aforesaid letters from your public doamin, and respect the fact that I am not their writer, and the fact that they- and probably others like them- have not been published with the consent of the writer or the verification on your part they they are actually from the person whose name appears on the e-mail account.

I look forward to your action that should take effect immediately.
Yours faithfully,
Omran Ali Al Sharhan

Subj: What comes after the city of Ma'an.?
Date: 28/09/1423 03:35:17 Õ Arabian Standard Time

What comes after the city of Ma'an.?

On the dawn of 5th of Ramadan 1423 AH / 10-11-2002, the Jordanian forces
launched its campaign against the city of Ma'an, in which thousands of
military soldiers participated, backed by armoured vehicles and
helicopters. It led a reporter of the ar-Ra'i newspaper to ask the
Jordanian media minister: "Was the opposition strong? Did it really
require all these forces?" The minister's response was the following:
"The time has come for the government to undertake its duty and execute
the law and impose the sovereignty of law and the state's prestige on
this city and other cities in Jordan."

The attack on Ma'an was not aimed at a band of the people of Ma'an.
Rather, as stated by the media minister, the aim was Ma'an and other
Jordanian cities. But why Ma'an first? This is because the people of
Ma'an were among the first to express their feelings towards the unjust
policies of the state for its citizens and its desire to serve the
Kuffar and Jews. It is also to make the attack on Ma'an as the
initiation of a policy to clear Jordan of weapons shortly before the
attack on Iraq. But why attack at this time? This was revealed by one
official when he stated: "The attack in Ma'an aims to control the
violent armed groups which can cause internal disturbances in Jordan in
the event of an American military attack on Iraq." When asked about
this statement, the media minister said: "I don't know who said this,
but this is simply an armed band and certain political factions might
use some of its members or it might hide behind religion." In political
terminology, this answer does not deny the official's statement; rather
it confirms it. This is also substantiated by the removal of some
American and British military units a few kilometres from Ma'an.

As for the Government's announcement that alleged crimes had been
perpetrated by the group accused in Ma'an, most of which took place in
January 2002, and its announcement that it discovered an arms factory,
weapons, bombs and drugs in their possession. These are nothing but lies
concocted in order to justify the attack, to strip its people of
weapons, and declare the city as a demilitarized zone, as if it was an
occupied area in a hostile state. This was done in order to frighten all
Jordanians, so that they do not even move to express their sympathy for
their Iraqi brothers when America executes her plan by occupying Iraq.

Governments in Jordan concoct lies and deception in order to serve the
kafir states. All of us remember what they did in April 1993 before
signing the criminal Wadi al-Arabah agreement, when they began to arrest
military students from the University of Mu'ta and some members of Hizb
ut-Tahrir. They accused them of a foiled attempt to assassinate King
Hussein. After arresting them and brutally torturing them the state
security court sentenced them to death but the Court of Cassation
(cessation), due to public pressure and after the criminal agreement had
been signed, exonerated all of them and released them.

Today, the government of Jordan, after raising its deceptive slogan of
'Jordan first', launches its unjust military attack on Ma'an first,
where it besieges its people for a period of one week in Ramadan. It
cuts all of their means of communication with the outside world and
imposes curfew upon them, kills a number of their sons, and arrests
dozens of them thus terrifying the women and children. Under the pretext
of arresting the band of evil who rebel against the law, the government
breaks into and inspects each and every house of Ma'an. Where was the
government all this time when, according to the claims of the officials,
this band has in the past already carried out actions against the law?
What type of band is this whose members are in every single house in the
city? Most of the wanted individuals were preachers and imams of mosques
in the ministry of Awqaf. The state sacked them from their posts because
of their Islamic stance regarding the issues of the Ummah, when they
highlighted the defects of the man-made systems and the corruption of
the rulers and their betrayal of the Ummah. This is what stirred up the
regimes anger against them and the people of Ma'an who responded to
their preachings and lessons.

O officers and army soldiers!

The regime wishes to turn you into murderers and a docile tool to attack
your brothers. It wishes to use you as guards for the Kuffar and the
Jews who are attacking your brothers in Iraq and Palestine. If you obey
the regime then you have betrayed your Lord, Deen and Ummah. Then the
Prophet's (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) saying will apply on you:

"After me there will be rulers: the one who believed their lies and
helped them in their injustice he is not from me and I am not from him
and he will not join me at the Hawd (pond). And the one who did not
believe their lies and did not help them in their injustice he is from
me and I am from him and he will join me at the pond" [Reported by

So be a protective armour for your Ummah and swords drawn against your

O Muslims!

Let not the false claims of the officials and their biased statements
deceive you. You must expose them and restrain the hand of this
tyrannical group that has assumed the task of serving the Kuffar.
Nothing links them with you except the posts and salaries, otherwise
they would have not been so harsh against you, a harshness they failed
to show the day when the Jews occupied a part of Jordan West of the
river and still violently deal with the Muslims there. They forgot to
show this harshness the day the Israeli Mossad violated the sanctity of
Jordan and committed aggression against one of its citizens. Those
officials are as the poet said: "With me he is a lion but in war he's an
ostrich." It is an obligation on you to explain to your sons in the army
how terrible is their aggression against the Muslims.

Jordanians are part of the Islamic Ummah, so they join her in her anger.
It is not possible for them to stand as spectators, without making any
move, when their brothers in Iraq or anywhere else are left for the
Kuffar to do what they like against them.

