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Date: 11/21/02 3:55:01 AM Central Standard Time
From: (Khalid Itum)

To Whom It May Concern at Arab Times:

My name is Khalid Itum and I am a student of International Relations
studying abroad in the United States. I have written an Op-Ed (Ara'a) piece
in English on the latest suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and am attaching it
for you for your consideration to include it in the Opinion Section of your
newspaper and your internet version as well. It would be great if you would
be able to translate it to Arabic for the Arabic newspaper.

Please let me know if you choose to include it in your newspaper and if you
also choose to translate it and include it in your parent newspaper
newspaper, both print and internet editions. Also, I would appreciate it if
you could inform me of the date that it will be printed (if you choose to
print it) so that I can be sure to try to get a copy.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.

Khalid Itum

Khalid Shaher Itum ,

1239 Vermont Avenue; Suite 503
Washington, DC 20005

Home #: 202-789-1838

Date: 11/21/02 11:16:13 AM Central Standard Time
From: (3mran 3li)

Dear Arabtimes,

I have always been proud of my country, the United Arab Emirates. However 
hearing those stories about our sheikhs, embassedors and other leaders 
really made me think, is this a country I would like to serve and work all 
my life for?

I know our leaders may not be the best, but some leaders and people with 
high positions, like my father have really accomplished a lot, and spent 
most of their young years studying at college and gaining their degrees to 
be where they are now.

I know that whatever you write is probably true and as much as I would hate 
to know this reality, I would still urge you people to continue doing it. 
But I still urge you all to consider writing some good stories about some 
leaders who are doing a great job in our society. Sheikh of Sharjah for 
example, You have never spoke about him and his accomplishments? Good 
ministers of our country too? You're Magazine lacks positive news and 
stories about UAE. And If you really want to make a change in the arab 
society, then please give us readers some hope, someone to look up to and be 
proud of.

I'm so ashamed of some of my country's leaders, and the new generation which 
includes me WILL make some essential changes and WILL change the world's 
views of our country and WILL accomplish what hasn't been accomplished by 
the old generation.

Omran alsharhan

Subj: Ma'an city
Date: 11/24/02 1:41:29 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Mohamed Nezami)

Dear Sir:

As a Jordanian living Ma'an with no liberty to say
and write what is on my mind, I condemn the Jordanian
military dictator regime for its violation of human
rights and the uncivilized use of power to oppress
civilians who are showing discomfort with a regime
that is unconstitutional. Not only these towns in
southern Jordan have been reduced to Gettos and
unofficial camps as a result of the failure of the
Hashimte regime, but now the Hashimite palace sends
its US made weapons and its Virginia trained special
forces to oppress these people while on a 12 hour fast
for the creator of all things on this planet.

What is even more sickening is those government
spokesmen who make these outrages stories of people
being wanted on drugs, corruption, and terror. Even
more silly are these 50 years old guns that were
collected from houses, most of which are kept as
trophies and never even had ammunitions in them. 
These individuals are insulting the minds of million
of people with these silly made up stories including
their bosses in the white house.

I assure you sir that there are no terrorists in this
little village, and that the only drug and corruption
lords in Jordan are those who are close to the king,
part of his family and the his bureaucrats. They like
the former palace main man and the secret service head
who stole 150 Million US$ which is equal to stealing
150 Trillions form the US treasury for a country the
size of Jordan, and only they are the ones who should
be on trial for crimes against humanity.

For the last 10 years, the Jordanian people have been
subjected to an unnecessary severe economical
conditions and a total absence of liberty, all for the
sake that the Hashimite regime can cover up its
decades of corruption and failure to do its job as a
leader, and for the fact that it could not establish
itself using the people's approval, but only under a
gun and an informer pointed at every citizen. The
only thing that This regime had been able to do is
protect the Israeli broader for Arab and Muslims, and
for that the US and Europe have covered its crimes for
decades. The current king has allowed his armed
forces and police again and again to oppress his
people, he and his regime now stand at no approval
from the people, this leaves him and his rich layer
with only the approval of the USA, and that can only
be guaranteed for the duration of that valuable
service he is offering the current US government. The
American people may not be aware that all of the army
training and army aid that Jordan get ends up being
used to as a tool for oppression, a regime that is
blackmailing a total of 4 million citizens and
treating them like slaves in private farm for a king
and dozen elite.

Jordan now with no parliament, and with a layer of
bureaucrats surrounding the king competing to lie and
deal with all illegal manners to accumulate wealth
will soon be a problem for the US and the civilized
world. Its people may snap and revolt any time, and
again like the scenario in Iran, the USA will be
guilty for helping a king stay in power despite his
regimes continual oppression.

