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Subj: Jordanian Students Boiling/ Activists Released
Date: 3/10/02 17:16:46 Central Standard Time
From: (AZAR Association)

Jordanian Students Boiling

Amman, Jordan
March 10, 2002

Today several demonstrations erupted on university campuses across Amman. Jordan University, Philadelphia University, Applied Sciences University, Petra University, and other campuses swelled with marches chanting support for Palestine and the Palestinian people. Across campuses, students wearing black shirts, T-Shirts, or jackets to commemorate the martyrs of the Intifada demonstrated under the watchful eyes of undercover police agents. The marches consisted of AT LEAST several hundred in each case. But if what happened today at Al Raed Al Arabi High School in Amman is any indication of things to come, we can only conclude that the campuses are just BEGINNING to rumble.

Savagery against High School Students:

Around 10:30 AM this morning, students from Al Raed Al Arabi High School (Arab Pioneer High School), grades seven till twelve, marched alone spontaneously in the direction of the Zionist Embassy in Amman to stage a protest there. It is reported that some of the residents living in the neighborhood joined in, but that could not be confirmed independently. A few hundred yards away from the Embassy the young protestors were intercepted by Anti-riot troops and vehicles. The students who included both boys and girls were clubbed savagely by the troops. Troops wielding batons, sticks, water guns attacked without restraint. As a result, the students bled as they suffered bruises, lacerations, and broken limbs according to several anonymous participants and witnesses. A young student wearing a cast on his leg was trying to fight back with his walking stick, but was beaten repeatedly on his already broken leg and was left motionless on the street until his buddies came to drag him out. According to his friends, medical reports indicate that his leg was broken again. Another young student shouting slogans had his face cut in several places. There were several
eyewitness reports of students bleeding. Eleven students ended up in emergency rooms according to the latest reports. The students were then hauled brutally into school buses brought especially for this purpose. In the end, there were only spots of blood left on the street. It seems the whole affair lasted for about an hour, which is a record time for a peaceful, yet an unauthorized, protest given its proximity to the Zionist Embassy and the young age of the students. Finally, the director of the school, Tayseer Dweik, was detained and threatened for not stopping the protest even though HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Later this evening he was released. But until nightfall one could still see Anti-riot troops and armored vehicles on the roads leading to the Embassy, possibly to ‘protect it’ against the grave threat of seventh grade girls expressing their solidarity with the Intifada peacefully! It’s just funny how the Arab regimes which get most sheepish in their dealings with Zionists love to show off their might on their own citizens..

If you would like to express your protest over the way the students of the High School were treated, you can send a fax to the Prime Minister of Jordan
at: 962 6 4642520

Three Activists Arrested Yesterday Released:

The letter-campaign launched on the behalf of Dr. Aida Dabbas, engineer Khaled Ramadan, and writer Mouwaffaq Mahadin was so successful, thanks to your participation, IT HAS LED TO THEIR SPEEDY RELEASE WITHOUT THEIR BEING CHARGED WITH ANYTHING. Mind you, the three were detained yesterday for the charge of participating in a peaceful protest in support of the Intifada and Iraq. In fact, it turned out that former Member of Parliament Khalil Hadadeen was also detained with them. But he was released with them as well.

Below is a note of appreciation from Aida, Khaled, and Mouwaffaq to all those who have written letters on their behalf. Before you read it, remember that PROTESTS ARE EFFECTIVE, and that your protests are what got them out so soon.

“We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all those who contributed or participated in the solidarity campaign with us while we were detained for the charge of taking part in the peaceful protest that took place between the First and Second Circle in Amman on Saturday, March 9, 2002. That protest, of course, was in solidarity with the heroic Intifada, the flood of blood letting on Palestinian soil, and in the defense of Iraq against the prospective American aggression.

What happened with us has been a lesson to us all, especially regarding our right to express ourselves freely through all the means guaranteed us under the constitution. It also illustrates the importance of our solidarity in the face of any undemocratic practices any one of us is subjected to.

Now we should continue to work together to:

1 – stand up to the aggression being prepared against Iraq, and

2 – defend and stay in solidarity with the Intifada, the uprising of the Palestinian Arab people standing steadfast on his occupied land.

In Solidarity,
Khaled Ramadan
Aida Dabbas
Mouwaffaq Mahhadin”

More Protests to Come:

There are calls for more protests in Amman in the coming few days. This evening there was one sit-in at the Jordanian Writers Association. The Jordanian Women’s Union is calling for a sit-in in solidarity with the Intifada on Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 4 pm in its offices in al Hussain in Amman. But the big one is possibly coming on Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 4 pm at the complex of the Union of Professional Associations. The council of the presidents of the Unions of Professional Associations has called for a march on the offices of the Prime Minister to demand that Jordan expels the Zionist Embassy from Amman, and in solidarity with the Intifada. In the past, the Unions of Professional Associations have called for such marches more than once only to back off under government pressure. Hopefully this won’t happen again, especially that the Jordanian street is sizzling with wrath over what’s going on in Palestine, and will probably explode in very unexpected ways if simple peaceful marches are banned as well.