This situation where the Muslims are banned from having mutual
compassion and cooperation with each other must come to an end. This
will happen by working seriously to re-establish the Khilafah that will
unite the Muslims in a single state, which will confront the Kuffar who
have ambitions for the land and resources of the Muslims. It will carry
Islam to the rest of the people and save them from the oppression of
man-made systems and bring them to the justice of the rules of Islam.

12 Ramadan 1423 AH
Hizb ut-Tahrir
Wilayah of Jordan

Date: 02/10/1423 01:53:28 Õ Arabian Standard Time

You are always against Jordan, this means one thing and one thing only. You and as many Palestinians hate Jordan, becasue of your failed attempt to take over our country in 1970, during what I call "White September" for us Jordanians. In 1970 the PLO wanted to do what the U.S. wanted to do now to Iraq, change the regime. Plalestinians will never be loyal to Jordan and we don't want you to be. All we want is for you to stand up and say that the Middle East conflict is between Israel and the Palestinain people. And don't drag Jordan into your conflict. Leave us alone....we made peace with Israel and we want to live this peace. The Palestinians seem to be always jealous of Jordanians, because we have a home and an identity.

Subj: Intelligence politician bodies"Jordan"
Date: 04/10/1423 12:18:39 ã Arabian Standard Time


Dear Dr. Fawzi,

I am Jordanian as you are, I really love you and your "Air Up Times", i know you are receiving millions and millions of letters everyday, but i am not sure if you will have the chance to give my letter only one minute, I want you to investigate besides to Sameer Hiari "the one you mentioned on your letters in the site", other names who are also the same as Hiari "false Intelligence politician body" Dr. Jamal AL Tahat, he recently appeared in the ANN as a politics analyst:-), i know him personally, i know that he is working for FastLink in Amman as a consultant "in fact he keeps the financial records for the Jordanian intelligence", I know that doctors from the universities "In AL Hashmie university" write him topics that the local newspapers publish every week almost. This is also one bastard. please investigate him.

More interesting body to investigate is Al-khasawneh , the president of the Yarmouk university, you shall investigate him, i know a girl who was attacked by him " She supposed to be fired from the university and she went to meet him, he has invited her to his country side house "Al Mazra'a", whereby he attacked her. this a true, i cant prove it so far, but you shall investigate him.

I will keep sending you better and secret information from Jordan. God bless you and keep you for us.

Jordanian Citizen
my nickname

Date: 07/10/1423 06:56:13 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Editor,
I am a Palestinian student living and studying in Hebron. Because I fear for my life I am prevented from protesting openly and directly about the difficult economic hardship of many of my Palestinian brothers and the corruption of those among the Palestinian Authority leaders who have no conscience. I have therefore chosen to express the situation we have reached in my own special way - without words and through cartoons. I believe this will contribute to a small extent to solving our situation if you publish these cartoons on your website. There is no problem from the point of view of copyright as they belong to the Palestinian people. I would appreciate it if you would send me your comments to my e-mail address:

Adnan Abd Al-Kader, Hebron

Subj: news from Yemen
Date: 07/10/1423 11:24:32 ã Arabian Standard Time

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that I am a Yemeni journalist working for the Yemen Times since 1997.
I wonder if you would be interested in covering the news of Yemen for your newspaper. I would be very happy to cover the events and news of Yemen for your reputed newspaper.I would be very happy to furnish any other details that you might like to know. My phone numbers are:
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mohammed al-Qadhi