History has always shown that kings and emperors who
ruled by oppression will not last nor will those who
guaranteed its existence. I assure you sir, that this
shall be the spark from which the liberation of our 4
million people will come,

NM- Jordan


Subj: A message for Jordan king
Date: 31/03/2003 08:44:57 Õ Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear King Abdallah

I wish you will have time and open your ears to listen to an advice

All what we need from you is something good for you

we are not looking to take your chair from you as far as you are a real leader who care about islam and his people and put behind all seductions or fear from the world.

Abu Husein, You are saying that ur family belong to the prophet PBUH , and as you know Muhammed was not known for being a king or for being rich or for anything but for the relegion and messaage he left and the real relation to him is following this all.

As you know in our history we had many muslim leaders but among all those we keep in minds and memory those real justice leaders like Omar Bin abdel azeez and his grandfather because they thought of there people seriously and they put behind them all those hypocrates around them who are like a 2 side big wall that hide the real king from his people and the real feelings of people about there leader.

you know Jordanian people are good , honest and trusty, use there trust in the right way because its easy to gain there trust but if u lost it u will never gain it back.

we dont care what happend before and no matter what was history as always u can start from today, u dont have to come down from ur chair and unswer me as far as u think seriously and apply the real honest advice from a real Jordanian muslim feelings. If you want to jail me I will accept if you give me a chance to pass my feelings as a young Jordanian about you direct to you without all these long line of names of hypocrates around you, We dont love u for no reason if we want to love you and we will never hate you for no reason


Jordanian muslim


Subj: A dirty King
Date: 31/03/2003 06:33:39 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

To Whom It May Concern

I feel with shame for I am a Jordanian citizen and being ruled and represented by a dirty, filthy and traitorous King, Royal family and Regime are going deep and deeper in treason.

A King, Royal family and Regime all have been going deep and deeper in for treason in what they call the “Great Arabic Revolution”, but I call it the “Treacherous Revolution” against the Nation.

No wonder that such a position, by the King and Regime, towards many problems such as, the Palestinian and Iraqi crisis, if we know the Royal family’s history which has been based on treason, since HUSSIN BEN ALI who sold his nation to the enemy, and that what I call “LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON”.

I strongly believe this King, Royal Family and Regime have no link to their Nation and Islam, as well as the people of Jordan.

Lastly, I hope and pray to my God to get rid us of that Royal Family and their filthy Regime.

Resigned First Lieutenant


Jordanian General Intelligence Department


Subj: Re: Iraq
Date: 04/04/2003 03:05:21 Õ Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

10 Jasim Street,
Ibrahim'Ali, Baghdad, Iraq.

Re: Urgent Assistance Needed

By way of introduction I am Eng. Farouk Al-Bashar, I represent my family as the oldest son of the Al-Bashar family, who are the descendants of Ibrahim Al-Bashar Ali from one of the oil rich areas in Iraq. Over the years my family has acquired huge sums of money from royalties for the exploration of oil in our region but over the past 15 years, Saddam Hussein and his gangs of bandits have taken our oils without payments and we can not complain as those who did are all dead. In the wake of the Gulf War of 1990, our family withdrew most moneys that remain in coded bank accounts that Saddam did not find and we hide it in a secret chamber underground, where it remained safe until after the war. At the end of Gulf war, we moved the funds into a private vault of a security company in Baghdad, where it was until we collected it a few days ago on the fear of the eminent war with America.

We pray they remove Saddam as he is the cause of much hardship here, but our funds are trapped here and there is no avenue to transfer any amount from Iraq without Saddam knowing. The problem now is how do we transfer the funds totalling US$12.5 Million in cash from here.

We are afraid that with the capacity of the bombs America is coming to Baghdad with nowhere would be safe for the money, so we need you to help in securing a private collection agency who would come to Iraq and collect the money and have them moved to the west, where our family is planning to relocate to as life in Iraq is no longer worth living because of Saddam.

I have to travel lots of miles each day to send an email hoping someone out there would assist this family, if you can we will give you the details of an agency that can lift the funds from here as given to me by a US Marine. The private collection agency would then collect the fund from here and deliver it to you for safe keep. Hoping the American campaign would be successful, we would then come over to your country
for a meeting to share the funds and hopefully start a new life with you as a partner.

For your assistance with this project the family is willing to give you 10% of the funds, however if this does not suit you we are open for negotiation.

