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Subj: Majali's article
Date: 2/9/02 12:10:35 Central Standard Time
From: (rawana r)

To the editor:
Dear Sir
I have just read ur article about the corruption in Jordan which is led primarily by prominent families (such as Majali, among others of course).
I want to draw to ur attention some information regarding the latest financial scandel in Jordan (that is between Al Ahli bank and Mr Majed Shamayleh-the owner and managing director for global business).
The above mentioned company was established in Amman few years back (cannot recall exactly, but I believe some 5 years ago). This company is being run by three brothers, namely, Majed, Amjad, Ayman. Majed is a former graduate from the Engineering Dept from Jordan University. Amjad, who is a well known officer at Jordan's secret intelligence department, graduated from the faculty of administrative sciences. Any Ayman, couldn't make it to a university. Simply, his Tawjihi average was not high enough to allow him to study at Jordan university. In fact, he did a diploma at كليه المجتمع العربي. After graduting from that college, Ayman worked as a body guard or a porter at the Marriot hotel prestiages night club (6 yrs ago).
Given Amjad's regular participation in the Jordan Rally's , he happens to become closely connected to his Royal Highness Prince Abdullah, which later became the King of Jordan. This relationship between the two encouraged Amjad Shamayleh to abuse his powers (as is always the case).
Amjad is also a close friend to Ma'aroof Abu Samar (whose father is a well known experienced person in money laudary and bribes-he had stolen almost US $24million from an American Bank in 1983.
You were completely right when u discribed the corruption in Jordan....the above is just an example of the case of Jordan.
Please keep up the good work-so that people become more aware of the surroundings
Best regards

Subj: hi
Date: 2/13/02 04:02:19 Central Standard Time
From: (samer said)

the only thing that i can say about u r newspaper that it is SHIT
with all my cock

Date: 2/15/02 23:52:20 Central Standard Time
To: (AMANA e-mail Members)

Assalam Alaikum
To: CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad
We have received your action alert # 321 Thank You!
The American Muslim Association of North America, AMANA will not support your Action Alert #321and alhamdulilla we did not support many of your past actions.
You have came to our communities and asked for donations and memberships and we have referred you few cases in the past and you did not stand for your words and you ignored the needy Muslims when they came to ask you for help. You came to our communities to collect and you have send us a letter asking us to look for local legal assistance.
Many reports we have received similar of what we experienced personally with CAIR. Some Muslim leaders are sharing with us the same feelings against you.
Since the 911, the Muslims around the nation have been going through hard time and the only thing you do is asking the Muslims to report whatever any bad incident might happened to them, but the question that you collect information for statistics only.
Many new laws came tough against Muslims and you just collecting information. Many detained Muslims in the prisons now! And you are just watching and collecting information. Please STOP collecting information and start meet your promises.
In your alert you asked the Imams to speak on the Khutbah about voting and for you to collect 100,000 names. What do you want the names for? Are you just collecting information! Allah knows best!
In the alert, CAIR said:
' to make our voices heard on a number of important issues. Voting, at both the local and national level, is the best way to accomplish that goal,"
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad.
The same words was said last election and what is the result!
The vote gave nothing to us but was used against Muslim.
Due to the consistent level of confusion people seem to have regarding CAIR's mission; we are hoping to get an official clarification.
Can you please clarify the stance on your reference towards getting people to vote; especially where it pertains towards insisting on using such a registration drive to commemorate one of our holiest holidays (Eid)? One of the concerns people have divulged to our office is that this holiday would be more appropriate towards encouraging people to bless their food, sacrifice, share and feed the poor.
Our community has supported CAIR's effort to vote Republican in order to attempt to repeal the 'Secret Evidence Act.' This effort has actually given the Bush campaign its full benefit (as they received the votes; and won). However, the results for the very same Muslims who voted have proven to have become worse. The alarming statistics reflects the rate of detention for Muslims has been increased 10,000% (that would be approx. 900 people). This astonishing number comes after a time period of only 18 months since your efforts.
If we, as a Muslim community, are to be further involved in the political system, wouldn't this one statistic indicate that Muslims should use a completely different method or leadership?
Whether we like it or not, many national Islamically-named organizations are using the banner of Islam, but are not coming forth with the example of Islam. We wait for you to give us the Islamic example of your strategies and intentions, and help break these facts, rumors and innuendos that we hear about groups like yours.
We are seeking more substance to the claims these organizations are making. Unfortunately, other examples, of which I am personally aware of, consist of your regional dinners and fundraising tactics at least give the impression that you are fighting for the cause of Muslims in this country whose rights were infringed upon. However, when cases come to your attention, they are quickly diverted elsewhere, and many times go without any attention, whether it be at the local level or at the national level.
So far it is a general understanding that we should not utilize the ways of the non-Muslims; but on Allah's (SWT) guidance in building our future. We aim to serve the non-Muslims, along with the Muslims; but as true believers, we have a divine methodology already prescribed. Your programs so far seem to mimic that of secular models we are hoping to someday change for the positive.
We anxiously await a public response to our letter to you addressing some of the concerns. If we do not hear from you within one week's time; we are to assume that these concerns are deemed frivolous and not valid. Insha-Allah, this is not the case.
May Allah (swt) give us our just reward and have mercy on our souls.
Br. Sofian Abdelaziz
The Shura Committee
TARGET: 100,000 Registered Muslim Voters
(WASHINGTON, D.C., 2/13/2002) - CAIR is calling on communities nationwide to register Muslim voters on Eid ul-Adha. We have established a link on our web site (http://www.cair- through which registered voters may add their names to a Muslim voter database, unregistered potential voters may access registration materials and Eid ul-Adha festival organizers may obtain information about setting up a voter registration drive. Our initial target is registering 100,000 voters.
To facilitate the registration effort, CAIR will also distribute an updated "American Muslim Voter Registration Guide," containing an explanation of why Muslims should participate in the political process, instructions on how to conduct a voter registration drive, a copy of the National Mail Voter Registration Form:, a candidate survey, and a voter registration log sheet.
(In two CAIR surveys of American Muslims, more than 95 percent of the respondents favored political participation.)
"Recent events and new government policies have served to spur already growing political participation by American Muslims. We have an obligation, because of the Islamic duty of 'enjoining good and prohibiting evil,' to make our voices heard on a number of important issues. Voting, at both the local and national level, is the best way to accomplish that goal,"
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad.
CAIR is asking khatibs nationwide to encourage voting in their khutbas on Eid ul-Adha. Eid festival organizers should also set up voter registration tables in bazaars.
"Read the Qur'an before judging Islam"
The AMANA Voice

