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Date: 1/4/02 16:18:26 Central Standard Time
From: (amina abdullah)

A few days back I happened to know about Kuwait Fund which is working a lot to help people abroad and was happy to hear about it. But then a thought came to mind that charity begins at home. And for Kuwait I think it should begin with the people leaving in Kuwait. I guess the present Kuwait is doing a great job in taking care of the Kuwaiti citizens but the non Kuwaiti citizen's r being ignored completely.
I am trying to delay my message to the higher authorities of Kuwait about the problems faced by the people living in the state. I don't want any feedback in respond to this letter, just actions. I am not sure whether this is the first time of this type a letter being written to you. But for me this is my first attempt. I am here to discuss the various problems being faced by the expiates in Kuwait. I know my this letter is going to b like a needle in a hay stake, but there is a hope that may be someone will feel this needle. Without wasting anytime I will directly jump on them.
Pakistani Visas: For quiet a long time visas for Pakistanis have been closed, for certain reasons. But respected authority holders by doing so cruelty is being done on many parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and even children living in Kuwait, many of whose relatives also spent their whole lives in Kuwait, and due to certain reasons their visas expired and are now not allowed to enter Kuwait. Many of these victims are young students gone abroad for higher education.
Respected authorities I agree that prevention is the best medicine, but there has to be some space for filtration too. By closing all doors and windows you may prevent germs from entering the room, but along with it oxygen is also prevented. The best way is to filter air. In real life I request to permit visas to all the youngsters gone for education and to families. For prevention take interviews of the sponsors and the requesters.
For satisfaction check the character records etc. Trust me there are many innocent families suffering due to this law. If you want to prevent, stop the illerate working bachelors who bring drugs along With them from entering the state.
Education: This is the most important issue especially in the today's world. This is the problem of all the expiates and is being ignored for many years. The education till higher school is available in Kuwait but what after that??? There is a University in Kuwait, but for Kuwaitis only.
Believe me people outside Kuwait, even people of less developed countries get very surprised, when they are told that a rich and prosperous country like Kuwait has no satisfying higher education system for the expiates. There are many expiate students who would like to continue their education by staying with their families and home (in Kuwait) but are not given such opportunity. Kuwait you have money and can easily hire the best facility and teachers from abroad at any time. And there are students willing to get admitted too any time. I request to open the Kuwait University for all. Believe me open the admission from today and you will find many students willing to even get their credit hours transfer here. By January u can build a whole new world of education at Kuwait University.
And that day might not be far when Kuwait University might the top university and different science inventory be generated from Here.
Equality and Nationality: Another important topic is the rejection of giving Kuwaiti nationality. Now in Kuwait there are many people from different countries being seen, many of them have spent most of their lives in Kuwait and think of Kuwait as their motherland. Don't you think it is unjust that after spending 10-20 years, still they are not permitted Kuwaiti nationality? If seen around the world all the prosperous countries like US, UK and Canada do this, even less developing countries also do this. Then why a rich, propose and an "Islamic" country like Kuwait won't accept expiates. I think all rich, propose and "Islamic" countries shouldn't have any objection on it. When unislamic counties don't distinguish between color, region or religion, then why should an "Islamic" country??
Only expensive shopping malls is not a developed country's signature there is more to it too. Like equality!. At present in Kuwait there are differences in law of health, education, property owning for the Kuwaiti nationality and the expiates. The present rule of Kuwait teaches its new generation only to discriminate and inequality, which I think is not correct.
I think people who have spent more then 5 years in Kuwait should be given Kuwaiti nationality and the difference in the rule in the state should be abolished as soon as possible.
The maids and less educated labors are not taken good care of, with less money paid and lot of hard work taken from them.
Tension at Border: This topic is related directly to Kuwait's safety, as by now it must be clear that I am an expiate, who has lived all her life in Kuwait, but I am concern with Kuwait's future. 1990 was a bad year for Kuwait, but now this is the past and it can't be changed but the future can be changed. Right now I don't see Kuwait's future as bright as it should have been with all the economic tensions and tax issues. All this is due to tension with Iraq. The future can only be changed by forgetting the pains and anger, and forwarding a hand of friendship towards Iraq. The present situation will do no good to any one but will worsen the situation, as it was been since 1990. This is a very difficult job, but I think should be done for the best of the economy, safety and future of Kuwait. I think this is where the Holy Hadith fits that the most powerful is that who forgive the others.
All the respected ministers, authority holders and the readers, the purpose of this letter is not to offense anyone or to humiliate but only to speak up what has been bothering me and many other people living in the state under your supervisions. I know many people will object on it or this letter might never be even shown up, but I thought that I do my duty, by telling the truth of what I think is bothering some people and what should be done about it.
I know I am not one of the true Muslims as in the past and neither are the leaders and heads of Kuwait like the Caliphs in the past, but I know one thing that you and I are Muslims, and we have the education of the Holy Quran and Hadith. Thus I see a ray of hope that you might understand. I request that today you stay back for work to find solutions to the problems and within a day or two solve them out. If tried the solutions can be found in a day even. By pending them nothing will happen. I know for many all this is nonsense, and waste of time, for others impossible, but for some it might be the right thing. Remember truth is never sweet. The expiates have waited a lot already .I think now its time to do something about it, so that the coming years can be problem free for them.
May Allah help you all in making the right decision Amen.
In case any ones feeling has been hurt I am sorry for that.
Thank you for listening to me. Praying that may be you will show courage in solving this problem as I have with showing the problems, plz do something

