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Date: 1/29/02 08:59:48 Central Standard Time
From: falyouna@hotmail.com (Adel Falyouna)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Dear Mr. Fawzi, I hope that I have an Arabic version to express myself better.
first I would like to inform you that Iam so admired of your newspaper, and Iam a paestinian who is serving with UN for many years, I read all your article about Fasad in arab country, but dont you think that sometimes it gives disappointed to Arabs that all our leaders are fucker mothers as American say, but I was wondering to ask you when you was proud that you are under ambrella of UNited states democracy, so would you tell me what kind of democracy you are talking about , as Mr. president mentioned many times if you are not with me that means you are my enemy, so once you are in America it is better for you to cretisize the socity you are living in once you choose to leave your country and staying in America because of democracy , why you are not talking about descrimanation in America against the moslem and Arabs and colors people why you are not talikng about rhe Zionism which influnce the American decision, so please do not be so proud about the false democracy beacuse I know which demcracy you are talking about a freedom you are talikng about they may have only sex free not any more elese, so it should be your consumpt concern is America dealing with others, and once you are back to Jordan you have the right to cretisize your country , as a palestinian I tell you even that all my leaders are Fased, but you have no right ro cretisize somebody like Arafat who strugle ven before you are born. I hope that you have the courage which Iam doubt not to hide my speech and then we can decide whether it is right or wrong then you will see that most of the Arab young and Iam one of them we do not like the way you are talking about leaders even if you are right Iam so sorry about my English because Iam not American like you to speak perfect English

Subj: Queen Rania
Date: 1/30/02 11:30:40 Central Standard Time
From: ironman_scorpio@hotmail.com (iron man)
To: arabtimes@aol.com
CC: salahmomani@prodigy.net, submission_org@yahoo.com

Salamu Alaikum,
I've been really a way from all the news in Arab countries or even Arab news in North America. Till now, I decided to check what's going on in the Arab world and the latest news.
I went to arabtimes web site to find the worse news "Queen Rania saying amazing things about Hijab".
Well, I'm not a religious person AT ALL, but I do respect my religion and I'm totally aware of Islam rules. I don't want to talk a lot about it. I believe that many people talked and some of them knew nothing but they just talked for the sake of talking.
Here what I suggest for Queen Rania. Please read What Mr. Salah Momani wrote in Arabic.
It's the last email in the article page.
Hopefully that will teach you some of the truth. And you better check out from where you get your resources. AMAZING!! I went to submission web site to find the worse resource of telling people about Islam.
It's not just the worse, it's telling PULL SHIT with uncorrect information. (It's misleading website).

Subj: Hi all
Date: 1/31/02 08:47:42 Central Standard Time
From: rousan2000@yahoo.com (Anas Rousan)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Dear Arabtime's
I am so happy and so glad when i read everyday your web .it's very nice web ... i was a reader befor 2 years ago but i cut the relation with Arabtime so i wan to enter my website in your very nice site my web is
Anas al Rousan \
***Anas Al Rousan***

Subj: appreciate not publishing this,
Date: 1/31/02 16:20:39 Central Standard Time
From: lama@obeidat.net (lama obeidat)
Reply-to lama@obeidat.net
To: arabtimes@aol.com

(respond to this via e-mail not via arabtimes magazine, thanks)
I just read the introduction regarding the jordanian royal family, i have some information regarding this matter, but i am not willing to write it and send it, but if you are interested i can give you my phone number or give me yours and i will give you a little insight about some of the real issues that are going on, which most of it is financial.
The reason i do not want my name to be printed is that my name is also of a former prime minister and i do not want to hurt any one in the family and i do visit my family in jordan every year and i honestly do not want to hurt the people that were there during what was going on.
i also know what was going on at the mayo clinic that shocked mayo and the fbi for the stupidity of the jordanian security and intelligence department.
appreciate if you do not put any of this on arab times, and i will provide you with some information, that if you check it out you will find out that it is 100%, it is not gossip nor is it meant to hurt anyone, it is just facts.
Would this be the number where i can reach you, Tel. 281-498-1439 is the one where i can reach you.
and for the reason why i am doing this, is that the majority of the people in power if not all are destroying the country and are sending the people down the drain.
all the best

Subj: mr sameeh
Date: 2/15/02 02:02:14 Central Standard Time
From: mohamad_obedat@yahoo.com (muhammad obedat)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Osama fauzi
I think you read the newspaper today .if not go to www.alrai.com and read about your best friend mr lim3alem
I don't want you to puplish my e-mail address so I could keep in telling you about sameeh.
With the fact that I disagree with you I n so many things and I don't like your ridicules way of presenting the news .
But I still visit your website from time to time just to take a look at your news paper however you were right in some of your issues .
One of those was (AL-MUALLIM) Mr sameeh al-batekhi one of those immigrant who govern us in Jordan .I knew this (item) when he was new in the dept that was around 1974 .he was one of the pets in our departments and believe me or not I was expecting his fall long time ago( since I got kicked out in the 80s) for no reason just because of this (item) But sine I worked for 13 years in this job I could tell or expect some of the future for some people like this.
Today we just hear about what happened to MR shamayleh and the relation between him and sameeh….which means that what I was expecting was 100% right …so I decided to type this letter so you could publish that in your internet version so it will be possible for the congressman sameh al-batekhi to read it while he is in the custody.
Today I want to say only one thing which is the hidden hate rage between the chief of the department these days and MR batekhi (the item) as we were calling him in the past .
in the late 90s just before the British guy became the king, (as my friend told me) One day somebody came to the item complaining a bout the (chief today) and how sameeh said that he don't like this guy but he has nothing to do with him exactly he said (they stuff him in my throat) (They= the castle) because the guy is sercesian and all of his family was employee in the castel. all of us knew that one day there will be somebody who take the cover off and let us see the f---ing .
when the new guy became the chief ……. the item start to kiss asses but the he found the ass is already clean .besides there was nothing to do for the item because he already became a congress man and at that time the new chief was new and he want to heat his chair up first…… also he was saying that (ibin elharam la itdezoh …….bewgaa min haloh) he already knew about the story with mr shamayleh but that was still cooking .
any way If you need more stories about the item let me know.
Just don't put my name and my e-mail address
…….otherwise don't publish my letter.