Date: 2/16/02 15:26:08 Central Standard Time
From: (Mohamed Nezami, Ph.D.-EE)

Fruits of the American sponsored Arab dictatorship
by Mohamed Nezami
During the last 10 years, we have watched the world's political map change in countries where once tyrant and oppressive regimes have existed for decades. With the blessing of USA, Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America all have started selecting their own leaders, while their former dictators (like the current Arab leaders) who once freely oppressed and spread terror and corruption in their cities and villages are all now being prosecuted in civil courts for their crimes against humanity. Sadly in the Arab world the people are still living under tyranny of dictators in conjunction with a small layer of corrupt elite. These dictators are mainly either unconstitutional monarchs that consider the country their own personal property such as the case in Jordan, Saudi, and the rest of the little gulf satellite puppet states. Hence pass the tyranny and oppression of their subjects from father to son, or as a military style mad presidents who also have turned the country into a defacto monarchy, where the sons of the current president is on their way to carry the legacy of the tyrant fathers such as the case in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya. These dictators have maintained their illegitimate ruling with an inter-winded and overlapped security personnel that are very hard to bring down, specially considering that most of them have trained their palace dogs in USA or Britain and even maintain various intelligence relations with the US enforcement agencies.
While doing this, these dictators have exploited the county energy and resources into a single objective which is their own security. Most of the country's wealth is spent on protecting the dictator with the various layers of personal security and the large sums of money it spends on the layer of the elite to keep them loyal. The people of the middle east are very frustrated and have no one to turn to for help, but to wait ...! and hopelessly hope that time will turn things around. The people of the middle east now see that America advocates democracy values everywhere on this planet, except in the middle east. Most see that the USA is one of the factors that they can not remove the tyrants that have converted them into a disrespected and deprived human beings. This has resulted in great sheer of hate among Arabs toward USA. As a result the unemployed disrespected people in these countries are turning to Islam and in most cases their frustration and dismay turn them into fanatics so that they can fight back not only their corrupt leaders but with it the life line that sustain these corrupt monarchies, that is the USA.
In the hope for a united universe, one would wish that the American people would demand that their policy makers start not only blindly supporting the war against terrorism, but take a further look at the root causes of militants in Islamic and Arab countries. Perhaps congressmen should for a change try and help the Arab people join the rest of the civilized world so that they gain their independence from the current tyrannical regimes. By establishing democracy and eliminating the US short vision political objectives that the US for so long has maintained in the middle east which had fruited the unfortunate consequences that we have seen in NY. The Arabs can be turned into a universal American ally that will greatly enhance the US and Europe against other rival nations that are on the rise. But this ally can only be made of people who have liberty, freedom of press, an elected representatives and a president and not a dictated mad man or a wealthy king.
One may vision a very simple solution to the Arab Israeli conflict by which Israel's mad man is stopped, international troops are brought in to buffer Palestinians from Israelis, a removal of the root cause of the clashes which has been the occupation and the little Jewish settlements that have been implanted deep into the Palestinians neighborhoods, pouring large amount of cash to help Palestinians create a peaceful state, then perhaps Palestinian youth will be busy working a full-time Job along Israelis, while both have to make payment on the Honda they ride and the home they financed. By then Hammas will have no volunteers, since life would be too good to waste!.
In concluding, Americans and the rest of the civilized world may have a hard time believing that in this day in age, while we are on our way to ride space busses to tour the moon, in the Arab world, countries like Jordan and Saudi are jailing citizens for criticizing a minister or very often being jailed for several years if criticizing the kings who enjoys the status of being above the law along with the rest of the Royal family and their palace servants. Both countries among many, have no freedom of press and most of businesses are controlled by the king's elite with members of the royal family. A small layer in these countries, who occupy the high hills of the capital city enjoy the life of Beverly Hills while millions of peasants and Bedouins are being exploited with back breaking taxes and low wages so that the Royal families and their elite maintain this life style.
Then Americans should really not be surprised if Arabs living under this kind of tyranny and occupation carry out what leads to the most respected American ethic, "live free or die". I recall what Prince Hassan said on the Larry king show, " this attack [sept 9th] is an attack on our civilization", and I could hear the Beduins, the peasants and the refugees in Jordan saying, yes indeed your highness, but this attack is not on the civilized civilization, it is an attack out of rage at the civilization of dictators and occupiers.