Subj: Washintgonpost
Date: 08/10/1423 06:15:25 Õ Arabian Standard Time

Dear Dr. Fawzi;
CIA Paid Millions to Jordan's King Hussein

Bob Woodward, Washington Post Staff WriterLEAD: The Central
Intelligence Agency for 20 years has made secret annual payments
totaling millions of dollars to King Hussein of Jordan, The Washington
Post has learned. 
February 18, 1977; Page A1 
The Central Intelligence Agency for 20 years has made secret annual payments totaling millions of dollars to King Hussein of Jordan, The Washington Post has learned. 
The payoffs were reported last year to President Ford as an impropriety by the Intelligence Oversight Board, a three-member panel set up by Ford to curb CIA abuses. President Ford took no steps to stop the covert payments. Last hear Hussein was paid approximately $750,000 by the CIA. 
President Carter learned of the payoffs earlier this week after this newspaper began its investigation. He ordered that the payments be stopped. 
The secret arrangement with Hussein had not been disclosed to Carter by the CIA or by any member of the previous administration, including President Ford, former Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger, or former CIA Director George Bush. 
Carter was "distressed" that he had not been told, according to well-placed sources, and sees the solution to CIA abuses as quick confirmation of his nominee as CIA director, Navy Adm. Stansfield Turner. 
In addition, the Senate Intelligence Committee created last year to oversee the CIA apparently was not given the full story by the Ford administration of the secret payments to Hussein. 
One of the most closely held and sensitive of all CIA covert activities, the payments to Hussein were made under the codeword project name of "No Beef." They were usually delivered in cash to the king by the CIA station chief in Amman. 
As justification for the direct cash payments to Hussein, the CIA claimed that Hussein was allowing U.S. intelligence agencies to operate freely in his strategically placed Middle Eastern country. 
Hussein himself provided intelligence to the CIA and forwarded money from the payments to other government officials who provided intelligence or cooperated with the CIA. 
Nonetheless, some CIA officials considered the payments nothing more than "bribes" and reported the matter to President Ford's oversight panel. 
Hussein, according to sources, considers the payments simply another form of U.S. assistance. 
Within the CIA, the "No Beef" project has been considered one of its most successful operations, giving the United States great leverage and unusual access to the leader of a sovereign state. 
The payments were first made to Hussein in 1957 during the Eisenhower administration. The initial payments apparently ran in the millions of dollars but they were sharply curtailed to the $750,000 level last year. 
Hussein was only 21 when he first became a beneficiary of CIA funds. It was a time when Jordan was virtually a ward of the United States and Hussein had little money to support his lifestyle, which earned him the reputation as a "playboy prince." 
Hussein has a well-publicized taste for sports cars and airplanes. As once previously reported, the CIA has provided Hussein with female companions. The agency also provided bodyguards for Hussein's children when they were abroad in school. 
Some money from the most recent CIA payments to Hussein have been used to pay for bodyguards for his children. 
Over the years, Hussein has maintained friendly relations with the United States and his country has been the recipient of substantial military and economic aid - about $200 million in loans and grants last year alone. 
The "No Beef" payments to Hussein were made outside the conventional channel of military and economic assistance. 
Well-placed sources said that nonetheless the United States has not been able to direct Hussein's overall policy decisions. He has not been a "puppet," the sources said, but he has rarely drifted outside the U.S. orbit. 
In late 1974 the CIA became the focus of several government investigations into alleged abuses, and in February, 1976, President Ford directed a reorganization of the intelligence community. 
Part of a Feb. 18, 1976, executive order set up the Intelligence Oversight Board which, among other things, was to "report in a timely manner to the President any activities that raise serious questions about propriety." 
The office of the general counsel in the CIA was assigned by the exectuve order to report any alleged abuses to the oversight panel. 
The general counsel soon made such a report on the Hussein payments, and called them possibly improper. 
The panel appointed by Ford included former Under Secretary of State Robert D. Murphy, former Secretary of the Army Stephen Ailes, and business book publisher Leo Cherne. 
By last summer the oversight panel had made a formal report to President Ford on the payments, concluding that they were improper. Ford read the report but ordered no action taken. 
Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance is scheduled to meet with King Hussein today during Vance's six-nation trip to the Middle East. 
Jordan is widely considered a moderating influence on the Palestinians and a key to any lasting Middle East peace settlement. 
The country is considered a vital part of any realistic option for getting the Palestinians represented at a future Geneva peace conference. 
Geographically, Jordan is in a central position, sharing borders with Israel, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Israel's entire eastern border touches Jordan. 
Hussein's decisions have often been highly compatible with U.S. and Israeli interests. For example, he expelled the Palestine Liberation Organization from Jordan in 1970, though this also helped Hussein's own domestic situation. 
In 1973, Hussein refused to join in the Arab war against Israel. 
It is often considered a miracle that Hussein has held power for 24 years through the turbulence of the Middle East wars, frequent internal strife and at least a dozen assassination attempts. 
Last week his wife, Queen Alia, 26, died in a helicopter crash while returning from a hospital mercy



FROM: <>

dear arab times

My name is Karim Taysir Toukan, age 32, (b. August 4th 1970, in Beirut, Leb.), of Jordanian Nationality, living in Amman, Jordan, (tel.#962-79-5477021), (E.-Mail address; <>). My late father Taysir Alaa'eddin Toukan, was Ambassador of Jordan to various countries from 1967 till 1985, & 'Secretary General Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs' in Jordan from 1985 till 1987. He was murdered in 1996 in Jordan (supposedly Mercy Killing?!). For nearly seven years, I've had very sensitive & severe political & security problems here in Jordan, with the Jordanian Regime, Intelligence Services, & State. As well as with United States authorities & Security & Intelligence Services, including the Federal Bureau Of Investigations (F.B.I.), & the Bureau Of Alcohol Tobacco And Firearms (B.A.T.F.). This all cocerns 'Gun-Smuggling' from the U.S.A. to Jordan, & intelligence gathering concerning Iraq.

Let me first briefly explain my political/security problems here in Jordan, with King Abdullah II Of Jordan, the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (G.I.D.), & State. In late summer 1997 in Montreal Canada, while finishing my Bachelor's Degree from Concordia University (grd. B.A. Political Science, Class of 1999), I informed U.S. authorities & the(F.B.I.), by telephone, a few major details about a 'Gun-Smuggling' operation which ran continuously for a few years from Cincinatti, Ohio, to Amman, Jordan. The 'Gun-Smuggling' ring was headed by Mr. Zeid Saaduddin Jumaa, King Abdullah II's brother in-law, (Mr. Zeid Jumaa, is the husband of Princess Aisha Al-Hussein). The smuggling-ring consisted of Jordanian Army Officers from the Army Special Forces etc. who continuously went on training missions to the U.S.A., & a few civilians including a Jordanian named Mr. Simone Hatar (a known arms-smuggler in Jordan), & a certain Mr. Attalah Adwani, among others.