Subj: correction ( nabeel kamil )
Date: 2/1/02 19:18:03 Central Standard Time
From: leon_stream@hotmail.com (LEON k.s)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Dear Arab Time .
i would like encourge you about the great arabtime.com web site , that i follow since long time , indeed we need a brave and hounest people like you .
i would like to inform about a mistake in your web site that you may concern to correct even its a small one :
in manshiyat mofasala you mention the prisoners captured by hezbollah .
the arab man there ""omar swaed " is not a droze guy like its wrote he is bedwien . and he is from a village called " wadii salami "" .
this is note , regarding the great confuse about the 48 arabs still living inside israeli state and about those who serve in the army and those who dont .. i would like if you really could make an article about the issue explaining and uncover those few who serve .
as a 48 arab i see my self as palestenians like the rest of us in here , would like to give you all the information and help you want regarding this issue .
thank you very much ...
best regards
nabeel kamil

Date: 2/2/02 09:38:13 Central Standard Time
From: haron1975@yahoo.com (LAITH HARON)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Al salam alaikoum
dear arabtimes manger
I woulde like to brows your beatifull magazine online but unfortunetaly I'm trying since long time to reach but but i faild i guess becuse I'm in ARABIC COUNTRY (Too Bad) Well I hope you can help me with this problem
I'm living in Jordan
I used to use the (www.deepdarkocean.com) but now it is not working
I'm waiting for your answer
Thank you in advance

Subj: Site update
Date: 2/3/02 03:43:54 Central Standard Time
From: amr_said@hotmail.com (Amr Said)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Dear Dr. Usama
First of all i would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your editorial staff, i realy like to navigate your magazine on the net, sometimes i believe what is written and others i don't, BUT why whenever i visit your site, i find the same repeated articels but few, why don't you update the site at least once every couple of weeks, we need to know what is going on in the arab countries( specially in the FUNNY gulf countries), and your site is the our only resort, so please pay some attention to site updating
Best Reagrds
Amr A. Said

Subj: Christian site
Date: 2/7/02 13:27:01 Central Standard Time
From: rashalydiaamr@yahoo.com (Amro Noureldin)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

Dear Ossama,
I am so glad that you give a very good example of openness and tolerance. I shall be and many other Christian be very happy to add taam.net ØÚÇã æ ÊÚÒíå.The site gives spiritual daily reading bible based which might help everyone to walk with God on daily basis.
Love and Grace to you and all Arab-times staff. Sincerely Yours

Subj: You are a bad dog Usamah
Date: 2/7/02 14:48:45 Central Standard Time
From: honest0000@hotmail.com (Khalid Samreen)
To: arabtimes@aol.com

you only write about Jordan thinking that you will make a difference.
Well you only suck. you are a rooten jerk who tries to be something.
What do you have to do with people's personal lives? Why don't you stop this nonesense childish acts? And one more thing. some of your news says " last week, last month,......" and guess what i have read these articles a year ago. you
big lier.



Letter To King Abdullah

RJ: The Full Uncensored Story
Ground-Pilots, Deadly Liaisons, Chronic Liars, Blame-Shifters,
and A Big Calamity CRASH Waiting to Happen
1ST Independent Safety Reference - M Magazine, 2002.