Subj: Comments
Date: 2/17/02 04:35:04 Central Standard Time
From: (Christine Salman)

Dear Dr. Fawzi,
First of all, i would like to thank you very much for the best news that you have in your website, you and your full team,
Secondly, as a girl living in Palestine for 23 year which is my age and i will never think of leaving my country for any reason, i would like to point something to your goodself, regarding the story of abu shokri, i have to say that i don't even watch the Palestinian satallite channel as i'm not really a fan of the PNA representatives without excluding anyone of them, the thing is that not all the people here think in the same way abu shokri thinks or even the people who participates in this program whom i think are fake and were paid to call to the program as most programs do. which in my opinion is so much stupid to be shown on satellite TV or even Local TV.
Moreover, the intersting thing that you have on your website is that u always say the truth and i think that most of us here know it but prefer to ignore it.
from my work in an international co. owned by expatriate palestinians and do a lot to help in palestine, i worked with some names that you have mentioned in ur site even though i don't know them personally, but i know that what u say is the truth as most of my colleges do. last, hope that you keep doing what you are best in doing. With all my best regards,
Christine J. Salman

Subj: Can we have a place?
Date: 2/18/02 09:22:16 Central Standard Time
From: (Amro Noureldin)

Dear Ussama,
Firstly,I pray for you everyday that may God Bless and guide you in the right direction regardless of obstacles . You are carrying,in my opinion,a great message on your shoulders which is to kindle light in the dark area of the Middle East.0I greatly admire that you encourage tolerance,unity and peace between Arab people.I have faith that the fruits of all your good work are coming soon and all Arabs will enjoy reaping them.
I have a request to add our church site to the Christian sites among your Christian sites in your Internet pages.You can if you want add it also to radio and TV section as it contains life audio materials.The site is الاستماع العربي.The Arabic Presbyterian church of Toronto ,Canada produces this site on the Internet to help everyone to get his chance to know about Christianity.We work under strict ethical rules of providing the bible message without provoking or attacking other people's beliefs.
I wish if you accept my request as I know you , an open minded and helpful man. Although i do not know weather you are Muslim or Christian but what i know and sure of that you are bringing happiness and joy to millions of Arabs all over the world.God bless You. Amro Amin
225 Van Horne AV.#1007
M2J 2T9
TEL 416 494 57 19

Subj: Article
Date: 1/1/02 18:11:32 Central Standard Time
From: (ahmad abul-huda)

Assalamo Alaykum
Thank you for your wonderful website.
I remember Dr. Osama saying that he will write about TAWFIQ ABUL-HUDA, the x-prime minister of Jordan, some time.
Although I have requested to be informed when he does that. My question again...did he write this article and where can i find it on your website.
Ahmad Abul-Huda

Subj: Fwd: Fw:Nike against Islam
Date: 1/1/02 19:45:57 Central Standard Time
File: (102194 bytes) DL Time (115200 bps):