As far as I know as fact, every two to three months, for about three years, these gun-smugglers used to illegally buy around twenty-five (25) combat handguns & semi-automatic rifles in the U.S.A. (God knows what else they did there), & smuggle them illegally out of the U.S.A., in military baggage & illegally into Jordan, selling them for profit in the local markets to the general public. Some handguns were sent-off from Jordan & smuggled into Lebanon & Iraq for sale. All this, a serious crime according to U.S. Federal Law, & Jordanian Military & Civil Law. In Jordan, for many years, Mr. Simone Hatar, with good connections to the Royal Family, has been an (illegal) 'arms-dealer' & smuggler, dealing & smuggling hand-guns as well as fully-automatic assault-rifles & submachine-guns in Jordan, & to & from Lebanon etc..

Myself, proven merely, as a known avid 'Gun Collector' & enthusiast, & a member of the 'Royal Jordanian Gun Club', was on friendly terms with Mr. Simone Hatar, (a member of the gun-smuggling ring), knowing details about him & his associate's operation, & purchasing from him in Jordan, over a period of one year & a half (early 1996-mid 1997), eleven (11) 'brand-new' combat handguns for my personal use & collection, which I know were part of the batches smuggled from the U.S.A. It is proven & known to U.S. authorities (& everybody) that I never had any role in 'Gun-Smuggling' or 'Gun-Dealing'. These eleven (11) handguns (makes, & serial numbers etc. easily confirm their origin, & production dates, etc.), were all legally licensed for me personally by Jordanian authorities (Ministry Of Interior, Intelligence Services (G.I.D.), & Police (P.S.D.) ) in the period 1996-1999. Authorities here in Jordan, turning a blind-eye, knew that these guns, as all others in Jordan, were smuggled illegally into Jordan. Specifically, the (G.I.D.) in early 1999 had total knowledge that my eleven (11) handguns were smuggled from the U.S.A., & knew exactly who smuggled them, & how.

I informed U.S. authorities about the 'Gun-Smuggling' operation in late summer 1997, after futile attempts to telephone the Jordanian Royal Court from Canada (telephone records will verify this, & my telephone was actually tapped in Montreal by Canadian authorities), to guarantee my safety from the 'Gun-Smugglers' & (G.I.D.), upon my close & final return to Jordan. The 'Gun-Smugglers', after having severel severe rows & problems with them on my four yearly trips back to Jordan, causing Mr. S. Hatar's arrest for a week by the (G.I.D.) in late-1996, & being in constant contact with them while I was in Canada & they in the U.S.A. & Jordan. Obviously 'sensing trouble', suddenly & ridiculously in July 1997, the 'Gun-Smugglers' wanted to meet me in the U.S.A. before I finally returned to Jordan!?!? They obviously had 'very bad' intentions towards me! I actually had threatened, on my previous visit to Jordan, to inform the Royal Court, & specifically the late King Hussein of Jordan (who died in early 1999) about them & their operation! The 'Gun-Smugglers' obviously wanted to kill me the last two months I was in Canada (July, August 1997), by luring me to the U.S. or otherwise, & later for three months when I returned to Jordan (September, October, November 1997). This is well known now to U.S. authorities, as well as Jordanian.

Additionally, the (G.I.D.), keeping me under surveillance on my visits to Jordan, had covered-up my father's murder a year earlier (explained below), anticipating my final return from Canada, wary, to keep my father's scandalous murder concealed! I had also threatened while in Jordan previously, to expose to weekly newspapers upon my supposed graduation & final return to Jordan in Fall 1997, certain "scandalous issues"! This was a delicate time in Jordan, just before the 1997 Parliamentary Elections. The Royal Court & (G.I.D.), instead of helping me, sent undercover, to Montreal, a 'Jewish' woman named (Ms.) Claudia Baruch, who falsely & illegally entrapped me, trying to portray me as a 'paranoid' psychiatric patient or drug-abuser (ofcourse proven otherwise medically), just as authorities & others in Canada were urging me to apply for political-asylum & stay in Canada, (details, later). Thus, I was 'thrown' back to Jordan, my life under extreme threat. Luckily, I had managed to inform U.S. authorities, while in Canada, of the 'Gun-Smuggling' ring before this happened, leading to it's breakdown & an investigation by U.S.authorities.

From the tips I told U.S. authorities about the 'Gun-Smuggling' operation in Canada, the operation uncovered & broke-down, U.S. authorities, including (B.A.T.F.), 'clamped down', begining an investigation into the ring. Interpol requested from Jordan, Mr. Simone Hatar's name etc. & his associate's, Mr. Atallah Adwani's, who both quickly fled the U.S.A. to Jordan in late summer 1997, sensing 'trouble'! They have since been barred from entering the U.S.A.. In Jordan, at the end of 1997, 'trouble' ensued, & I heard from people (including Mr. Simone Hatar) that 'Jordanian Military Security' was investigating the affair, & looking for smuggled guns. In 1998, Mr. Simone Hatar was arrested & detained twice (for one week each time), by the 'Preventive Security Directorate' of the (P.S.D.) for being 'a threat to my life'. At the end of 1997, King Hussein, upon learning of some details about the gun-smugglers & me (from U.S. authorities), he, out of respect for my parents & family, ordered the (G.I.D.) to stay away from me, then, concerning the affair.