Subj: From palastenian girl!!
Date: 1/6/02 04:32:59 Central Standard Time
From: (niveen tamimi)

For arabtimes team,
firstly salamaty........
I'm palastenian girl and live in palestine , i live the situation here every day and see every thing hapened.......and i'm talent and have hoops in drawing......and now i'm drawing the political caricatures, i went to local newspapers, and many times since al-intifadda started... but no way, was forbidden from puplishing because it's political..... so i went to all the ways but useless, so would you please in AL-Arab Times Newspaper help me to puplish my caricatures and will be thankfull...... please ,
i really ned your help to puplish my caricatures.......i admire by your newspaper, so can u help me please??????
And please would u reply on me ????????
Palastinian girl ......
Niveen Al-Tamimi
Hebron - Palestine.

Subj: Thanks For Arabtimes.
Date: 1/6/02 18:14:32 Central Standard Time
From: (mike hananya)

Dear Sir.
Thanks too much for your newspaper really it is the hart of truth. I am a Muslim person working as a Dr. Engineer in Electrical generation systems. Hence thanking you for your web site and highly appreciated for this answer for this low level persons from Arabs which they are talking about nothing believe me if they wanna us to success in future we should have a new generation on highly educated people really I mean it highly educated people in dialogs like this persons in Arab times people they know what they are talking about. You know how to deal with Arab mentality. By the way I am Arab too (this is unfortunately)
Best regards, for your teem.
Dr. Engineer. M. Hananya

Subj: back off.
Date: 1/8/02 08:44:46 Central Standard Time
From: (zeyad faisal al azzam)

my name is SUHAIB AHMAD ANAQREH from JORDAN . i just want to tell you to back off and to stop your cheap comments about Dr. AL-QARDAWI and IBN LADEN because with such trusty people we arabs and muslims can stand and face our enemies .
I 'd like to assure you that cowereds like you would have a different opinions if they 'd have been living in any arabian country .
my e-mail is :
so just think twice before saying anything about honest people.
suhaib ahmad anaqreh
p.o box 1500
irbid - JORDAN .

Date: 1/9/02 10:44:08 Central Standard Time
From: (ali usama)

In the name of Almighty Allah,most merciful,most beneficial...
Dear usama Fawzi,
I'm a proud reader of arabtimes newspaper,i always respected your ideas and honest opinions,however animals like our rulers do piss the hell out of me,they humiliated islam,and honored kuffars,the enemies of Allah,people who rose up against them were simply killed,their only sin was to say the Allah is one and only and Our most honored prophet Mohammad(peace be upon him) is his most beloved prophet of all...
i read your article about the mama rania's hijab issue,when i read it, i was thinking to myself:"these kafir rulers not only they blew off the light of islam on earth,but now are they even trying to change the rules of islam??"...
I want to please get some answers from her perverted so-called majesty, why are you getting answers and comebacks to support your opinion about hijab from a demon-possessed man??In case if the news i heard is true, then i hope from almighty Allah to contain both of you(and your midget husband)in the bottom depths of hellfire,may Allah curse you...
Your of palestinian Blood,and yet did you raise a finger to help your muslim brothers and sisters in palestine or afghanistan??Did you forget that you married to the son a freemason tyrant??Please learn first to cover your ass away from public magazines before giving any ideas about hijab nor islam,may curse you and your husband and all of out traitor rulers inshallah...
You don't know hijab is a Fard??in your letter you said that there is no need of Sunna and the opinion of scholars as long as we Carry the great quran!!so from where then do you get to know the Asr and Duhr and ishaa prayer are four times a day??from the mohammad's(peace be upon him)sunna or from matar khalifa??(i hope that you know the prayers are fard too!!)...
I hope from Usama fawza to continue his "flaming" words against the animalistic so-called royal family of Jordan,and not to get soft on them ever...
from me,and from every sincere muslim on this earth,i wish if you were infront of me so that i can spit and step over your face,and i wish if your midget husband is infront of me so that i can slice his ugly head off... Mr. Usama fawzi publish my letter and fear no one but Almighty Allah,and may Allah burn the light of islam on earth stronger and eliminate our dectator unjust tyrants soon and may allah spread the religion of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) wider on earth.
Ameen O' Almighty Allah...
My last advice to mama rania,hope you repent inshallah and redeem yourself infront of your creator Almighty Allah,its not late,Allah's mercy is much too larger than anything...
If you don't,then i hope from Almighty Allah to pour His wrath on you and on every enemy of islam like you and contain you in the blazing hellfire,your perverted majesty...
Thanks for Dr. usama fawzi for making his website possible,and to let his muslim brothers from all over the world to unite against every enemy of islam...
Salam allykum...