Dear brothers and sisters in Arab Times
I think you can play a very important role.
please pay attention to this e-mail and try to let teh people know what Nike company is doing
Dear Readers, In Islam, I am one of the many muslims who was hurt by Nike's ad which shows muslims prostrating to a woman in one of their brand jeans. I will remind you of what the Company NIKE did to muslims when they portray the name of Allah on one of their sports shoes. The result was that Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Gulf states including Saudi Arabia stopped importing Nike products. If you look carefully you will find that it was after that incident that Nike began to report earnings less than expected on the wall street which caused their stock price to tumble. The stock price has not recovered yet. Check it for yourselves. You owe this to your shareholders. If this picture reaches the governments of some of those countries I bet the fate of our company will not be much different from Nike. I am emailing this letter to as many muslims I can. Thank you for reading this letter.
P.S. to all muslim brothers and sisters who recieve this e-mail, please email this letter to as many people as you can Please donate 5 minutes of your precious time for the sake of Allah.

Subj: Reply to I ask you Not To Publish my name and email
Date: 1/2/02 08:41:49 Central Standard Time
From: (Her Majesty Queen Rania)

A Message from Her Majesty Queen Rania to Arab Times:
I ask you Not To Publish my name and email Said: "If you study the best interpretations of the Koran, which include Ibn Kathir, al-Tabari, al-Qortobi,
and Tafsir al-Jalalain, you will find that they differ with you in your understanding of the dress verses. Can we say that you are more knowledgeable than all those devout scholars, who devoted their entire lives to reading and studying the Koran? I don't think so."
And the answer is YES. I can say that I am more knowlegeable.

أشهر كتب تفسير القرآن هو كتاب إين كثير والذى يستشهد به كثير من علماء الدين التقليديين ، ففى هذا المرجع المشهور والذى كتب بعد مئات السنين من وفاة النبى محمد نقرأ أن الأرض محمولة على 40،000 قرن من القرون لثور واحد ضخم يقف على ظهر حوت كبير ( كما يظهر ذلك فى تفسير هذا الكتاب للآية الآولى من سورة القلم ) ومن أعجب العجائب أنه حديثا وفى نفس المكان الذى نزل فيه القرآن أعلن رئيس الجامعه الإسلاميه بالمدينه المنوره بالمملكة السعوديه الشيخ عبد العزيز بن باز فى سنه 1975 أن الأرض مستويه وليست كرويه وأنها لا تتحرك من مكانها

Subj: Queen Rania's comments on Hijab and the Holy Qur'an
Date: 1/3/02 12:16:35 Central Standard Time
From: (Mohammad Choudhury)

Dear Sir/Madam at Arabtimes:
I have read the comments and counter comments on the Hijab and several quotations from the Qur'an on this subject by the Queen and other persons in your Arabtimes. I would like that you would publish my comments on this issue. These are as follows:
Any Muslim who says that I want to follow only the Qur'an and no other things (i.e. Sunnah) basically would not follow the Qur'an. This is because in the Qur'an there are 27 places (Verses) where Allah says "Obey/follow Allah and obey/follow the Messenger". So a Muslim who would want to follow/obey Allah, he/she must follow/obey the Messenger. I will quote a few verses here:
"Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger (Muhammad, SAS), but if you turn away, then the duty of Our Messenger is only to convey (the Message) clearly" Surah At-Taghabun, Verse 12. Here it is Allah's order that we, Muslims, must obey Allah and must also obey His Messenger.
"O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger and turn not away from him (i.e. Muhammad, SAS) while you are hearing."[8:20] "O you who believe! Betray not Allah and His Messenger, nor betray knowingly your 'Amanat' (things entrusted to you, and all the duties which Allah has ordained for you)." [8:27]
"The Prophet (i.e. Muhammad, SAS)is closer to the believers than their ownselves......" [33:6](i.e.they need to obey him peoperly). "....And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad, SAS) gives you, take it,
and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it), and fear Allah. Verily, Allah is Severe in punishment" [59:7]
This verse [59:7] clearly orders us to obey and take for gurranted whatever the Messenger (Muhammad, SAS) has given and abstain from whatever he asked us to stay away from it. If we do not, then Allah is reminding us that He is Severe in punishment. This punishment may come here in this life, if not here, then it will surely come or be given by Allah in the life Hereafter. It is this life Hereafter that most of us forget, including the Queen and her advisers who helped her to write the wrong interpretation of the Qur'an, who forgot the life Hereafter. May Allah (SWT) give us the guidance and save us from the Hellfire. May the Queen and the advisers ask forgiveness from Allah (SWT) and withdraw the wrong comments and make an apology that they were wrong to be made through your estimed paper.
Sincerely yours: Mohammad S. Choudhury


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