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Arab Times The only known website to be censored in Jordan
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جريدة امريكية تسأل وزير الاتصالات الاردني عن سبب منع موقع عرب تايمز في الاردن


 I believe the U.S.-based Web site ArabTimes.com is blocked because of its political content. How do you reconcile this with a liberal approach to Internet regulation-- will sites like ArabTimes.com continue to be censored by the government

Al Rousan: There is a new law for telecommunications and audio visual services. The two entities will be in one law. According to the law there will be no censoring of the Internet

When will this take effect

Al Rousan: It is already in the law that the Internet is not censored. I think most of the government knows they cannot block it. It's a waste of time and money. This is what our policy is, not to try to do this. The problem we are facing is to convince many of the families, many parents don't want the Internet because they're afraid for their children. They want to guide their children and to tell them what to do or not to do

But tomorrow or the day after they will go to their friends or an Internet cafe. It's better to have it in the house. The family and the government, we cannot stop those things. We have to deal with it in a different way. If you're a family, you have to educate your children

Now we have a political Web site where they write many things, much of it good, much of it bad, depending on rumors. Nothing solid. There is no law which will excuse them for publishing such things on the Web site. Should these journalists be prosecuted? There's a debate over whether the law should apply


the Scandals are Eye-Popping!, January 27, 2003
Reviewer: A customer
this newspaper is one of the Few Arabic newspapers that are shining the beginning image of Democracy in Arab Countries. Although the contents are strictly in Arabic.
the Archive of Scandals is through and extensive. It vary to as mush as anyone may wishes----from Arab leaders to Ambassadors to night club workers. This website/newspaper is a must-see for every Arab who wishes to know about how things are run in the Middle Eastern nations, espacialy, the Arabic-Speaking one.....and the Financial/Sexual/Political scandals of Arab leaders, polititians, and their workers and offsprings.
this is the Arabic Pravda....at it's finest!!!!
to make a long story short, THIS WEBSITE IS A MUST SEE FOR EVERY ARAB