Date: 1/13/02 13:05:04 Central Standard Time
From: (Khalil Mukhalalati)

Greetings to Arabtimes,
Arabtimes never mentions a positive thing about Yasser Arafat and his leaders in the authority. Why dont you wirte about the weapons deal between Iran and Palestian Authority??
Who has enough money to purchase 50 tonnes of weapons??
Who has enough money to purchase these weapons more than one time??
Who has the power in trying to blow up Daymona nuclear reactor in israel??
So please before judging who is Yasser Arafat please take ALL FACTS into consideration...
All what he is doing infront of TV is politics and politics is all acting. Take the other side of him...his real side...
My best regards goes to Osama Fawzi for trying to reveal the truth.

Subj: Arrest Of Fahd Rimawi
Date: 1/13/02 17:26:39 Central Standard Time
From: (Hisham Bustani)

The Editor-in-Chief of Al-Majd Weekly Arrested
+ Please Forward
Amman, Sunday, January 13, 2002
This mourning, the well-known journalist Mr. Fahd Al-Rimawi, the Editor-in-Chief of the weekly progressive newspaper "Al-Majd", was arrested and imprisoned in Al-Jwaideh prison (a prison specific for those awaiting trial).
Arrest reasons still unclear, it is presumed that this is a reaction to his recent article in "Al-Majd" (in which he criticized the government), and based on violating the new un-constitutional temporary Penal Code which has a wide list of publishing and opinion "sins" which incriminates even the slightest criticism of the regime and government.
Mr. Rimawi will be detained for 15 days pending.
More information will come your way by tomorrow as the picture clears. Regards,
Dr. Hisham Bustani

Subj: please whrite my comback in arbic
Date: 1/15/02 09:47:15 Central Standard Time
From: (Mostafa Karim)

hi osama fawzi i dont know way dou you want no to sppek about TUNISIA ,she hese new dictator is the crazy BEN ALI the new( ZINOWIC) way have you problem just with UAE or JORDAN and you have to forget this cuntry.Im sorry because my englisch is bad .
hello osama fawzi je ne sais pas pourquoi tu n´écris pas sur la tunisie ce beau pays qui vive sous les griffes d´un dictator BEN ALI ou le nouveau( ZINOWIC) pourquoi tu as seulement probléme avec UAE ou la JORDANI est tu as oubliée se beau pay la tunisie.dans un pays ou les droits de l´homme sont écraser par se dictator ou les innocents sans mise deriére les barreaus de prison sans aucune crois tu as plus de detailles mieux que mois.alors si vraiemnet tu veux donner une belle réputition pour ton jornal écrit sur tous les pays.avec tout mes remerciment.
Hallo osama fawzi ich wollte wissen warum schreibst du nicht über tunisien,sie hat ein neu dictator BEN Ali oder die neu(ZINOWIC) warum hast du probleme nur mit UAE oder jordanien und hast verge?en zu schreiben über tunisien , hast du kein grund was gibt es im tuniesen ist mehr schlimmer als UAE oder jordanien.kannst du lesen was ist geschriben über den gefagnis und was passiert jetzt wegen 2004 bitte mu?en sie riagieren .danke sehr

Subj: Jordan: CPJ Protests Detention of Editor
Date: 1/15/02 16:43:23 Central Standard Time
From: (Hani Sabra)