Either way, it’s time for the people to go down to the streets to express solidarity with the Intifada, with or without the approval of their governments. For Palestine can’t wait anymore.

Ibrahim Alloush

Subj: salam
Date: 3/12/02 13:49:43 Central Standard Time
From: (Hani Attar)

salam ,
i am a new reader, i have just received your site yesterday,
happy to tell you, that i read just yesterday more that i read in last year, maybe more that two years too,
i am happy that i start use my knowledge of Arabic because i nearly forgot how to read, but i am sure now that there is other thing i can read it after our holly Qura'an sure,
god with you while you are with the god, and then whole people with the god will be with you,
nice site, nice writer, nice comments, nice information, nice way to reach the information you like to read, nice font of the writing line.
i am sorry because my English language is not good but i am a new student in UK, so, i promise to get better level nest Email,

Subj: Mashhoor Haditheh Aljazy's website
Date: 3/13/02 10:16:09 Central Standard Time
From: (Omar Aljazy)

Dear Mr. Osama Fawzi,
This is to inform you that in honor and memory of the hero of Al-karameh
Battle, a website dedicated to the late General Mashhoor Haditheh Aljazy is
going to be launched on the 34th anniversary of the battle, 21st of March
2002. Kindly visit the website at the following address: . Please forward this email to all concerned or
alterntavily mention it in your newspaper.
Best regards.
Omar Mashoor Haditheh Aljazy

Subj: No so accurate information
Date: 3/17/02 13:18:39 Central Standard Time
From: (Fawaz M Juma)

Abu al-Fawz,

I have become an avid reader of your on line paper, not because of the quality. But, because of the humor and kicks I get out of it. You have reported conflicting information and you need to clear it. You claim to be an honest reporter! Well, then report honestly.

1. You said that Tujan Faisal got arrested because of the article she published on your site. Yet, you claim all the Arab world is preventing their people from accessing your site. Then why would they arrest Tujan about something she published on your site if it will not be read by anyone there? Right? You only want to get the credit of stirring up turmoils and your paper has influence. Got caught this time, do not repeat it! OK!

2. You claim that the queen of Jordan put condition on you to publish here e-mail. You wrote there was a debate in the paper about accepting what she wanted or adhere to journalism rules. You also wrote that you debated the subject with your employees. Whom are you trying to foul,
there isn't a single writer in the paper but you. You want to tell us you have a staff of writers that you discuss issues them. Probably a staff of Mexicans, from a janitor to a grass trimmer to a dish washer. You have a lot of imagination.

3. You claim you never said anything bad about Jordan. I remember in the 80s when every issue of you paper back then contained bad articles about Jordanians themselves, not just the rulers. Now you claim to be a fighter for rights of Jordanians, I guess because endowed passport you had was booked in Jordan you tuned your assault down. Well, between you and I you know one day you will end up moving back there. Do you think in a few years when americans increase their harassment of us you will stay. I bet your paper is monitored by the FBI for everything you write and publish.
They will get you along with the rest of us. So, why not start minding the relation you broke with Jordan. In this case I wish you best of luck and I agree that your passport should not have been confiscated. This is not what Jordan is about. Jordan always opened it's doors to Palestinians and should never close them.

4. Don't be now claiming to be the official representative of Jordanians human rights issue. Assume this position for Palestinians. Palestinians need you to defend their human rights against jews on the land of Palestine, their own country. Plus, why do not write to george bush or about george. Cut him down as you do with Arab leaders. Send him a letter to tell him he has to stop supporting the terrorist jewish entity on the land of Palestine and to stop calling Palestinians Terrorists because they are defending their land from occupation. And send copies of your letter to the media in and out side of the US. I know a score of people who will rally behind you.

5. Make the changes and keep up the comedy you publish on line.
I started to like you, and I'm not kidding. I never saw the humor in your writing before. I'm changing my opinion of you. I thought you were just a Palestinian full of hatred.

Thank you Abu Al-Fawz,

Date: 3/17/02 13:56:42 Central Standard Time
From: (nasri)

dear sir salaam
I want to thank you for your effort to educate Arabs.
I have a question for you (do you a email address for His Majesty (Abu Alragab) this bloodyt

Subj: Toujan Faisal's Arrest
Date: 3/18/02 01:35:36 Central Standard Time
From: (Kal Mustafa)

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my disgust for the reports of the arrest of Toujan Faisal. This is a government and a kingdom without shame and decency. Jordan became just a whore house for thieves and corrupt bastards.
How can they do this to this fantastic and loyal jordanian citizen? She has entered history as the first woman in parliament, shame on them.
I noted that the prosecutor who ordered her arrest named "Mohannad Hijazi" is the same prosecutor who run the play of arresting and charging Mr. Laith Shbilat another opposition leader and outspoken ex-member of parliament.
Yes Tojan, all we need is a revolution in Jordan from South to North to clean the country from the corrupt bastards starting from the head. Yes, from the head I mean from the king who plays a fool, as if he lives in Srilanka and does not what is going on. In fact all what happens is a direct orders from him.
Fuck Abu-El-Ragib, Fuck the Jordanian legal system, Fuck the Queen, and Fuck every Jordanian who accept to live under the authority of these bastards.
Long live to Toujan Faisal,
Long Live to Laith Shbilat.
Long live to free and democratic Jordan, free of corruptions and thieves.
Khaled El-Kilany
Notice: I might add Fuck you too, if you don't publish this message !!!