In late 1998- early 1999, I was investigated by the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (G.I.D.), accused of 'dealing' with U.S. Security/ Intelligence Services while in Canada, & informing them about the very serious & scandalous 'Gun-Smuggling' ring/crime, which caused immense trouble in the Royal Court, (G.I.D.), & Army. Legally in Jordan, I could have been sentenced to life imprisonment for this by the 'State Security Court', a military court, on the charges of 'Jeopardizing National Security', & 'Contacting A Foreign State', each carrying life-sentences. But actually, if the furious (G.I.D.) had their way then, I would have 'dissappeared' in their cells forever, to avoid attention & more knowledge of the affair by U.S. authorities. Only after my mother & family's appeal to King Abdullah II (we also have relatives through marriage, to the Royal Family), did he release me from the (G.I.D.) in early 1999, on the condition of my total silence on all matters! But I was still continuosly put under close surveillance by them (including tapped telephones).

Later in late September 1999, I was offered (verbally, by telephone), "financial assistance", the Royal Court's term for 'financial compensation'. This was done by Mr. Ibrahim Nabulsi, the 'Secretary' of then 'Chief Of The Royal Court' Mr. Abdul-Karim Al-Kabariti, (on King Abdullah's orders, ofcourse), also an 'audience' with King Abdullah II was being arranged for me. Money & a 'friendly chat' with King Abdullah was to guarantee my silence on my problems with the (G.I.D.), including my father's murder, & keep me in the 'Jordanian fold', away from U.S. authorities. Refusing to compromise on my rights, I immediately then, called Amnesty International in London, England, just as King Abdullah was in England on an Official visit! (I later called Human Rights Watch In New York), informing them all of my problems. The (G.I.D.) immediately threatened me by telephone, & the money promised me was never sent. King Abdullah was furious for humiliating him, & the Royal Family, & disgracing the Jordanian Armed Forces, (G.I.D.), & State.

On January 21st 2000, my home was ransacked & robbed by known thieves, stealing my legally licensed 'firearms-collection' worth (30,000 U.S.$), the (G.I.D.) obviously had prior knowledge of this (details, later). The thieves were caught the next day, recovering, among other things, my licensed 'smuggled' handguns, but Amman Metropolitan Police, refused (illegally) to return the guns to me (on orders from the Royal Court). All this was to pressure me more, distract me, & blackmail me into silence, & getting hold of the 'licensed', 'smuggled', guns (actual evidence). (The guns are now in possession of U.S. authorities, along with copies of the licenses in my name). Again, refusing to compromise, bow to threats, blackmail & intimidation, I immediately telephoned the (F.B.I.), (B.A.T.F.), Customs Department, Justice Department, & State Department, in Washington D.C., (my home telephone records confirm all this) & sending a fax to Ohio Congressman Tony Hall, (as well as Amnesty Int., HRW, & the United Nations U.N.R.C. in Geneva, Switzerland), informing them all, of what had been happening, & exposing King Abdullah's & the State's lies & charades. And all this, with the knowledge of the 'horrifyed' Royal Court & (G.I.D.)!

Unfortunately, before proper action was taken (on my part, mainly), on June 14th 2000, I was arrested, & beaten by Jordanian Police on orders from the Royal Court, & immediately thrown in Jweida Prison the next day, without trial ridiculously, for six (6) full months! All this was illegal, according to Jordanian law. Only a small statement at the Amman Governor's Office (on orders from the Royal Court, & Minister Of Interior) stated the charge of "informing foreign newspapers about my problems with the (G.I.D.)". This charge ofcourse, was merely for a record. After six (6) full months in prison, I was reluctantly released free on December 5th 2000. In mid-2001, Amnesty International from London, sent an official protest letter to the Jordanian Minister Of Interior, protesting the repressive measures & imprisonment taken upon me by the Government Of Jordan. If I hadn't contacted the various U.S. authorities in Washington D.C., I, (again), would have 'dissappeared' in prison, (if not killed). However, U.S. authorities, knowingly, were awaiting my release from prison, it was too late, & too embarrassing for the Jordanian Regime & State to keep me in prison any longer.

Upon my release from prison, in early 2001, I contacted the U.S. authorities at the American. Embassy in Amman, (as told to do from Washington, before my imprisonment). From early 2001, till early 2002, I met on several occassions with U.S. authorities at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, including the Federal Buruea Of Investigations (F.B.I.), submitting them with valuable & sensitive information about the 'Gun-Smuggling' case, as well as actual concrete evidence, the eleven (11) 'smuggled' handguns, & their licenses (in my name), & a few copies of 'Checks' to Mr. Simone Hatar for their purchase. I had also agreed to co-operate fully in the investigation, & testify fully as a witness against the 'Gun-Smugglers' in a U.S. Court of Law. In mid-2001 to early 2002, I sent letters of protest (explaining my problems) about King Abdullah & his repressive & corrupt Regime to U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, U.S. Senator John Kerry, & the 'Young President's Organization' in Dallas, Texas. This again, just as King Abdullah was in the U.S.A. on an Official visit to the U.S.A., exposing his lies & charades to desperately gain U.S. political & economic aid. This adding to King Abdullah & the Jordanian State's disgrace & humiliation! Merely for sending each letter like these, outside the country, I could be sentenced to three (3) years in prison (at the very least), according to Jordanian 'State Security Laws'.