Our Dear Beloved Royal Majesty King Abdullah the Second May God Bless Him,
We are writing to Your Majesty so as to worn of an imminent Catastrophe that is now long overdue at Royal Jordanian. The situation at RJ in regards to Flight Crew morals is at a record low, and the danger bells are ringing vociferously.
The more you read Your Majesty the more you will be alarmed, as we have written this report starting from the least devastating and gradually revealing the more distressing of facts, that by the time the reader reaches the last word in this report, the reader could be knocked down with a feather!
Good decent respectable pilots will definitely like Your Majesty knowing all the facts. It’s the rotten incompetent pilots that will be upset and shaken by this report, which is quite expectable.
Being under-staffed(First Major Problem) is the main worry this letter is addressing and is the DIRECT CAUSE of the fact that pilots at RJ are critically overworked, horridly treated, underpaid, and dangerously frustrated with the working conditions.
Airlines that enjoy enduring success and excellent safety records have core values and a core purpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and internal practices endlessly adapt to a changing world.
The dynamic of preserving the core while stimulating progress is the reason that airlines such as Emirates, Qatar, Qantas, British Airways, and others became elite establishments able to renew themselves and achieve superior long term performances, employee satisfaction, and safety records. At Royal Jordanian, the management has none of the above!
Your Majesty, we don’t want to be the voice of doom, but this is not an attention-grabber gimmick, nor is this a personal attack on anyone, this is a note stating that ALL OUR GOVERNMENTAL CIVIL AVIATION SECTORS - mainly Royal Jordanian - NEEDS AN IMMEDIATE OVEHALL, NOW!
Nevertheless, there is a Mafia in charge of the Flight Operations(Second Major Problem) and in charge of the abysmal situation we are in now, and it must be held accountable; for the actions of this Mafia - if they are to continue at the current rate - are a DEFINITE ACCIDENT waiting to happen. WE PROMISE YOU THAT.
Thieves have honor, at least among themselves, these Mafia members DON’T even have that!
Your Majesty, this Mafia works as an organised mafia family crime syndicate. Some of its members - like the wives of the mafia bosses - are forced into playing along and unquestionably obeying the SoleMan, who has forcefully earned the nickname ‘SoleMan’ because he runs the company as if he is the Sole Man in charge of what he believes is his personal inherited company, and has also proven his name’s initials worth “S.O” because of his usual answer to most of us “Sod Off”!
Forgive us Your Majesty for telling you this, but our beloved Queen, Her Majesty Queen Rania was put in a life-compromising situation on the first A340 flight from France to Amman.
As Your Majesty might know, that situation was due to the bad planning of the captain that flew the airplane back to Amman as he forgot to properly set up and provide the necessary navigational database inputs into the Flight Management System which basically tells the airplane where to fly - on a safe track or into a mountain - and thus was the delay in arrival back home!
If Your Majesty doesn’t know about it, we wouldn’t be surprised as a huge cover-up operation and second and third party help was swiftly provided from outside sources and ALLAH Lataf! A point to mention for honesty is that the CEO was not informed about this.
We still remember how a pilot error and bad weather recognition took away the life of a Jordanian Queen in the past, the late Queen Alya’a.
Moreover, we still remember the lucky escape of Your Majesty’s brother as he parachuted out from the C130 seconds before it stalled and crashed killing all onboard due to the crew’s disorientation through an aerial manoeuvre!
Furthermore, how can we forget that petrifying incident when two out of the three Royal Squadron TriStar’s engines flamed out at low level over Paris - due to bad emergency procedures’ handling - with the late King Hussein onboard - may God’s Blessings be Upon Him.
Or when a Royal Squadron helicopter crashed and killed more than 10 high ranking army officers due to the crew’s departure from followed SOPs, a helicopter that flew the late King Hussein - may God’s Blessings be Upon Him - just 2 days before it crashed!
… And the list of close to death encounters goes on Your Majesty, so please Your Majesty give this truly valid report few minutes of what we hope will become your best spent time ever and please Your Majesty do not dismiss this warning as the results are too disastrous to contemplate.
It all comes down to the fact that RJ pilots are under-numbered and overworked, and thus we should be increased - in order to be healthily staffed on the short run and more importantly the long run - by at least 27 % on top of the current total number - the total number inclusive of the poor unlucky souls called pilots who are currently serving their Operations Sentence as Dispatch /Office Boys “Morasi-leen”!
Furthermore -for mysterious reasons- the SoleMan of this Mafia is relentlessly and obstinately refusing the idea of recruiting ANYONE what so ever as A DIRECT ENTRY PILOT(Third Major Problem), and thus our misery goes on.
Not only this, but the Mafia’s members egos are so huge we are afraid that one day one of these hefty egos is going to bring an airplane down! This is substantiated by - to mention the least - the recent incident we suffered in Russia.
This is not wheel-chair criticism for the sake of criticism; the situation - to put it lightly -is as serious as a heart attack. What makes it even more threatening is that it is Degenerative; some days there might be symptoms, other days might be symptoms free, but as time goes by the situation is GUARENTEED to get worse.
The Tail-Scrap the A320 suffered in Moscow was due to the Big- Headed captain of that flight! We all know how self-conceited, arrogant, and self-centred the captain of that flight is!
The captain who scraped the plane was becoming more and more complacent as the days went by, he has ruined the careers of many pilots, and not only that, the Tragi-Comique about it all is that he is an A320 TRAINING and CHECK Pilot who is supposed to set the standards for the type he tail-crashed!
Overconfidence is a killer in aviation! If they must insist, let them kill themselves, but not the passengers or RJ’s reputation!
Our problem is with the operational management of RJ. We are talking about the Mafia in charge of the operations, a Mafia that goes up the ladder all the way to the CEO of RJ, but - giving him the benefit of the doubt - stops just before reaching him.
The CEO acts with good intent and he has no greedy goals as his predecessor- since we all know that he comes from a reputable and wealthy background- but what is a real shame is that he is closed to discussions or reasoning when it comes to pilot related matters, not because he is autocratic - at least that’s what we are made to believe - but because he is not a pilot, and thus he keeps referring pilot related problems to his Operation’s VP, the infamous head and the ignorant orchestra SoleMan of the Mafia that is causing us the grief in the first place!
Responsibility cannot be broken down, and to make things worse, the Mafia has unbelievably mesmerised the mind of the CEO and has taken full control of it.
This is why we are writing to Your Majesty, because only a Royal Mind is above being mesmerised and we hope that you can put a once and for all end to all of this MOCHERY.
Your Majesty, it is frightening how dependent the CEO of the company is on his Operations Manager and it is more frightening how he had vested Total Power in this single individual (Absolutism/ Dictatorship), who - by the way - was appointed by the previous CEO for pathetic reasons we are all aware of!
The CEO is doing a wonderful job running the airline from his 16th floor office up in RJ’s Ivory Tower, but we wish we could say the same about the Flight Operations and Pilot related matters!
He doesn’t have to be a pilot to make pilot related decisions, he really needs to be more confident and just act with common since when it comes to pilot-related issues. After all, he is a U.K graduate and well educated and I am sure he can absorb the ins and outs of the Operations if he opened his mind to it.
Frankly - as we all know - the current Flight Operations Manager was appointed by the Ex-CEO so that the later could regain his lost respect due to the incorporation of the Ex Operations Manager who was isolating the Ex-CEO from the operations related decisions that she used to make and who managed the Operations with minimal input from him.
So the Ex-CEO brought in the current Operations Manager so as to assist the Ex-CEO in passing corrupt dealings and to blindly pass on disgraceful legislations- as the scandalous recruitment of PILOTS as Dispatch Boys (Fourth CATASTROPHIC Major Problem) - and to be quite honest, the current Operations Director doesn’t strike us as a competent flyer nor as a wise management pilot at his best. Nevertheless, through his dealership with the Ex-CEO, he managed to move into a beautiful mansion in Abdoon! God we miss the TriStars, they must have been his lucky stars!
A point for Your Majesty, the Ex-CEO and Current transportation minister has appointed the current Civil Aviation Authority Director because he is from “shiltoh” and thus the corruption and thieving can go on undercover with the CAA’s Cooperation!
Your Majesty, we are dangerously under numbered. We are hectically logging long duty and flying hours well above the average hours logged by pilots in other airlines.
The fact that these hours are within legal limits - which are regularly bent and covered up at RJ - does not mean that they are within the healthy standards of our industry.
It’s like driving on an Autobahn, you can drive at 300 kph, and you’d still be within limit as Autobahns have no speed limit, but the sensible thing is to drive at third that speed or you’ll break your neck!
Currently, they are stretching the limit and we will definitely break hundreds of necks! Yet we would have been within the limit! We need to slow down and reduce the individual workload and the only way is to recruit more pilots as PILOTS, not GROUND PILOTS!
Just recently, the already excessive duty and flying hours’ limit was increased by the Civil Aviation Authority’s Flight Safety Department upon the advice of the SoleMan, and the head of the Flight Safety Department had passed through the new dangerously increased limitation on the SoleMan’s promise to recruit him as an Airbus 320 captain at RJ in return for this favour! As if RJ is a personal company owned by S.O.!
The SoleMan never fulfilled his promise to the head of the flight safety department and the later was recently sacked for reasons that we don’t want to explore in order to stick with our main issue.