Committee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA Phone: (212) 465-1004 Fax: (212) 465-9568 Web: E-Mail:
January 15, 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Hussein C/o His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Marwan Muasher
3504 International Drive, NW
Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Washington, D.C. 20008
Via facsimile: 202-966-3110
Your Majesty:
The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is writing to protest the recent arrest of Fahd al-Rimawi, editor of the weekly newspaper Al-Majd.
On January 13, according to press reports and CPJ sources, a State Security Court prosecutor in Amman summoned al-Rimawi and accused him of publishing "false information," an offense under Jordan's Penal Code. He was subsequently ordered detained for 15 days for questioning.
The arrest resulted from several Al-Majd articles that criticized the government of Prime Minister Ali Aboul Ragheb. One article quoted local sources who claimed, correctly as it turned out, that the government would soon be replaced.
Al-Rimawi is being held in Amman's Juwaydeh Prison. If convicted, he could face a prison sentence and a stiff fine under new Penal Code provisions.
As a nonpartisan organization of journalists dedicated to defending press freedom worldwide, CPJ views the arrest of Fahd al-Rimawi as a grave threat to press freedom in Jordan. Journalists should never be deprived of their liberty for carrying out their professional work. Such actions violate basic international norms for freedom of expression and can only inhibit the free circulation of news and opinion.
Your Majesty has stated on more than one occasion that the "sky is the limit" for press freedom in Jordan. In this spirit, we urge you to ensure that Fahd al-Rimawi is released immediately.
Ann Cooper
Executive Director

Subj: good work
Date: 1/20/02 05:00:01 Central Standard Time
From: (Amine Mehablia)

Salam Gents and ladies
Please keep the good work, what's happening in the gulf region is unacceptable. The wealth of the arab world is going somewhere else. I hope the arab world will get rid of these sheiks one day and the abuse of the power they have over their population. These sheiks are here to obey and please their master the west, and May Allah will take them way from this Ummah.
Best Regards
Amine Mehablia, PhD
Elite Computer Solutions
Senior IT Security Consultant
Address : Al -Umam Commercial Center
Siteen Street Suite # 203
POBox 58915 Riyadh 11515 Saudi Arabia

Tel : (966 1) 4725240 Ext : 37
Fax : (966 1) 4725245
Mobile : (966) 53225608
Email :
There Is Always Light At The End Of Th


Subj: Tujan Faisal's case , Attn. Dr. Osama Fawzi
Date: 3/20/02 00:41:05 Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Dr. Osama,

I happened to have been following up on Tujan Faisal's
case , and to be specific , on BBC arabic , I read a
news article mentioning that the reason behind
detaining Tujan was that she published an article in a
website in Houston,Texas , insulting the government.
It seems like the article INTENTIONALLY ommitted the
name and address of that website , namely

Dr. Osama , the highly immature action that Mr. Ali
Abu Al Ragheb has taken is a very good opportunity for
all of us seeking the truth to escalate the issue.
Don't you think it is an excellent idea to contact and request that the address of that
website in Houston be mentioned in the next news items
regarding Tujan's issue ?

The following link will take you to the news article
that I'm talking about :

Wishing your good self and Arabtimes long life and
prosperity .

Your's faithfully,
An Arab



Subj: Jordan: CPJ alarmed by press crackdown
Date: 3/20/02 17:53:24 Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Committee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA Phone: (212) 465-1004
Fax: (212) 465-9568 Web: E-Mail: Contact: Joel Campagna
Telephone: (212) 465-1004 x103,

Jordan: CPJ alarmed by press crackdown
New York, March 20, 2002-The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is alarmed by increasing state restrictions on the press in Jordan, including the detention of some journalists and the harassment of others by security agents.

On March 17, a State Security Court prosecutor imposed a 15-day detention on Hashem Khalidi, editor of the weekly newspaper Al-Bilad. Khalidi is being investigated on charges of publishing "false information" and harming the "honor or reputation of the government and its officials." The charges are based on an article that Khalidi published under his own byline alleging that unnamed officials with close personal connections to the insurance industry would benefit from a recent government decision to increase mandatory insurance rates on vehicles.

After the article appeared, Khalidi received a call from Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb, who complained about the article and warned Khalidi that he could expect to be the subject of a criminal investigation, according to sources at Al-Bilad.

Sources at the paper told CPJ that authorities have agreed to accept bail, and that they expect Khalidi to be released by tomorrow.
On March 18, Al-Bilad's owner, Tajeddin Hroub, was detained overnight for questioning in connection with Khalidi's article.

Under harsh new Penal Code amendments adopted last fall, both men face prison terms of three to six months and fines of 5,000 Jordanian dinars (about US $7,000) if charged and convicted.