U.S. Security / Intelligence Services at the American Embassy in Amman, were 'very pleased' about me, for the 'Gun-Smuggling' case, as well as for conveniently using me for political leverage on King Abdullah & the (G.I.D.), & for intelligence gathering. Keeping my life under great risk! Humiliated immensely, Jordan & King Abdullah II, being immensely dependent on American political, economic, & military support & aid, could not/ cannot but forcefully accept the inevitable, bowing to let me proceed with my co-operation with U.S. Security Services without blatantly arresting/ putting a stop to me etc. But all throughout this, I received numerous 'veiled' threats, & continuous harrassment etc. from Jordanian authorities, in a desperate effort to keep me away from them. In July 2001, Jordanian Police forcefully & unjustly impounded till today, my/ my family's 90,000 U.S. $ Mercedes car, in another effort to pressure & blackmail me into silence!?!? All this ofcourse, failed to deter me, only increasing my resolve! Desperate efforts by the Royal Court & State to lure me away from U.S. authorities & to 'keep quiet' included inducements of , Government positions, money & material gain, marriage & women, & a re-approachment with King Abdullah, etc.. Ofcourse, I flatly rejected all of this.

Disgracefully & shamefully, on April 16th 2002, U.S. Security & Intelligence Services ordered my arrest by the Jordanian General Intelligence Department. I was assaulted, arrested, & beaten by the (G.I.D.), shamefully & cowardly on orders from U.S. authorities, for absolutely no justifyable reason, other than to appease the 'boilingly furious' King Abdullah & the (G.I.D.), in return for their increased co-operation with the United States in the 'War On Terror' & the planned war against Iraq. Jordan & King Abdullah, since last year have been co-operating largely, but quietly, in the coming war with Iraq. This has only very recently become public, being considerate to Jordan's sensitive position, since it has a staunchly pro-Iraqi population. Cowardly, & ungratefully, U.S. Intelligence Services, used me as a pawn for political & intelligence gains, risking my life immensely!

I was arrested by the (G.I.D.) on April 16th 2002, beaten & detained for eight (8) days at the (G.I.D.)'s main-compound, then unjustly charged with the offense of 'Slandering The King', & tried by a judicial panel in the 'State Security Court', a Military Court. The 'State Security Court' unjustly found me 'Guilty' of the offense of 'Slandering The King', & sentenced me to four (4) months in prison. I was transferred from the (G.I.D.)'s main-compound to Jweida Prison, where I spent my four (4) month sentence (four months equaling 90 days according to law), being released free on July 24th 2002. Ten days later, around August 5th 2002, I was again arrested & beaten by the (G.I.D.), spending three (3) days at their compound?! This was for sending more protest letters (faxes) to the 'Young President's Organization' in Texas, as well as one to 'Time-Life Co.' in New York, etc. just as King Abdullah again, was in the U.S.A. on an Official visit. Again, my cowardly arrest, was on orders from U.S. Security & Intelligence Services!

As I mentioned, U.S. authorities 'Run The Show' now, here in Jordan. Specifically in my case. They had me imprisoned, thinking I wouldn't know it was on their orders, but I knew from the start, it was obvious! Upon leaving prison, in August 2002, I telephoned U.S. Security Services at the U.S. Embassy, who naively pretended that they didn't know that I had been in prison, & began arranging another appointment for me with them. But upon hearing me publically state my knowledge that they had ordered my imprisonment, embarrassed, they kept on stalling my appointment & then never made one, preffering I contact them on their, & the U.S. State Department's Internet Website. U.S. Security/Intelligence Services have been closely monitoring me, & keep me under constant surveillance, (my cell-phones are monitored by U.S. authorities, as well as by the G.I.D. & Royal Court. My P.C. is also monitored, as are my E.-Mails, including this one!).

In the past few months, I have submitted (over the Internet Website) to U.S. Security/ Intelligence Services valuable information & leads, among other things, concerning Iraq, ranging from 'gun-smuggling' to 'money-smuggling' to Iraq, & Jordanian companies (some owned by aquaintances of mine) which have been breaking the U.N. Embargo over the years, smuggling & exporting from Jordan to Iraq, various chemicals, & proscribed materials. U.S. authorities were very pleased about this information, & urged me to keep on providing more. All this again, to the detrement of the corrupt Jordanian government & authorities who have systematically colluded with companies over the years, breaking the U.N. Embargo & exporting various materials to Iraq. And again, putting my very life at additional risk!

I know that some of this information has been exaggerated & used by the American Administration & Government in their presentation to the United Nations & the world, as a pretext for the coming war with Iraq! Let me clearly add, that my case & situation, & specifically lately, my information & leads concerning Iraq, constantly reach the 'Highest' & 'Very Top' officials in the U.S. Administration in Washington D.C.! This also makes my disgracefull imprisonment in April 2002 by U.S. authorities, all the more embarrassing! They are currently furious at me for revealing all this, as are officials in the American Administration!

When I started to publically talk about all this in late December 2002, U.S. authorities in Amman sent me the (G.I.D.) again, infront of my house, to intimidate me into keeping quiet & to make me continue submitting information. I subsequently sent Senator Joseph Biden a letter, as well as the U.N.R.C. in Switzerland, HRW in New York, & Amnesty Int. in London, explaining & protesting all if this. Amnesty Int. advised me to begin, with their help, a process to seek asylum in France. Efforts by the U.S. Embassy here to 'Save Face' & 'calm me down' have failed, I've had many members of the American community in Amman follow me on my 'outings' trying to be friendly etc. American Security & Intelligence Services disgracefully had me imprisoned, desperate to obtain results & cover their incompetence & failures, especially on the 'War On Terror' & events of September 11th in the U.S.A.. Ironically, my own father, while serving as Ambassador of Jordan to Italy in 1983, survived an assassination attempt on his life by the Palestinian, 'Abu-Nidal Organization' (Fateh Revolutionary Council), surviving miraculously with numerous bullet wounds.