This overload and its potential hazards was evident when recently, an egotistic and very obedient-to-his-boss captain we have was so fatigued and was progressively overworked and preoccupied to the point where he ran down and killed a person trying to cross the Airport Motorway, while the first was on his way to the airport!
We are not rubbing salt into wounds, but to show Your Majesty how fatigued we are, this captain was so exhausted and slow in his reflexes that he crashed into this guy at a very late time at night when the road was empty, the forward vision was unlimited, and he had started beeping the victim more than a mile before the rundown point, but despite all that he was so slow in avoiding him and just misestimated his hand-eye-time coordination and couldn’t avoid the victim!
Maybe that was a blessing in disguise because had he reached that flight of his with those kinds of reflexes, the consequences would have been much worse!
Another CATASTROPHIC problem we have is the inhumane and undignified recruitment policy and bureaucracy in our fleet allocations and promotions(Fifth Major Problem). Your Majesty will find that we are the only airline in the region or even the world whose recruited pilots have to work as Office Boys!
This privilege of course only comes after a lagging useless selection process that goes on and on and on and on FOR MONTHS AND YEARS….!
Do you believe Your Majesty that the last time pilots were interviewed for jobs, they were interviewed 3 (THREE) TIMES by the same committee, and the poor souls were used as Voodoo Dolls; whereby every interviewee, Pilot, or Not, enjoyed sticking pins in them, and that was MORE THAN 2 YEARS (yes, TWO) AGO, and would Your Majesty believe that the results haven’t been announced yet! A TOP SECRET! Or maybe they are still in the mail!
Nevertheless, the operations have INGENIOUSLY come up with this unprecedented stupid, preposterous, and dangerous idea of taking newly recruited graduate pilots, and - instead of utilizing their qualifications as per their titles “PILOTS”; thus distributing the hefty work load over a larger number of pilots and building up their experiences- they decided on allocating them moral and self-respect destroying irrelevant clerical duties in the different departments of the airport and operations.
The job’s ridiculous and laughable description they came up with for these PILOTS is “GROUND PILOTS”!?!? Isn’t that just Grand! They have excelled themselves with this one! A “GROUND pilot” or as they say “Tayyar Arthi” …
Geese, we always thought a pilot is someone who flies! But - in Jordan Only - pilots can fly, as per their title, on the GROUND! GROUND PILOT! It’s like saying a “SKY FARMER” or a “GROUND SAILOR” or a “SEA ASTRONAUT”! What a scandalous and outrageous conduct this is!
No wonder we are looked down upon by other pilots in the World and the region specifically, no wonder many of us here are dying to leave, not even Sudan Airways nor Yemenia do that… are we this low on the scale… in fact we do not know any airline in the world that has this job description….
Can they be that criminal and immoral and stupid so as not to realise that a pilot is just that: A Pilot!
They say that this way they give unemployed pilots a chance to DO SOMETHING until a flying vacancy comes along! Well, let’s recruit all unemployed doctors as nurses! I’m sure they’d be grateful!
The fact of the matter is that these pilots- who have been waiting for years in their homes, would rather stay at home and wait another few months until PILOT vacancies arise than get this insulting position and a measly salary that doesn’t amount to 5% of what they should be getting as FLYING First Officers, not to mention that they end up being in debt spending most of their money on transportation!
Are they that conceited and above the law so as to ridicule us in such an insulting manner!
What spills fuel onto fire is that there are specialised Jordanian college and university graduates who are specifically educated and trained to do the jobs that these pilots are barged in!
So with this harmful scheme, neither the pilots nor the despatch and airport management graduates get to work in their relevant fields and both parties loose! SoleMan’s typical PURE MALLACE!
Not only that Your Majesty, but after these aimless years of flying seats and tables (on the ground obviously), they get promoted through another unique RJ program to “OBSERVING Pilots”, which means that they spend endless hours on the ‘guest seats’ in the cockpit watching - with frustration and envy - pilots do a series of acts which they have no clue of! They tell us this makes them better pilots!?!
During these lost years of “Ground Flying”, these recruits forget what they have learnt, develop into gossip specialists, and become very rusty flying-wise as they progressively go out of practice!
Then they are promoted to a more ridiculing title of Training Pilots, and after few months or even years of “solitary confinement” on the back seats, they are promoted into 2nd Officers for more few months of humiliation!
Then once the SoleMan’s Decree comes through - hooray - and they are to start flying as first officers, we find that the poor Castaways - who have logged THOUSANDS of hours on the Airport’s Motorway - are out of practice, morally destroyed, under-confident, forgot most of what they had learnt, are bad on the radio, and thus constitute a Flying Liability, all thanks to this stupid unprecedented and unfair system that must be IMMEDIATELY scrapped Your Majesty.
The Mafia’s lame excuse for this is that they - in their infinite wisdom - believe that these PILOTS would be better off if they were given a “tour” through the different airport facilities and jobs duties, and thus they -so they idiotically say- will have a better knowledge of the aviation industry!
Forgive our sarcasm Your Majesty, but what we say is, why don’t they recruit them as airport janitors and toilet cleaners; that way they’ll get to check out all the airport halls and toilets and have a better understanding of room allocations in case there was a terrorist attack and we needed a pilot to crawl through the conditioning ducts and plant some high-tech surveillance equipment in the airport in a Hollywood action-movie type of a thriller! Good knowledge!
Or as airport luggage porters; this way they will get to mix up with passengers and understand their psychology and maybe one day that information might come in handy in case an unruly passenger needed to be calmed!
Or as ticket issuers, this way they will know how to step in for a ticket issuer shall the need arise if that ticket issuer decided to go to the toilet and no one was there to fill in!!
Or as taxi marshals, this way pilots will have a better sense of the airplane’s tyres’ screeching as it turns while taxing in!! It still constitutes knowledge!
Or as stewards and stewardesses, that way they will be able to operate the airplane ovens, coffee makers, and swipe visa cards shall the need arise! Why not, isn’t it all aviation and airplane related jobs!
All the above knowledge is good knowledge, for a janitor, a porter, a ticket issuer, a marshal, and a steward, BUT definitely NOT for a PILOT.
We are sure if the other industries get hold of this scheme they will be delighted; Doctors will be recruited as nurses (good experience on how to use syringes and clean vomit), Construction Engineers as hard labourers (better experience on how bricks feel and weigh), and Pharmacists as vegetables’ shop boys ( best experience for selling techniques’ and cash register experience) !
BUT Oh no, this scheme is the Jordanian’s Airline Industry’s Best Kept Secret! This must be the reason why all the above don’t do as we do! Your Majesty, you are a PILOT, and thus it honours us to be pilots, so we beg you: Please, Our PILOT King, Stop This Mockery.
Do you see our point Your Majesty; pilots do not need the experience that they are cluttered, confused, matted, humiliated, and muddled through for their careers as pilots.
But an outsider might ask, Your Majesty, why do they do all these horrid things and atrocities? One of the answers might be, because S.O’s son was put through this stupid system by the previous management, so the SoleMan now believes that for that reason ALL of Jordanian pilots must be made miserable too! He is ignorant of what a 6 years old boy knows: TWO Wrongs DO NOT make a right!!
But really Your Majesty, the answer to why they do all these horrid things and atrocities is very simple: THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT and they have no one to hold them accountable for their actions!
A point to mention here, after daddy came to power, SolePower that is; he -rightfully- bailed his son out of this daft scheme, which was brought in as a SUDDEN and temporary measure by the previous management for a very short period, only for him to keep the group of recruits that followed in this scheme for YEARS and enforce it as an S.O.P: a truly SoleMan Ob. Procedure!
We always thought that success is the strongest reason for imitation, why can’t they just be Normal and follow in the foot steps of ALL of the world’s successful airlines instead of using our sons and daughters- and this is why, Your Majesty we are stressing the above point - as Experimental Guinea Pigs!
Many of the Pilots in Jordan Your Majesty, are the sons and daughters of Martyrs, Captains, High Government Officials, Intelligence, Army and Royal Air Force Pilots who have all served their Royal Family and country with blood and sweat and these humiliating experiences our families are being put through is the last thing we ever expected!
Do you know Your Majesty that among the jobs that unemployed pilots were and are forced to take in order to be able to simply survive are waiters, bartenders, receptionists, party and wedding organisers, used-thrift cloths sellers, security guards, bouncers.. And the disgraceful list goes on!!
At least if for anything, this profession must be respected for the fact that Your Majesty and the Late King Hussein - God blessings be Upon him- have wings on your chests and are pilots, a fact that Our Royal Family has always taken pride in and is quite evident when we know that the only alumni graduated regularly by Your Generous and Blessed Selves are PILOTS!
Usually, if the leader, President, or King of a Country is a Doctor (as it is in Syria) you will find that Doctors are best treated and respected and privileged more than all other profisions, Your Majesty is a Pilot and we can't think of a more unprivileged sector and profession than that of a pilot. Please, Your Majesty, bail us out!
If they look down on our young graduates and disrespect them for their youth! then they should remember that Our King is among the youngest, yet most successful, leaders in the world and this doesn't incriminate Him.
To tell the truth Your Majesty, all the corrupt actions and conducts at RJ are the Ex-CEO’s inheritance and were unheard of before his turbulent reign at RJ! What we need from the current CEO is to bring an end to all of this derision and charade.