In a separate incident, former member of Parliament Toujan Faisal was detained on March 16 on the charge of "publishing materials deemed harmful to the country's reputation and that of its citizens," her lawyer told CPJ.

The charge stemmed from an open letter to King Abdullah accusing government officials of corruption that was published in the Houston-based, Arabic-language online newspaper Arab Times.

Faisal had also criticized the Jordanian judiciary during appearances on regional television stations, according to The Jordan Times. Faisal is reportedly on a hunger strike to protest her detention.
"In order for a free press to thrive, all Jordanians must be free to express
their opinions, even those that happen to embarrass government officials,"
said CPJ executive director Ann Cooper. "We call on Jordanian authorities to
release Khalidi and Faisal immediately."

These detentions follow several troubling incidents in which Jordanian authorities have harassed working journalists in response to their coverage of pro-Palestinian demonstrations and other local issues. CPJ protested these incidents in a March 5 letter to King Abdullah.

On March 10, security forces confiscated the camera equipment of journalists working with APTN, Reuters TV, and Abu Dhabi TV after they filmed a pro-Palestinian rally at Jordan University. The cameras were returned without the tapes approximately 45 minutes later.

On March 5, Jordanian authorities confiscated Reuters footage of pro-Palestinian students demonstrating at Jordan University from a Reuters crew. Earlier that day, state-run Jordan TV (JTV) barred Reuters TV, Associated Press Television News (APTN), and Al-Jazeera from using its facilities to transmit footage of the demonstrations.

On March 3, the State Security Court banned the publication of the March 4 issue of the weekly Al-Majd unless the paper's management agreed to remove two articles about alleged government corruption.

On January 13, a State Security Court prosecutor in Amman summoned Al-Majd editor Fahd al-Rimawi and accused him of publishing "false information." He was subsequently ordered detained for 15 days for questioning.

For more information about press freedom conditions in Jordan, visit
<>. CPJ is a New York-based, independent, nonprofit organization
that works to safeguard press freedom worldwide.

Subj: Our Jordanian Icon
Date: 3/22/02 06:04:25 Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Dr. Osama Fawzi,
Dear Arab Times staff,

I have been following with admiration your fantastic support for Toujan Faisal and your wide coverage of her story. You are proving once again that you are always one step ahead of others, when it comes to national issues.

I am full of dismay, anger and disbelief that the thugs who governed Jordan, have done this to Toujan. Since I was a little kid, I used to see Toujan on T.v running a weekly show about women, education, and social problems. I grew up with her program.

I was a teenager, when ugly looking men with long white beards, turbans and smelly clothes distributed rumors that Toujan is no longer a moslem. They claimed that she called for women to marry more than one man. I laughed at the idea, I really thought it was funny. Although, I did not belief what "Moslem Brothers" said about Toujan I thought It was a good idea.... Just to embarrass those "idiots" who normally have more than one wife.

In protest against those so called "Moslem brothers" I boycotted my local mosque !! and never entered a mosque since. I was a devoted moslem, I became just statistics !!

Before I know it, I graduated from school and university and started to work. Toujan was working too, for all of us. I gave her my vote when she ran and win the elections. In fact I forged a "house rent contract" indicating that I live in Amman's third electorate ares where Toujan ran as an independent, just to give her my vote.

She won a seat and I felt ecstatic. I followed her performance in Parliament, and how the same ugly men with white and red beards launched a campaign against her. One stupid Bedouin who couldn't write his own name "Mihjem Al-Khrisha"was MP with Toujan, he once threw a heavy ash tray narrowly missing Toujan during a meeting at the parliament.All men supported that Bedouin against Toujan, he was not disciplined..but said sorry to her publicly under the dom of parliament.

I got married and Toujan ran for elections for the second time. This time the government forged without shame the elections ensuring she is not in the parliament again causing headache to men !!!

Once I was in the States and some American friends asked me about our "Iron Woman" meaning Toujan. I told them she was strong, fair and beautiful, unlike the English Version!!

Toujan is part of our modern history, she has always been the conscience of our people, the voice for those who have no voice.Beautiful like a model on a cat walk, roaring like a lion in the parliament. All wanted her head in a rare display of national unity!! the same moslem-brothers, communists, Bedouins, the government(s), the palace and most members of parliaments, all wanted her head.

She embarrassed those in parliament when she once was described by a local news paper as the "Only man In parliament".

I was having my morning coffee when I heard about her arrest and the charges brought against her. They are accusing her of damaging the reputation of the government !! Hang on.... This government does not have a reputation at all. It has only a notorious reputation for being corrupt and undemocratic.