We eagerly await your response so we can inform you of the next line of action.


Eng. Farouk Al- Bashar
For the entire Al-Bashar family

Subj: Assalamu Alaicom
Date: 06/04/2003 08:17:45 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Sir,

Assalau Alaicom,

My name is Mohammad Alkhateeb, Jordanian Palestinian. I am PhD in Computer Engineering and working in University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I liked your news paper very much, it has many important subjects that I think sould be read by each Arabic and Muslim.

I am writing for you to ask you to write again about that man who is called Amr Khalid. I liked what you wrote about him before and I did not have time to copy what you wrote or keep it. So, if it is possible please to provide me with that, or republish that again.

Thanks alot, May Allah will help you to reach your goals.


Mohammad Alkhateeb


Subj: Talking Points on Regime's Collapse
Date: 09/04/2003 10:07:48 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

No one ever doubted we could take over Iraq, but was it the right thing to do for America? If Bush wants to once-and-for-all prove that his intention behind invading Iraq was to free the Iraqi people, he will turn over administration of that country to the United Nations, which is the only body in the world with the legal authority to do so. Anything short of this will prove that the conquest of Iraq was nothing less than a power and oil grab. Below are some talking points you may want to consider.

Talking points:
No one ever doubted we would win the battle of Baghdad, but we've lost the war that matters most to our security and that is the war for the hearts and minds of the world's 1.2 billion Muslims.
The Bush Administration's unnecessary and unprovoked conquest of Iraq has become the Arab and Muslim worlds' September 11th.
In spite of the Bush Administration's claims, it was repeatedly shown that the Iraqi regime had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda or September 11th. Yet, the big winner as a result of the Bush Administration's conquest of Iraq is Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the Islamic extremists.
By taking over an Arab country that was clearly shown to pose no threat to the United States, the Bush Administration's conquest of Iraq has made us less safe, not more.
How is it that a country that was supposed to be such a threat to the United States was conquered with such relative ease? What happened to the destruction of dams, bridges, oil fields, and unleashed chemical weapons the Bush Administration said we would see the Iraqi regime resort to?
Was Iraq really a threat or was that just a ploy to deceive the public into supporting the Bush Administration's conquest of that country?
Naturally, Iraqis are going to celebrate the toppling of the oppressive Iraqi regime. This doesn't mean they are going to like our occupation of their country.
When Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Lebanese threw rice and flowers on the Israelis, welcoming them as liberators from the domination of the PLO. We now know what later happened in Lebanon. Remember, there was no Hizbollah before Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982.
The Administration is misguided to think post-war Iraq will be like post-war Japan or Germany. Gaza or Lebanon are the more appropriate and likely scenarios for this Middle Eastern country.
The Bush Administration wants us to now believe we took over Iraq to free the Iraqi people. It is the only justification they have left since all the others (links to Al-Qaeda; nuclear weapons; missiles) have all been shown to be fabrications. [see].
If the Bush Administration wants to prove that its intention behind invading Iraq was to liberate the Iraqi people, then we must immediately give the administration of Iraq to the United Nations, which is the only body that has the legal authority to do so.
The best way to support our troops now is to bring them home to their families and turn the administration of Iraq over the United Nations.

Subj: Aram Community Business
Date: 10/04/2003 11:00:04 ã Egypt Standard Time
From: AntiqueWeston

The following quote from your paper,
"The Arab American community , with a population of over four million throughout the US , represents a major market and a strong buying power that have not been tapped for years by the American business community."
can best be explained by the fact that Muslims want to KILL Americans not do business with us!
However, what is an American?
Here is a definition:
An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Chamorro, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani, or Afghan. An American may also be a Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans.
An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims in America than in Afghanistan. The only difference is that in America they are free to worship as each of them chooses.
An American is also free to believe in no religion.
For that he will answer only to God, not to the government, or to armed thugs claiming to speak for the government and for God.
An American is from the most prosperous land in the history of the world. The root of that prosperity can be found in the Declaration of Independence, which recognizes the God-given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness.
An American is generous. Americans have helped out just about every other nation in the world in their time of need. When the Soviet army overran Afghanistan 20 years ago, Americans came with arms and supplies to enable the people to win back their country. As of the morning of September 11, Americans had given more than any other nation to the poor in Afghanistan.
Americans welcome the best: The best products, the best books, the best music, the best food, the best athletes. But they also welcome the least.
The national symbol of America, The Statue of Liberty, welcomes your tired and your poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, the homeless, tempest tossed.
These, in fact, are the people who built America. Some of them were working in the Twin Towers the morning of September 11, 2001, earning a better life for their families.
I've been told that the World trade Center victims were from at least 30 other countries, cultures, and first languages, including those that aided and abetted the terrorists.
So you can try to kill an American if you must.
Hitler did. So did General Tojo, and Stalin, and Mao Tse-Tung, and every bloodthirsty tyrant in the history of the world.
But, in doing so you would just be killing yourself because Americans are not a particular people from a particular place.
They are the embodiment of the human spirit of freedom. Everyone who holds to that spirit, everywhere, is an American.
Pnint THIS in your paper, I dare ya, cause I do not think you have THAT much courage!
A Proud American,
Dave Lester,
Weston, WV USA