A point to mention here, Your Majesty, the current Mafia only recruited THREE Pilots ( Yes Just 3 ) as first officers since it came to POWER almost 3 years ago, the three are well known to us and so are their standards and there daddies!
TWO were booted out and not selected by RJ when they had previously applied to RJ and had scored miserably low on their selections in the past, after which - through pulling strings - they joined Royal Wings and once they were sent to Canada for their type rating courses on the Dash-8 ( a turbo-prop and not even an advanced jet): BOTH FAILED miserably on their courses and were chopped off (despite the fact that a third pilot with the same exact qualifications and background as them had passed)!
They then returned to Jordan and - AGAIN- pulled some strings, upon which they were re-enrolled at Royal Wings and then were re-sent to Canada and then returned to Amman for even further training and made it “bil daz & dafish”!
Nevertheless, they turned their backs on Royal Wings and breached their contracts and re-applied to RJ!
Here’s the mind blowing thing, the current Operations Mafia approved of them because one was the son of a -then- acting minister and a member of the committee interrogating the corruptions of the Ex CEO of RJ. Didn’t want to upset his daddy!
The second one was the nephew of the -then- acting Transportation Minister HEADING the above mentioned committee! Didn’t want to upset His Uncle and end up in Jail!
Of course the Ex CEO, Jordan’s current transportation minister, couldn’t dare upset the above as he was under heavy fire for multimillion JD corruption deals and commissions in regards to the dodgy selling of the TriStars.
The third one was the son of the -then- acting Chief of Staff of the Royal Jordanian Armed Forces!
Despite the fact that sucking the Air Force dry of its pilots is a national economical scandal after all the tax payers money that is spent on their aviation and military training, this pilot was not even a fixed-wing airplane pilot, but a helicopter pilot!
While on the other hand, ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR ACADEMY graduate pilots - who had forked out an arm and a leg, and used all their families’ lifetime savings to put themselves through expensive commercial training- are shelved at home or flying on the GROUND!
What is mentioned above is substantiated by the archives of the previous parliament, who brought up the issue at the time, and by the fact that the Ex CEO transformed himself from a humble General on a few hundred JDs salary into one of Jordan’s richest !
So there you have it Your Majesty, 3 pilots with Big-Time failure and unsuitability backgrounds, yet Big-Time Sugar Daddies in three years!
Who Wants to be a Millionaire started a year ago, during that year, 2 won the Million, so a little ironic arithmetic tells us that a JORDANIAN Commercial Pilot’s chances of winning the million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire is greater than his chances of being recruited as A PILOT by the current Mafia! Unless they are failure stories and blood related to George Kirdahi or a Jordanian government members! How Ironic!!
Nevertheless, If you are super lucky and got your rightful entitlement of recruitment as a first officer - not as an office boy, not as a telephone operator, not as a wake-up call secretary (these are all included in the Privilege of being a “Ground Pilot”) - but as s FIRST OFFICER upon graduation from The Royal Jordanian Air Academy, you will find that a choking and frustrating problem you will have is the ULTRA long time it will take you to get promoted to a captain, what we call the ‘FIRST OFFICER Marathon’(Sixth Major Problem)!
We must clarify a point before we talk about this point Your Majesty; As we reveal what the rest of the world knows about the EXTREMELY Low Safety Record(SEVENTH Major Problem) RJ has, someone might wonder how come we are so low on the list despite the fact that RJ hadn’t had a fatal accident for many years.
As experts in the industry will confirm, airlines’ safety ratings are not based solely on the number of fatal accidents and deaths per total flying hours, but rather on incidents such as - to name a few - tail scraps, air traffic control deviations, jeopardizing radio-telephony conduct, near misses, repetitive malfunctions, number of technical snags, and abiding by flight plans’ times (By the way, RJ is getting as close as can be to reclaiming its initials worth: ALIA = Always Late In Arrival)!
So, Your Majesty, taking into account the above factors is what puts us - during the Reign of the current Operation’s Management - on the world’s and region’s least safe airlines! We are THE WORLD’S 5 MOST DANGERIOUS AIRLINE, THE ARAB WORLD’S and MIDDLE EAST’S MOST DANGERIOUS AIRLINE, as the following published lists clearly show:
2nd independent Reference ranks us as World’s 5th least safe airline and Arabic World’s LEAST Safe airline according to up to date Statistics!
Accident Rates By Airline
Accident Rates By Airline: The following table provides statistical information regarding the safety of selected airlines. Many factors are taken - by top aviation experts - into consideration other than fatal crashes. Hijackings are excluded.
Please Turn the Page 
United States & Canada ( ALL Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) Airline Rate Events No. Flights Air Canada ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.63 3 4.75 Million Alaska Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.74 3 4.05 Million Aloha Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.49 1 1.34 Million American Airlines/Eagle ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.59 10 17.0 Million Continental Airlines/Express ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.63 5 8.00 Million Delta Air Lines/Connection ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.30 6 20.0 Million Midwest Express Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 3.85 1 0.26 Million Northwest Airlines/Airlink( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.43 4 9.20 Million Trans World Airlines/Express ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.74 6 8.10 Million United Airlines/Express ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.50 9 18.0 Million USAirways/Express (USAir) ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.56 8 55.5 Million ValuJet/AirTran ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 5.88 1 0.17 Million
Caribbean & Latin/South America Airline Rate Events No. Flights Aerolineas Argentinas ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.20 2 1.67 Million Aeromexico ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.85 4 2.16 Million Aeroperu WORLD’S 2ND WORST 16.7 2 0.12 Million Avianca ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 3.15 4 1.27 Million Cubana WORLD’S WORST 24.0 8 0.33 Million LAN Chile ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 4.00 2 0.50 Million Mexicana Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.53 1 1.90 Million Transbrasil ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 2.35 2 0.85 Million VASP ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 3.24 6 1.85 Million Varig ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.22 3 2.45 Million
Europe ( ALL Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) Airline Rate Events No. Flights Air France ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.19 7 5.90 Million Alitalia ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.77 3 3.90 Million Braathens SAFE ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.74 1 1.35 Million British Airways ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.32 2 6.50 Million British Midland ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.97 1 1.03 Million Iberia ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.89 4 4.50 Million KLM ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.25 3 2.40 Million Lufthansa ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.41 3 7.30 Million Olympic Airways ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.67 3 1.80 Million Swissair ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.25 4 3.20 Million Tap Air Portugal ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.18 1 0.85 Million Turkish Airlines (THY) ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 7.30 8 1.10 Million
Africa & Middle East Airline Rate Events No. Flights Air Afrique ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 3.33 1 0.30 Million Air Zimbabwe WORLD’S 3RD WORST 12.5 2 0.16 Million EgyptAir ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 8.00 6 0.75 Million Ethiopian Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 4.00 2 0.50 Million Iran Air ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 2.50 2 0.80 Million Kenya Airways ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 3.00 1 0.33 Million Nigeria Airways ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 5.00 3 0.60 Million Royal Air Moroc ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.54 1 0.65 Million Royal Jordanian ( World’s 5th least safe airline and Arabic World’s LEAST Safe airline according to up to date Statistics! ) 8.82 3 0.34 Million Saudi Arabian Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.40 3 1.60 Million South African Airways ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.63 1 1.60 Million
Australia & Asia Airline Rate Events No. Flights Air India ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 6.82 3 0.44 Million Air New Zealand ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.74 1 1.35 Million All Nippon ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.22 1 4.64 Million Asiana ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.85 1 1.54 Million Cathay Pacific ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 0.97 1 1.03 Million China Airlines WORLD’S 4TH WORST 10.2 7 0.69 Million Garuda Indonesia ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 4.08 8 1.96 Million Indian Air(Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 4.80 12 2.50 Million Japan Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 2.05 5 2.44 Million Korean Air ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 5.38 7 1.30 Million Malaysia Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 1.11 2 1.80 Million Pakistan International ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 5.00 7 1.40 Million Philippine Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 4.68 8 1.71 Million SilkAir/Singapore Airlines ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 2.00 2 1.00 Million Thai Airways International ( Safer than RJ !?! ) 2.85 3 1.05 Million
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3rd Independent Reference ranks us as World’s 4th least safe airline and Arabic World, and Middle East’s LEAST Safe airline according to up to date Statistics!
Fatal Events and Fatal Event Rates of Airlines in Africa and the Middle East Since 1970
United States and Canada Latin America and the Caribbean Europe Africa and the Middle East Asia and Australasia