I am sad, that we treat our best women like this.The government wants Toujan to mind her own business, may be in the kitchen, and leave politics to men.

Those men who destroyed the country and turned Jordan to one of the most countries in the world. A country with huge national debt. A country that accepts free oil from Iraq but supports an aggression against the axe of evil. A country where one in two Jordanians have filed in the intelligence department. A country that never won a war, but the first to sign a peace treaty with Israel. A country run by a handful of corrupt men in black suits sun glasses. A country that can replace it's waiting crown prince with a rally- driver with no explanations. A country that opens it's jails for honest people, opposition and journalists and it's banks safes for thieves and thugs.
A country where a judge get his orders over the phone from a junior intelligence officer to pass sentencing.

After all it's the country that jails it's icon. Instead of erecting a monument for Toujan outside parliament house for being the first ever women to enter parliament, they put her in jail !!!

Smile Toujan, you will win....
Smile Toujan one day the honest Jordanian people will erect your over due statue.
Smile Toujan, you scare all the corrupts even when you are in jail.
Smile Toujan, jail in Jordan is not for criminals as the rest of the world, it's only for honest citizens.
Smile Toujan, you are in "Jwaideh" school of all loyal Jordanians.

We wait for you to lead us, to teach us how to be men again !!

Eng: Osama Nabilsi


To: Human rights watch-USA

Dear Sir, Madam,
As you might be aware, human rights violations in jordan are daily
occurrences. Few weeks ago, the regime detained Miss Toujan Faisal,a former
MP and an outspoken opposition figure and the first woman to be elected to
parliament, for her attempts to expose corruption within the government.
Miss Toujan was arrested and humiliated for writing an article on Arab times
web site, urging the King to intervene.

Miss Toujan was released after her health was deteriorated rapidly as a
result of her hunger strike in detention. She was released for less than 48
hours before she was detained again for her attempt to organize a media
conference to explain the circumstances of her detention. She is now in
jail, and visits to her are forbidden.

The regime in Jordan did not stop there, last week Dr. Hisham Bustani a
human rights activist and Engineer Shadi Mdanat were detained by preventive
security without a warrant for their role in monitoring and collecting
evidence about students demonstrations that were oppressed harshly by riot

Dr. Hisham Bustani was detained for another unknown reason. He was
campaigning loudly and with great courage for the release of miss Toujan.
His arrest is an attempt to intimidate him and in his person every
opposition to the government. The message was sent by detaining Dr. Hisham
is "No body is out of reach, not even human rights activists".

I urge you to investigate these human rights violations in Jordan. These are
just a sample of the widespread oppression by the security and intelligence
apparatus.Please expose the regime and the government in your reports. This
is one of the worst regimes in the middle east, if not in the world. They
rectify one agreement on human right for propagandas purposes, only to
dishonest the same agreement the next day.

Down with oppression in Jordan,
Freedom to Toujan Faisal,
Freedom to Dr. Hisham Bustani
Freedom to all political prisoners in Jordan.

Kind regards,



To: Human Rights Watch- New York

Dear Sir, Madam
I admire your fantastic work in promoting human rights and exposing
undemocratic and inhumane treatments of people regardless of sex, religion
or color.

However, I am disturbed for your organizations silence with regard to the
mistreatment of Miss Toujan Faisal, an ex-MP and the first woman elected to
parliament in Jordan.

Miss Faisal is an opposition figure. She has been detained, mistreated and
humiliated for politically motivated reasons.She is on trial now in a state
security court on silly charges of spreading rumors harming the reputation
of the state. All of this because miss Toujan wrote a letter to the king
using a popular Internet site ( urging his majesty to
intervene and stop corruption widely reported about the performance of the

Miss Toujan does not work neither for the Police nor the military and she
was not charged of espionage to justify putting her on trial in a military
court. State security court and its prosecution are well known tools
manipulated by the government to deal with opposition figures and political

I call upon you to investigate her case and the widespread human rights
violations against journalists, opposition figures, citizens of Palestinian
origins among others.

I have not heard yet, of your activity in trying to apply pressure on the
Jordanian government to free Toujan. If you did campaigned for her release,
please direct me to find the relevant material, as I could find nothing on
your website regarding her case.

I trust you will give this matter your urgent attention.


Osama Nabilsi


His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Hussein,King of Jordan

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists is and Arab non-governmental institution concerned with the promotion and protection of human rights activists and the mechanisms of civil society in the Arab world against any violation. As we are fully aware of your majesty's respect for the rights and dignity of your subjects, according to the Jordanian constitution, as well as your respect to the fact that the development of nations is the mirror of their citizens' margin of freedom protected by the constitution and the international agreements, which your majesty has ratified, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists, and all the regional and international human rights and civil society institutions, wish to express their concern about the final sentence against Ms. Toujan Al-Faisal.