Subj: To Mr. Osama Fawzi
Date: 13/04/2003 05:11:35 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello, Mr Osama,
I'm sending my 2nd e-mail to you Mr. Osama, where I would like to
express my sincere admiration and real appreciation to you and your unique
writing style which tickles the feelings of all depressed Arabs everywhere.
I'm very glad having got a tiny place for my pen in one of the
newspapers in the UAE. I have been trying my best to find the right niche
for myself as a journalist, but as you know all those who are running the
Arab newspapers in our Arab world monopolize these places for their own
relatives. Therefore, I found myself in writing my own books which, I
believe, you'll like very much.
Anyhow, I wanted to show you how much I do appreciate your work and your
wonderful style.
All the best, and God be with you!

Subj: fuge you isamah fawsy
Date: 17/04/2003 04:17:28 Õ Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

y are not moslem or arabec so i will never regared u
you are joesh y r not moslem , also not belong palestine arfat my be have mestik but you will never reach to his shoes were are you ya manekkkk in usa in pares and disko and with silver beach because you are silver beach if you are good y can came to palestine and strive as all peopel there but actuly if y came to palestin they will fug y
always y talk i want to see y do some thing for arab peopel our for palestin but in fact you are usa agent also y r mosad


Subj: A correction needed to be made to Osama Fouzi
Date: 17/04/2003 05:03:47 Õ Egypt Standard Time
From: Intafada

I was sorry to read that you seem to be misinformed about a certain Arab leader. Ghazi Al-Jabali, my uncle, does have higher education. He has a law degree from the University of Cairo. I would ask you politely not to print slander against my uncle.

Thank You,
Natasha Jabali


Subj: The Power of Hijjab.. Wake up
Date: 17/04/2003 11:59:25 ã Egypt Standard Time
From: Htalmasri

Dear Arab times:
I hope that you will post my article and I hope that someday all Arabic media will try to voice their opinion freely and WAKE THE ARABS UP!

Can someone tell me what in the world Hijab and warring the Hijab has done to us lately? Are we so concerned about the POWER of hijab when the whole world is uniting to better them selves!
Is any one in the Arabic world understand that Europe is going to be the 2nd super power along with the united states and what is that going to do to our OWN EXISTENCE in the world? I want to tell you right now if we keep looking at what the hijab and the POWER of hijab has done to us, we will end up living in caves feeding on dead animals like we have done in the stone age and loose our culture and history because we are not paying attention to any of the real issues that are affecting our lives day by day and minute by minute.
Are we going to find ways to provide jobs,education,business opportunities,health care,human rights..etc. in the Arabic world? Are we going to urge our leaders and our people to unite to develop human rights and democracies to unite the Arbic world like what profit Mohammed based his life on when he said" WA amrokum shora beinakum" meaning you ARE to discuss you matters and let your voice be heard! why is the West implementing our profit teachings and we are not?

Wake up Arabs the world is closing in on us and we will have no chance of surviving if we keep looking at the POWER of Hijab To help us better our lives for our kids and grand kids.

Just an Arabic guy!


Subj: something i notice.
Date: 18/04/2003 01:08:53 Õ Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

i have a comment on your newspaper.

i think the idea of a newspaper that publish what others can not publish is something good for arabs.
but i noticed that keep mentioning all the arab countries leaders, except for egypt!!
well, having known all these things that you publish (giving most of them are true) i don't think that you cannot find anything on egypt to publish!!
if you do not have anything to say about egypt. well i might help you refresh your memory.
why does the united states give billions to egypt each year??
i will try to make it clearer, how did the american and british ships got into the red sea. moreover hitting iraq with cruise missiles from the ships they have!!

i like the idea of your newspaper, but you have to be fair and publish everything you get!

even in the list where you have names of people and thier stories. how come you never have one bad thing on an egyptian?? (except for amr diab!)