Africa and the Middle East
Airline Rate Flights FLE* Events Last
Air Afrique ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.02 0.30M 0.01 1 1987
Air Zimbabwe ONLY ONE WORSE THAN RJ !?! 11.54 0.16M 1.85 2 1979
EgyptAir/Air Sinai ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 7.60 0.75M 5.70 7 2002
El Al( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.03 0.34M 0.01 1 1977
Emirates ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.00 UNK 0.00 0 -
Ethiopian Airlines (Safer than Royal Jordanian?! ) 2.06 0.50M 1.03 2 1996
Gulf Air ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) UNK UNK 1.95 2 2000
Iran Air/Iran Air Tours ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 3.54 1.13M 4.00 4 2002
Kenya Airways ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 2.85 0.33M 0.94 1 2000
Kuwait Airways ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.06 0.35M 0.02 1 1988
Nigeria Airways ( Safer than Royal Jordanian!?! ) 3.07 0.60M 1.84 3 1995
Royal Air Maroc ( Safer than Royal Jordanian!?! ) 1.54 0.65M 1.71 2 1994
Royal Jordanian - Second Least Safe Airline in Africa and the Middle East afterAir Zimbabwe, ALTHOUGH they had LESS fatal Events than us!! 7.99 0.34M 2.72 3 1979
Saudi Arabian Airlines ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.93 2.15M 2.01 3 1996
South African Airways(Safer than Royal Jordanian) 0.63 1.60M 1.00 1 1987
Tunis Air ( Safer than Royal Jordanian !?! ) 0.00 0.30M 0.00 0 -