Ms. Toujan Al-Faisal was sentenced Eighteen months on the background of her right to freely express herself. The sentence is final without a right to appeal. The whole process has witnessed numerous legal and administrative fallacies and violations, according to the international reports and the feedback of the observers. That eventually led the Defense team of Ms. Al-Faisal to withdraw, which weakened her position.

Thus, we appeal to your majesty for personal intervention against the legislations and the procedures that affect the freedom of expression and can be used against the activists, like what happened in the case of Ms. Toujan Al-Faisal. Upon that, we call upon:

1- The release of Ms. Toujan Al-Faisal
2- The modification of the law of State Security Courts (Exceptional Legislation).
3- The cancellation of the clause 150 at the Jordanian Penal Law, which deactivated the Law of Publications, preventing harassment against Journalists.
4- The cancellation of the Laws that affect the dynamics and mechanisms of the civil society actors, such as: Associations, Parties, Syndicates, and peaceful demonstrations.
4- The cancellation of the Law 45 for the year 2001, regarding public meetings, which contradicts the Jordanian Constitution, and violates the clause 21 of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.

As, it has been clear within the regional and international legal circles that the violations against human rights and fundamental freedoms in Jordan has been increasing, the Arab Program for Human Rights Activists appeals to your majesty for the cancellation and the modification for all the non-democratic legislations, for the sake of the Jordanian reputation at the international arena, and we are sure that your majesty's wisdom will be always the asset of the Jordanian population.

Respects to your Royal Highness

The Arab Program for Human Rights Activists

PUBLIC AI Index: MDE 16/09/2002

UA 175/02 Prisoner of conscience/health concern/ill-treatment/ unfair trial 14 June 2002

JORDAN Toujan al-Faisal (f), aged 53

Prisoner of conscience Toujan al-Faisal was hospitalised on 9 June. She had been refusing prison food for around two weeks, after prison guards reportedly threatened to contaminate her food with dirt and other substances. She is protesting at her unfair trial and the conditions which she is being held in, at a women's prison in the capital, Amman.

Toujan al-Faisal was taken to the King Hussein Medical Centre in Amman reportedly suffering from high blood pressure, dehydration and exhaustion. She is reported to have suffered significant weight loss. She is continuing to refuse food but is reportedly being drip-fed. According to reports received by Amnesty International Toujan al-Faisal has been traumatized by her ill-treatment in the Jweideh Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation
Centre. She is apparently being punished for protesting against the loudspeaker calling people to the early morning prayer, which disrupted her

Toujan al-Faisal was detained on 16 March after she sent an email letter to the King, which was also published on a website: it was deemed to be defamatory to the state, since it accused the Prime Minister of "benefiting financially" from a government decision to double car insurance costs. She was released on bail on 27 March, but rearrested three days later. She has been in prison ever since.

Toujan al-Faisal was put on trial in April before the State Security Court in Amman. She was denied the right to call some key witnesses and the Court refused to accept affidavits and other documents for the defence.

Toujan al-Faisal was tried under laws introduced in October 2001, designed to restrict freedom of speech, already limited in Jordan, still further. On 16 May she was sentenced to one and a half years in prison, on charges which included "publishing material deemed harmful to the country's reputation and that of its citizens" and "tarnishing the Jordanian state". She was also convicted on a charge brought by the Governor of Jweideh Women's Correctional and Rehabilitation Centre of "uttering words" before another deemed to be "detrimental to his religious feeling". Apparently this charge related to her protest against the early morning call to prayer.

Amnesty International considers Toujan al-Faisal a prisoner of conscience detained solely for the non-violent expression of her political beliefs.

Toujan al-Faisal was sentenced under Article 150 of the Penal Code. In October 2001 this was expanded to cover a number of new and vaguely defined offences, and all offences under Article 150 were brought under the jurisdiction of the State Security Court.

The new offences included: "harming national unity"; "harming the prestige, integrity and reputation of the state"; "inciting disturbances, sit-downs and unauthorized public meetings"; "causing harm to the dignity, reputation or personal freedom of individuals"; "destabilizing society through the promotion of deviance and immorality"; and "dissemination of false information and rumours".

