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I happened by your paper on a web at a hospital here in the United States  where I work along with physicians from diverse countries such as  Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, India, and Israel.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see many different points of view  within your letters to the editor section. Articles mentioned included  citizens concern about worsening corruption in the kingdom of Jordan,  the continuing treatment of women in certain parts of the Mideast as  second-class citizens.

As a U.S. citizen, I find your publication valuable in gaining insight as  to what the average "man on the street" might be thinking in the various  Mideastern countries. These insights are very important in helping me  form a larger, more objective framework with which to integrate present day  events. "Black and White" (i.e. extremist) viewpoints on either side cloud  the view of the real landscape on which us "ordinary men" live.

I will continue to follow your publication to monitor the fast-moving  changes occurring especially in present day Syria, Jordan and Egypt.


Dr. J. Francis Lydon