Fatal Events and Fatal Event Rates of Airlines in Africa and the Middle East Since 1970
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Shocking !? We know Your Majesty, but the fact is, you can’t tell good pilots from bad pilots when all is going fine; the skills of good competent pilots are not evident when things are going smooth (i.e. when the autopilot is flying the airplane), it is only when things go wrong and the electronics malfunction that you can tell if a pilot is of competent levels or not.
The least serious emergency situation will clearly show what RJ is made of, and we’re afraid it won’t be a nice scene with our safety records!
Here we must mention that the new highly sophisticated A340 is an electronic airplane that doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and has less tolerance than other conventional types. This is just a point for the record! We hope that this particular record will never be needed.
This brings us nicely to what we consider one of the most disastrous problems we have; the physical and flying incompetence of some of the first officers and the captains THEMSELVES(Eighth Major Problem)!
Only a week ago, RJ Captains were made the laughing stock of the region’s airlines when they flunked their Airbus 340 COMPETENCY CHECK in the Gulf!
They ALL FAILED with Flying Colours! And where told off for their incompetence in operating our latest admission to our fleet! And all returned to Amman wagging their tails between their legs, although their heads were high, as you’d expect if you really knew them as we do!
The ones who - out of courtesy - were not told off bluntly were treated as such because of their managerial experience and positions in order to save us face! and all the team - chosen by the SoleMan from the pool of his close tails and supposedly OUR BEST PILOTS- were told that they needed a training EXTENSION, a polite way of saying that they FAILED to reach the required standards within the time they should have done so; a favour they should be grateful for.
When those pilots returned from their A340 Type Rating course, they said that the courses were the EASIEST and most relaxed they had ever had!
It seems our slick boys enjoyed their time out in the bars and just chilled out on the taxpayer’s and our company’s expenses, and when they where checked they just “couldn’t get it up” !
If such a shameful event took place in another airline, they would have ALL been immediately demoted and sacked, and any half-self-respecting Operations Manger and his team would have promptly RESIGNED, in Japan maybe, but not in Jordan!
Not a surprise really when Your Majesty bears in mind that the last time RJ pilots were checked outside they country, by people other than themselves, they also failed with flying colours!
That was when they did their TriStar courses in England in the days of his late Majesty King Hussein, May God’s Blessings be upon him.
Your Majesty can kindly check the records.
That was in regards to the flying incompetence, now the physical incompetence; many of our captains and first officers are wickedly obese, chain smokers like chimneys, heavy drinkers like fish, some are diabetic, others have high cholesterol, clogged arteries, underwent heart surgery, and high blood pressure levels…and the list goes on!
This, if anything, increases the need for competent first officers, as incapacitation is a very likelihood among our captains! Even if the captains were Olympic heroes, they won’t be above getting food poisoning and then many of our FIRST OFFICERS will start crying!
In fact, very recently, the standards captain addressed this issue and his concerns in regards to unfit captains and incompetent first officers.
The position of a co-pilot is a very important one and the FIRST OFFICER constitutes a safety net for every flight, and is of crucial significance in case of an emergency. Having a good captain onboard does not eliminate the necessity for a well-trained and proficient co-pilot.
Yet, the weak and incompetent new (Office-Boys /First Officers to be!) recruits drag back with them the competent and proficient pilots for years(Ninth Major Problem)!
Why on earth do they recruit weak incompetent pilots to start with? And why where they allowed into the Royal Jordanian Air Academy in the first place? And why were they graduated if they where of such abysmal standards?
Well, Your Majesty, the answer for the first question is “Wasta”. The answer for the second is to get their money! The answer for the last of question is also “Wasta” and the absence of Quality and Standards Control, in an institution that is graced by the word “Royal”.
Most of these already recruited and wannabe RJAA academy graduates are so weak that they can’t even speak the aviation industry’s standard language!
Your Majesty, most of our pilots - especially the first officers - are so illiterate in English(A HUGE Major Problem) that we challenge them to a Toefl exam, even easier, to write one single paragraph about THEIR OWN qualifications without making a huge number of mistakes! They are even translating airplane manuals into Arabic! We hope, for their own sake, that they have thought ahead and translated the Emergency manuals!!
We swear to Your Majesty that most of them can’t even keep up with a 2-minute conversation in English! If Your Majesty only knew the humiliation and embarrassment they put us through when we fly abroad or when they talk over the radios!
No wonder Your Majesty when you know that the job interview is held in Arabic!! Graduates who want to work in the local market in Amman in Arabic speaking environments are now being interviewed by companies ONLY in English, though the standard language for their industries are Arabic, and here at RJ they still interview in Arabic!
We believe Your Majesty that all pilots must be re-evaluated and upon the outcome, the weak ones must leave. FULL STOP.
This is a sensitive industry and there are lives at stake and the last thing we need is to compromise safety because of a pilot who might misunderstand the instructions on an approach plate or misinterpret what an Air Traffic Controller might say to him! Many accidents of this sort had happened in the past.
They are all present and alive and Your Majesty has at his disposal all the means to check the truth of what we are saying.
What Your Majesty kindly needs to know is that in case the captain became incapacitated during a flight, then a large number of our first officers will NOT be able to carry on safely with the flight and land it down safely!
Then disaster will strike, unless a stewardess makes a public announcement asking “if there were any pilots onboard?”!! And then it’s a lottery!
If Your Majesty only knew the disgraceful standards of some co-pilots whom are often flying members of the Royal Family on RJ flights, you would be shocked.
We are THE WORLD’S 5 MOST DANGERIOUS AIRLINE, THE MIDDLE EAST’S MOST DANGERIOUS AIRLINE, and one of the World’s most time-consuming airlines when it comes to recruiting pilots as first officers, promoting first officers to Captains, and releasing pilots who wish to leave once they feel insecure.
Unless of course, the pilot concerned is a son, in-law, or a direct relative of the Operation’s SoleMan or any another member of the Mafia then you are talking about a whole different ball game.
Then, the company’s rules will be specifically tailored, overlooked, twisted and changed to best suit the person seeking this favourable treatment. We are not making this up; we all know the person/ persons we are talking about.
We have all witnessed the expulsion of excellent pilots for no apparent reasons, and we have all watched -in horror- the promotion and specific fleet allocation and test results’ manipulations in favour of the above mentioned relatives and allies, even when they are well known failures and weak pilots, a fact that you will find substantiated by their poor records from the beginning of their flying careers at early training stages.
Speaking of which, we should mention to Your Majesty that the SoleMan DOES NOT accredit Royal Jordanian Air Academy nor its graduates, nor does he acknowledge their qualifications, except for his ACE son!
To him, they are total write-offs, and he openly says this to almost everyone. In fact, since his appointment - almost THREE years ago - he has not recruited A SINGLE pilot graduate straight from the RJ Air Academy as DIRECT ENTRY FIRST OFFICER.
He believes that pilot graduate should be more experienced before they can join “his airline”, a Catch 22 Situation, as if any other airline in the world would ever take new graduates except for their citizens, and as we only have one major airline, RJ, our pilot graduates will NEVER be recruited by any airline other than RJ, unless they buy their own 100 million Dollars jets and circle the skies over Amman to get him the experience he wants!!!
If British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, Saudi Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Kuwaitia, and many other world leading airlines recruit graduate pilots as DIRECT ENTRY FIIRST OFFICERS, we isn’t it good enough for SoleMan.
He did it with his son, IT HAPPENED TO HIM, or is it that his standards better than British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, Saudi Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei, Kuwaitia!!!
It makes one wonder if they are they qualified as air stewardesses but asking for pilot jobs! They are qualified as pilots, so why is it that he feels that they don’t deserve to work as pilots! We swear that he acts as if it’s a One-Man Show and he PERSONNALY OWNS THE AIRLINE (The Origin of All Problems).
If he is man enough - and we know he isn’t - let him say to Your Majesty what he has been saying to all of us for years now!
What we say to him is why waste His Majesty’s precious time when His Majesty graduates these pilots each year if after all you don’t intend to put their wings into the skies! And stop playing the Royal Jordanian Air Academy promotional tape onboard all RJ Flights and save us the grief!!
The ironic thing is that his OWN SON is a ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR ACADEMY graduate, and a below average one to that matter, having failed his final exams several times as the records clearly show, and is currently working as a First Officer on the Airbus A310 Fleet !!!!!!!!!
Yet, he was among the last group of recruits to be type rated on the Airbus, on a hand chosen fleet picked by Daddy! He was first put on the A320 Fleet, but Daddy swapped him with the son of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy’s son, who was allocated an A310 position, and thus the first was put on the less demanding A310 -Like daddy- and the latter on the A320!