My troubles in Jordan, actually began on July 21st 1996 when my late father Taysir Alaa'eddin Toukan (age 70, b.1926), a former Ambassador of Jordan & 'Secretary General of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs' was murdered in the Arab Heart Center Hospital in Jordan, supposedly by what is referred to as 'Mercy Killing', where he was suffering from the debilitating, degenerative 'Motor Neuron Disease Syndrome'. My father, awake & totally conscious, until the day of his death, was murdered by doctors (without the knowledge of the Hospital's administration), without his prior knowledge or consent, the crime of premeditated murder according to Jordanian law, as any other country's laws. This was done most probably by a large dose of anasthetic. No autopsy was performed on him. But I knew from the start as I returned from Montreal as I was finishing my Bachelor's Degree at Concordia University, for the funeral. It was obvious that his actual death was suspicious. My father was murdered on request of my sister Nadine (single, age 35), & cousin Nabeel Salah Toukan, an engineer whose daughter Dana, in 1999 married Prince Firas Raad. Prince Firas Raad, until a few months ago had been for the last years, King Abdullah II's Health Adviser.

My father was murdered, supposedly by what is known as 'Mercy Killing', without the knowledge or consent of my mother Najwa, (maiden name, Najwa Jawdat Kazoun, b.1937 in Lebanon) who was present at the Hospital the day of the murder. My mother currently lives with her family in Lebanon, unable to face the disturbing fact that her 'degenerate' daughter murdered her father (husband). At any cost, my mother wants me to stop pursuing this disturbing affair to imprison my sister (& my cousin etc.) for my father's murder, as well as for my sister's failed/ false & illegal attempt to portray me as a 'paranoid' psychiatric patient or drug-abuser in late 1997 in Jordan.

My sister did this to distort my accusations about my father's murder etc. & push me to leave the country, out of her way (she would be imprisoned for up to three (3) years for this), entrapping me then knowingly, illegally actually in an act of kidnapping according to law, along with known 'crooked & charlatan' doctors, with my serious problems with the (F.B.I.) & Jordanian Intelligence Services (G.I.D.) which I obviously could not reveal then. Ofcourse, my psychological/ mental state has been proven medically to be always/ all along, totally devoid of any psychiatric illness/ disorder or drug-use etc..

As in late 1998- early 1999 during my investigation by the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (G.I.D.) on the accusation of dealing with U.S. Security/ Intelligence Services in Canada (which led to the 'Gun-Smuggling' ring's breakdown etc.), I was also thoroughly examined by a psychiatrist Dr. Adnan Takriti as part of the investigation with the (G.I.D.), just to clear-up my sister's (& Ms. Claudia Baruch's in Canada) obviously false accusations. Again, Prince Firas Raad, the King's Health Adviser, co-ordinated the psychiatric examination with the (G.I.D.). After King Abdullah II 'freed' me of the (G.I.D.) in early 1999, the (G.I.D.), & Public Security Department (P.S.D.), legally licensed for me my eight (8) remaining 'smuggled' handguns to appease me (I already had three handguns legally licensed from before), Etc..

On my father's murder on July 21st 1996, the Jordanian General Intelligence Department (G.I.D.), knew of the murder & covered it up, till today keeping all the details hidden etc. This was done to avoid public scandal in this conservative Arab-Muslim society, which could have had socio-political repercussions, as, as I mentioned, my father was a known, respected Ambassador etc. for twenty years from a very old & very prominent family, additionally my father was the uncle of the late Queen Alia of Jordan, the late King Hussein's third wife who died in 1977, (the mother of Prince Ali & Princess Haya). As I mentioned, in 1999, my cousin Nabeel Toukan's daughter Dana, became a Princess, marrying Prince Firas Raad, making the pursuit & uncovering of my father's murder even more sensitive & difficult, in this highly autocratic & repressive country (where, in cases like this, the law shamefully doesn't exist at all!).

'Mercy Killing' was just an excuse for my sister to murder my father (my cousin Nabeel, initially at least, didn't have any bad intentions, he merely wanted an end to my father's suffering), my 'scheming' sister had 'plans', for me to emigrate 'out of her way' to Canada after my graduation, & to benefit financially & 'socially' from my absence. Let me add, that for ten years, my sister Nadine, was a heavy drug-abuser, had psychiatric problems & treatment, & had 'Moral' problems, making this case all the more scandalous in our conservative-traditional society! Additionally, my father's murder in the prominent Arab Heart Center Hospital is considered a scandal to the Jordanian Medical Establishment, which has been vying these past ten years to be a regional medical center in the Middle-East, which Jordan's (small & weak) economy relies heavily on for income, from patients from neighboring Arab countries.

In 1999, Prince Firas Raad & his mother Princess Majida Raad, admitted & verifyed to me by phone (after 'Royal' inquiries), that, "Yes", my father "was murdered" by doctor's, my cousin Nabeel, & sister Nadine, but told me not to get them involved in it, as they had nothing to do with it, & didn't know about it before, (this is actually true). Officers of the (G.I.D.), in 1999, also actually admitted to me of having all the knowledge & details of my father's murder, as did an official of 'National Security Council' in the Royal Court (by telephone). However, having these people actually testify in court, is something totally different, specifically in Jordan, having a corrupt & inefficient legal system too, where even the Judges & Courts easily succumb to orders from the Royal Court etc.. Prince Firas Raad also personally admitted to me that "Yes", the Royal Court had also sent to Montreal, undercover, the 'Jewish' woman, (Ms.) Claudia Baruch. Officers of the (G.I.D.) also admitted this to me! And ofcourse, now, U.S. authorities know this, & who Ms. Claudia Baruch actually was.