Subj: Keep up the good work
Date: 3/18/02 11:21:18 Central Standard Time
From: Steel4zack

Dear sirs,
One of friends told a bout your web site and i checked it out, it was very cool indeed
and i told my self there there is a light at the end of the tunnel.I would like to express my deepest and utmost support to your paper and further more offer my help to your valuable site.With regard to your article about Mrs. Toujan Faisal I've had the hounor to meet here once and since then i called here the freedom voice in a country who has been for decades oppressed and manipulated by thugs and i mean not particulary Jordan but the whole arab world,and the it's about time to bring about changes to this sitaution.As arabs we merit better leadres and we need to speak out, becuase freedom and democracy are earned,not given by our puppet leadres.
I urge sir to have the whole world know about Toujan Faisal's lock up where in my openion should be in that countries leader's shoes.My final word to my arab world we should earn our freedom and democracy and not wait for somebody else to offer it to us.
Than you for your time

Subj: Miss Faisal
Date: 3/19/02 04:01:13 Central Standard Time
From: (rifat mustafa)

Dear Sir,Madam,

I strongly condemn the arrest of the first woman elected to Jordan
parliament Miss Toujan Faisal. Her arrest is the last nail in the coffinn of
our democracy.

Toujan is an international figure and a clean citizen who has been exposing
corruption and violations of human rights.

As a jordanian I am ashamed and I call upon the government to relase
immediately and to drop the silly charges against her, before further damage
is done to the remaining of our reputation.

Her arrest is clearly, politically motivated and will serve no purpose but
to portray Jordan as police state, where no one can express freely his/her

In the 21 century, no one can hide the truth. It's time to stop these
undemocratic actions against opposition figures.



Date: 3/19/02 09:41:22 Central Standard Time
From: (rifat mustafa)

Dear Sir,

Toujan Faisal is a prominent ex-MP and outspoken Jordanian opposition figure. She has been arrested and charged for allegedly harming the reputation of the government of Jordan. She has been denied bail for the second day.

All of this because she dared to publicly write to king Abdullah urging him to investigate corruption and misuse of power by the current government.

This is a politically motivated arrest and the charges are false and ridiculous.

I may ask the King what he thinks of this case, and how these actions can be justified in the new democratic Jordan that he is trying to sell to the world.

Your site has on previous occasion described the king as "young clean and not corrupt", well I don't think so. We judge the king by the actions of his trusted government that he had chosen. This government is corrupt and oppressive. It locks up honest Jordanians and let go dirty and corrupt elements.

Let us protest loudly her arrest and demand that this mother goes home to her kids, and to detain those who are behind her ordeal.....we know them, but do we dare to publish names?

Five criminals are running the country from behind the scene and here they are:
1. Zaid Al-Rifai
2. Abdulhadi Al-Majali
3. Ali Abu-Alraghib
4. Zaid Bin Shaker
5. Salameh Hammad

The opposition had always maintained that they will never attempt to take up arms against the government and that any changes should be made via the peaceful means and from within. Now that the government has changed the rules and putting people in jails for just protesting, I think that the old rules do not apply any more. Only force will salvage our nation from this corrupt family that treats Jordan as a farm.

Long live Toujan Faisal
long live the patient Jordanian people
Shame on the Jordanian government and the ruling family.

Dr. Rami Hasanat

Thank you

Subj: Tujan Faisal's case , Attn. Dr. Osama Fawzi
Date: 3/20/02 00:41:05 Central Standard Time
From: (Reversi Unlimited)

Dear Dr. Osama,

I happened to have been following up on Tujan Faisal's case , and to be specific , on BBC arabic , I read a news article mentioning that the reason behind detaining Tujan was that she published an article in a website in Houston,Texas , insulting the government.
It seems like the article INTENTIONALLY ommitted the name and address of that website , namely

Dr. Osama , the highly immature action that Mr. Ali Abu Al Ragheb has taken is a very good opportunity for all of us seeking the truth to escalate the issue.
Don't you think it is an excellent idea to contact and request that the address of that website in Houston be mentioned in the next news items regarding Tujan's issue ?

The following link will take you to the news article that I'm talking about :

Wishing your good self and Arabtimes long life and prosperity .

Your's faithfully,
An Arab.


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