The deal was a win-win situation for both pilots; the pilot who gave up his A310 position was guaranteed an automatic pass on his type rating course for generously giving up his slot to the son of the SoleMan!
The son of the SoleMan was put on daddy’s fleet under his wing, where by, he was trained and passed by daddy’s fleet colleagues!
Those specific type-rating courses were and probably are the fastest and shortest courses in the history of aviation! They were speedily rapped up and cooked so as to get the pilots on-line as soon as possible!
During these “microwaved” courses, many flying basics and instrument flying essentials were overlooked, and the majority of the pilots from those specific courses are the least competent and most problematic first officers we have ever had.
After that course (the SoleMan’s son’s course) pilot recruitment seized and no further DIRECT ENTRY first officer courses were initiated since then!
The SoleMan got his son through and then nothing else mattered!
By the way, Your Majesty, the corruption goes way back, as the son of the Royal Jordanian Air Academy was enrolled into the ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR ACADEMY despite the fact that he had not passed his Tawjihi, and he undertook the Tawjihi exams as he was doing his diploma course at the academy!
“If it’s good enough for the goose, why isn’t it good for the hen!” Especially when the goose is partly in charge of passenger’s lives, including Royal Family members’ lives, and the hen is most likely much better, more competent and qualified than the goose!
Daddies and what they are willing to do for their “goose” kids! Very scandalous and dangerous actions in a sensitive industry as ours.
Please Your Majesty, do not mistake this for a personal attack, we are merely telling FACTS THAT ARE ON ALL THE RECORDS AND WE HONOUROBLY AND SOLIDLY STAND BY THEM.
As Your Majesty knows, RJ recently went under reconstruction and many employees were made redundant. Some captains were also made redundant in the process and were RELIEVED, truly relieved, of their duties and were compensated for their service time, or shall we say Sentence Period!?
On that basis, many of us - captains and first officers alike - have put in our resignations in order to explore new avenues at other airlines that are willing to, at least, not only extend us respect and courtesy, but triple or quadruple our salaries in what we believe are better job circumstances.
The CEO - upon the bad intended ill advice from the SoleMan - refused and is still refusing to accept our resignations (Tenth Major Problem)!
Your Majesty, we have fulfilled the terms of our contracts and we are not happy with our hectic working conditions nor are we satisfied with the way the Operations are dealing with our concerns, so the point of the matter is, if we are feeling insecure and the operations are not willing to understand our concerns and act upon them, they shall not be allowed to hold us prisoners in this “life sentence”.
We have mouths that need to be fed, children that need to be put through what’s becoming more and more expensive education, bank and mortgage payments that need to be kept up with; and if we are not being appreciated in our own country, we are sadly willing to take it on the chin, roll with the blows, and unhappily immigrate.
If we are made free to leave, then we will be getting higher salaries, we will send hard cash back to Jordan and make investments, and overall improve our economy.
We will also get to fly new types of airplanes and thus bring back a vast wealth of expertise to Jordan, MORE IMPORTANTLY we will make new desperately needed job openings and vacancies for the unemployed hopeful pilot graduates whom lives, marriages, home purchases, and car acquisitions have been put on hold - along with their social lives - for years now!
For instance, an expanding regional airline has asked our current management for a supply of at least 30 pilots on much respected terms and appealing contracts.
The current management, as expected from them, their vicious answer was to turn down the airline on the deceitful basis that we don’t have any pilots in Jordan to fill in for the ones who would leave! A deafening loud and rude lie as there are at least a hundred pilots drowning in the pool unemployment, meanwhile, the Royal Jordanian Air Academy is still taking on more and more student pilots!
So what did the regional airline do instead, they recruited more than 30 Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Egyptian, Yemeni, Sudanese, Syrian, and pilots from other nationalities!
So what should have been god’s gift to our airline industry, pilots, economy, people, and families went to other foreign countries whose aviation mangers are cleverer, less evil, more loyal and patriotic than ours!
It seems as if our management is deliberately working against our national interests and people, and in favour of other nationalities!
If SHARON THE TERREROST AND ZIONIST was in charge our flight operations, he wouldn’t have been able to inflict more damage on us nor be meaner than our current management; on the contrary, he might have been more sympathetic than SoleMan and his “Shilleh”!
Avoiding the Imminent Disaster:
Your Majesty, in aviation, and you are the Master of Aviators, only one law applies and that is “Sod’s Law” or “Murphy’s Law” and it is very simple : “What can go wrong, Will go wrong” ….
We have no alternate but to eliminate all the factors that might constitute a disaster, do our duty, and then we can depend on god to do the rest.
So as not to be branded as wheel-chair critics or complainers, we are giving the sensible, reasonable, and non-nonsense answers to all of the above problems.
It’s not mission impossible and the answer is really simple Your Majesty;
-We need to re-evaluate ALL pilots regardless of their high ranks or seniority (especially their English fluency!),
-Get rid of the ones that prove to be incompetent “extra luggage” pilots,
-Upgrade the competent first officers to captains,
-Recruit new competent First Officers (Not Office Boys!) to fill in the vacancies created by first officers’ promotions,
-Recruit ground operations and despatch employees (NOT PILOTS) whom degrees and studies are of this same topic and specialty,
-And eliminate all the hypocrisy in the airline, and let it be known, Your Majesty, that it’s a new ball game from now on: NOW begins a new era of accountability with punitive actions if needed.
So it is a matter of doing what ALL the world’s airlines do ( JUST BE NORMAL ) : do some type rating courses, which are really cheap as training a new first officer coasts less than 10 000 $ (less than 0.2 % of the incurred losses due to any of the latest incidents and insurance premium’s increase caused by them!).
We are sure that if Your Majesty asks any unemployed pilot awaiting recruitment, you will find that all will be willing to pay this figure in advance and thus the management cannot lean on the lame excuse of not having funds!
If they want, they can revert to their old system of getting the training coasts out of the pilot’s salary over a couple of years.
Once these pilots are trained they will be well worth the money spent on them as they will be flying passengers paying multi hundred thousands per flight, and if they decide to leave to another airline after legally finishing their contract terms they will send hard currency back to the country benefiting the economy, and make new openings for new pilots and ROYAL JORDANIAN AIR ACADEMY can go on training pilots and making revenue.
Thus the cycle of “The Pilot Lives” will start moving again after this long inexcusable several-years halt! It’s a win-win situation for everyone.
The second thing is the matter of civilising the way pilots are treated and this is very important as most FATAL air crashes are due to human factors and bad communications: not machinery!
The Mafia members - manipulated by their head - have mastered the art of LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH, and are the best you can ever imagine when it comes to stalling, lying, suspending, deceiving, delaying, blame-shifting, false promising, re-promising, back stabbing, two timing, exploiting, and convincingly acting!
ALL this, Your Majesty, is STILL AN UNDERSTATMENT. The members of this MAFIA believe that they are above the law, this belief might have been caused to a great extent because of the fact that some -if not most - have flown with the late King Hussein- may God’s blessings be upon him - and with Your Majesty in the Royal Squadron!
We know that they got their perceptions mixed up and misunderstood their flying duty with our Royal Family for being close acquaintances and friends to Your Royal Selves, which made them ultimately think that Sayyedna will be in their favour weather they did wrong or write, or that they can just lie their way through this, and thus we BEG Your Majesty to be aware that they will not admit to these malpractices despite the fact that the records are very clear and are available in black and white.
There is nothing beneath them and beneath their cult of lies. They are very distant and unsympathetic. These evil con artists are capable of as much damage and atrocity as they have imagination, and these people have unlimited imagination, which is evident from their non-ending well of lies.
If they suspect anyone is not being totally loyal to their autocratic and disgraceful ways, they will wage upon him/her an unholy war and will flunk him/her through any of the frequent test that are part of a pilot’s profession - comes handy for them- or by making up false accusations and mal descriptions, or even better, they will not hesitate to fabricate and DOCTRINE all types of even Psychological deficiencies - as if they were qualified psycho-analysts!
Furthermore, if the unlucky soul is at the beginning of his/her career, they will be openly willing to jeopardise the chance of any applicant to a fair assessment or hearing.
We all know the stories of flunking excellent pilots and sacking them under all kinds of fabricated technical and personal excuses, only to see these very pilots get better and MUCH higher paid jobs in elite airlines such as Emirates, Gulf Air, Saudi, and….etc!
To give Your Majesty a piece of our most stressing thought: Every one of us feels expandable, and thus many pilots at Royal Jordanian are feeling more and more vengeful.
The way it is now at RJ: Our Operations Management and MOST of the Pilots flying the Airplanes are a bunch of CHANCERS, and it’s really God that is flying the Airline!
Without Your Majesty’s frank clear-cut intervention, the occurrence of a disastrous crash is not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘WHEN’. Allah Yostor Sayyednah & Yostorna…..

Your Loyal Servant,
(With the endorsement and on behalf of directly-involved Loyal Jordanian pilots)
30th August 2002



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