Amnesty International has expressed its concern that the new laws criminalize peaceful activities. They are also in breach of international human rights treaties, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Jordan is a State Party.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as possible, in Arabic, English or your own language:

- calling for Toujan al-Faisal to be released immediately and unconditionally, as she is a prisoner of conscience;
- expressing concern that Toujan al-Faisal has reportedly been ill-treated in prison;
- asking that she be well-treated according to international human rights treaties such as the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which Jordan has ratified;
- urging the authorities to ensure that while she remains in detention, Toujan al-Faisal is given adequate medical care;
- expressing concern that the new laws introduced in October 2001 breach international human rights treaties, including the ICCPR, to which Jordan is a state party;
- urging the authorities to amend the Penal Code and to bring the law in line with internationally recognized human rights standards.

His Majesty King 'Abdallah bin Hussein
Office of H.M. the King
Royal Palace
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Telegrams: King 'Abdallah bin Hussein, Amman, Jordan
Faxes: + 962 6 462 7421
Salutation: Your Majesty

Faris Nabulsi
Minister of Justice
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The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Telegrams: Justice Minister, Amman, Jordan
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Salutation: Your Excellency

Quftan al-Majali
Minister of Interior
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Dr Fayez Tarawneh
Chief of the Royal Court
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Her Majesty Queen Rania
President of the Royal Commission on Human Rights
Office of her Majesty the Queen
Royal Palace
The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Salutation: Your Majesty

and to diplomatic representatives of Jordan accredited to your country.




Amman- JordaCommittee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001 USA Phone: (212) 465-1004 Fax:
(212) 465-9568 Web: E-Mail:

May 17, 2002
His Majesty King Abdullah bin Hussein
Office of His Majesty the King
Royal Palace
Amman, Jordan
Via facsimile: 962-6-463-4755
Your Majesty:

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is writing to protest the
18-month prison sentence handed down yesterday against Toujan al-Faisal, a
writer and former member of Jordan's Parliament.

A State Security Court in Amman convicted al-Faisal of publishing "false
information abroad," "harming the dignity of the state and undermining the
reputation of the state and its individuals," and "incitement to unrest," a
source at the hearing told CPJ.

The case against al-Faisal came after she penned an open letter to Your
Majesty in the Houston-based online publication Arab Times in March accusing
Prime Minister Ali Aboul Ragheb of corruption.

In the letter, al-Faisal alleged that the prime minister owns several
insurance firms and stood to gain financially from a new mandatory increase
in insurance premiums for automobiles.

She had also recently criticized the Jordanian government on a number of
satellite television stations, including the Qatar-based satellite channel

Zayd al-Radaydeh, one of al-Faisal's lawyers, told CPJ that her entire
defense team refused to appear in court during last week's final two
sessions to protest what they saw as unfair proceedings.

Al-Radaydeh said that the team was prevented from mounting a proper defense
when the judges refused their requests to call Prime Minister Aboul Ragheb
as a witness.

Although Security Court decisions are considered final, al-Faisal's lawyers
told CPJ that they plan to submit an appeal to the Court of Cassation to
challenge the constitutionality of the laws under which al-Faisal was

Al-Faisal has been in detention since March 16.

Your Majesty has repeatedly stated that "the sky is the limit" for freedom
of expression and the press in Jordan. Yet in October 2001, the government
adopted harsh new Penal Code amendments to stifle the press.

Since then, a number of journalists have been arrested in connection with
their writing, and reporters and newspapers have been censored.

The use of criminal statutes to prosecute journalists for what they write
violates the right to free expression guaranteed under international law. We
remind Your Majesty that Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights guarantees the right to "seek, receive and impart information and
ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

As a nonpartisan organization of journalists dedicated to defending press
freedom worldwide, CPJ calls on Your Majesty to do everything within your
power to ensure that Toujan al-Faisal is freed immediately.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters. We look forward to
a reply.


Ann Cooper
Executive Director

American Society of Newspaper Editors
Amnesty International
Article 19 (United Kingdom)
Artikel 19 (The Netherlands)
Canadian Journalists for Free Expression
Freedom Forum
Freedom House
Human Rights Watch
Index on Censorship
International Center for Journalists
International Federation of Journalists
International PEN
International Press Institute
Lorne W. Craner, United States Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human
Rights, and Labor
The Newspaper Guild
The North American Broadcasters Association
Overseas Press Club
Reporters Sans Frontières
Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
The Society of Professional Journalists
World Association of Newspapers
Arab Times Newspaper -Houston

Hani Sabra
Middle East and North Africa

Committee to Protect Journalists
330 Seventh Avenue
12th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Tel: (212) 465-1004, x-104
Fax: (212) 465-9568

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