Till today, the Royal Court, (G.I.D.), (P.S.D.), & Government, all, still cover & conceal my father's murder, on orders of King Abdullah II himself. As my oppression by the State these past three years has been on the total desire, & knowledge, of King Abdullah, whose wrath at me is immense for all the trouble I have caused in Jordan, & for humiliating him & his family immensely, all over the world! Though my father was 'Head' of the extended 'Toukan' family, & a respected Ambassador etc., members of my family are naturally too scared to help me, or to defy the 'heavy-handed' authoritarian Regime & State (as literally everybody else in the country is), in my many extremely serious & sensitive problems.

I'm considered a "Threat to State & National Security" by the Regime & State. King Abdullah II, & the Prime Minister of Jordan, have often referred to me & 'attacked' me personally, 'veiledly', in their official & public speeches. For seven (7) years, the authoritarian Regime & the 'always feared' (G.I.D.), have disastrously failed to 'put an end' to me in every way, & conceal all my 'security' problems etc., their inability & incompetence has also made an embarrassing mockery of the Royal Family & State, in & out of Jordan. Adding to their rage! Other than accused of "Jeopardizing State Security" & "Dealing With, & Contacting A Foreign State", I'm also accused of undergoing a campaign of "sabotage" & "slander" against the State, by publically exposing & spreading all these problems & issues. The grave sensitivity & dangerous nature of my case & problems, touching King Abdullah himself, the Army, the (G.I.D.) & U.S. Intelligence Services, & National Security, Etc., is something quite unheard-of here in Jordan.

The 'prime-suspect' in my father's murder in hospital, is Dr. Obeida Maswedeh, a Jordanian, who I was told has been in the United States practicing medicine & finishing his 'specialization' for the last four (4) years. Two American nurses, one from Oregon, the other a Lebanese-American, were present the day my father was murdered (but I don't think they were involved), I was told they are back in the U.S.A. now. It is noteworthy that U.S. Security Services in Amman who I used to meet with for the 'Gun-Smuggling' investigation last year (early 2001 till early 2002), after mentioning my father's murder to them, obviously now have all the information, much more than I do!

All I have written is totally accurate, & devoid of any exaggeration or bias. It can be verifyed & confirmed by many, including the above-mentioned U.S. Senators, Amnesty Int. in London, the U.N.R.C. in Switzerland, the 'Young President's Organization' in Dallas, & Human Rights Watch in New York, etc. All of whom I'm sure will verify all I've written! I certainly have absolutely no intention of compromising on any of my rights at all, with the U.S. Government, as well as with the Jordanian Regime & Government, at whatever cost! I certainly want to emigrate from Jordan soon, something deemed neccessary by everybody, for my very life's sake. I initially wanted to emigrate to the United States, but after U.S. authoritie's despicable treatment & imprisonment of me, I now prefer emigrating to Western Europe. And I now, still agree to co-operate on the 'Gun-Smuggling' case, but on nothing else, with U.S. authorities, & still am prepared to testify in a Court of Law as a witness against the gun-smugglers, that's if there's going to be a trial.

In the past seven (7) years, my father was murdered. I narrowly escaped a planned attempt to murder me. I've been 'kidnapped' & illegally & unjustly thrown into psychiatric hospitals for nearly two (2) months. I've been unjustly imprisoned for one (1) year. I've had my home wrecked & robbed, & my car unjustly impounded. My mother & I unjustly have had tremendous amounts of our money & possessions squandered. I've been beaten, harrassed continuosly, & my life threatened many times (as has my mother's), living till today under continuous threat. All this by, & sanctioned by, the criminaly- oppressive & corrupt Jordanian 'Hashemite' Regime & State. I certainly have, & certainly will continue, to have the perpetrators of all of these despicable acts, severely punished!

Finally, I want to pursue my urgent desire, & need, to emigrate to Western Europe soon. Also, I plan to pursue a lawsuit in the United States against U.S. authorities for having me unjustly imprisoned etc., & rightfully receiving financial compensation for this. Additionally I want to guarantee my protection here in Jordan, as my life is obviously under severe threat, solely for co-operating with U.S. authorities on the 'Gun-Smuggling' case, & the other issues. Ofcourse, I certainly will fight to rightfully receive complete financial compensation from the Jordanian Regime & Government for all the financial losses incurred on me & my mother in the past seven (7) years, as well as full compensation for the shamefull oppression of me here in Jordan, a grotesquely corrupt & unlawfull State! Again, all this for co-operating with U.S. authorities! I certainly will not compromise on anything, at whatever cost! And I ofcourse, want to pursue the uncovering of my father's murder, & the rightfull prosecution & imprisonment of all his 'known' murderers! My life remains under constant & grave threat. An unjust nightmare has befallen me & my parents all these years, & it all will certainly not go unchecked! And no reconciliation, between me & the despicable King Abdullah II, & his corrupt State, is possible at all! Thank you.


March 5th, 2003
Tel.#079-5477021 /# 079-6602099
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