Subj: Tell the truth
Date: 18/04/2003 01:32:44 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Mr. Ussamma,
You talk about all Arabic countries and how they are all bad, but you failed to mention Syria at all!!! Are you possibly on the payroll from the goverment????? The president of Syria now is just as bad as his father!! When I left Syria in 1984 it was a Republican country, when the father Assad died and his son was announced as the new president, I find it extremely hard to believe that the people there wanted this to occur!! This then would make it a "Kingdom" not a "Republic"!! This govement is worse than Iraq or Lybia but you fail to mention them, I find that VERY strange!!!
Tamim AL-Bacha
Subj: Dictators
Date: 18/04/2003 04:11:50 ã Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

OK, it seems like the first Arab dictator has been knocked down, the talk is about the next dictator, could be the Syrian! could be the Saudi!!! the Libyan!, the Jordanian!!!!!?!???? …etc. Well what is going on, I thought these dictators are friends to the US and the west, to Zionism that needs them and in many ways protect them?

Well let us look at it in the following way, the Arab dictators can be grouped like this:

Brutal murderers sons of bitches, due to one thing or the other they look like an enemy to US and Zionism. Specifically Syria, Yemen , Lybia, Somalia
Dictators and bastards, due to varying international and national reasons, oscillate in love and hate towards the US and Zionism. Specifically Sudan, Bahrain
Complete followers, the nicest kind of dictators, their people are well economically so they do not object to anything, rulers would become Brutal if their throne is threatened. Specifically Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE
Dictators over people who are kind of OK with it, can become brutal rulers instantly. Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco
Dictators over three countries that are seething with conscious, brains and religion, these dictators are walking a tight rope between what could the people do to them and what could the US and Zionism do to them. Specifically Egypt, Palestine and Lebanon.
A dictator who inherited brutality, corruption, treason and all the shit you can think of from father who inherited from father who did from father all the way to their great great great grandfathers …may be reaching Abu-Jahal and the Kufar of Mecca. Specifically it is Jordan. It is the most blood curling system, it is like the demon who smiles in your face and his claws are tearing apart your soul and body. He looks great but evil and kufr is deep within his blood.
Then there are these fringe countries that God knows who and what they are.
OK, so what could an Arab do, who could an Arab support, should I support the US and Zionism behind it, or should I not? Should I just continue to live like iam now or try and do something about it?

I want freedom of speech, freedom of expression, I want to feel safe if I speak up, I want to elect, I want to not have minders and spies in my street, in my work …etc. What options do I have to achieve that, or what is out there to achieve that, let us look at these options:

Support the US in its drive to bring democracy to the Middle East, inspite of the hidden agenda represented with the collaboration of Zionism and Crusaders "These crusaders are Not specifically religious".
Do nothing just continue to live current life.
Revolt against all these kings and queens for life, presidents that are elected for life, presidents that are elected with 99.99 % and little Sheiks, Amir’s, Sultans and Leaders.
Try to correct these rulers, try to influence them with peaceful means and talk, try to show them the way, try to remind them of religion and what it says, try to alert them that we all belong to the same nation and we should be on the same side….etc.
Can you all see what is the natural conclusion, I do not have to analyze things for you or draw a matrix of the pros and cons of these options in relation to these groups of countries.

If you do not see that option 3 is the cheapest, most efficient and best for us now and generations to come then you are with them.

A note worthy of mention, if Jordan revolts and the system is changed to a free one void of treason you can rest assured the Muslim world will be in better shape. The Dictators in Jordan represent the Snake head of all these categories of Arab Dictators and in contrast represents the tail of other snake namely Israel.

Can you see it now?

Ayef AL-Tanak


Subj: comments to Dr.Fawzi
Date: 19/04/2003 04:28:25 Õ Egypt Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Dr. Fawzi,

I find it very difficult to understand you. I used to admire your comments very
much. However, after the fall of Baghdad in the hands of the Anglo Americans,
your comments showed your true color. Your web site comments just like alot of
the other news media that tried to please the Invaders of Iraq. I don't care
for Saddam or his groups, but the Invasion and occupation of Iraq is
humiliation to every Arab and Moslem.

Dr. Fawzi, I am from Dair-Ballout. I used to be fascinated with the way you
express your words in all your writings. However, your attacks on the Iraqi
fighters was and is not appropriate at all. I don't by any mean consider the
Iraqis as loosers, they fought until the end; untill they were stapped in the
back by the tratrors and spies.


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